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  1. We have Recoil 660 SCs in Sub70 699/699 Pro and it has been, so far, a great combo.
  2. We just finished tinkering and I am so glad. I was tired of dealing with it. Just redid his whole bag.
  3. When my son went 60" we decided to go with Cobra Airspeeds in his irons. They are extremely light and I think they were a vast improvement over the USKids irons.
  4. Cobra Airspeeds are extremely light and a great choice for tweeners (kids getting out of junior sets and moving to adult)
  5. The same place most exemptions come from Tiger. Not hard to figure out bud.
  6. Heavy is exactly right, it is a rarity so bask in it, it all depends on the state. Some states it is not allowed, others 6th graders, in Alabama 7th graders can play on varsity but are limited in dates. In the largest classification last year, 7A, the girls state championship team had two 8th graders on it.
  7. Only way they will improve. Can't let those 8 year olds have it easy!
  8. Sure put the 8 year old at 5400, while you are at it have him shoot basketball with a full size ball on a 10' goal. Who cares if he misses it every shot, it is the only way he will learn right? Have the 8 year old soccer goalies defend a full size goal because hey sure it is the only way they will appreciate "the grind".
  9. If someone gained 20 yards I guarantee you they would gained similar numbers with any other OEM head switch. Something was way off with their previous set up, you don't gain 20 yards off a particular head/shaft at this point unless something was WAY off with your previous setup. Technology is too close to allow that kind of huge disparity.
  10. Yes you have to learn to win and winning is nice but if you are at the point where you are worried about rankings you should only be playing in events that actually have decent fields and matter. Case in point this is now the path we are transitioning to with my son. You have to make decisions based on where your kids are at in their journey. Under 12 who cares about rankings, they mean nothing and only give arrogant parents something to brag about on ridiculous social media accounts with their kids name and golf after it. 12-13 start building a ranking and getting used to transitioning to JGS events and focus on that but still play some things you can win and work on that mindset at a tournament. 14 and up, if you are serious it is time to stop playing events where you can count the competitors on your hands and play big boy or big girl golf. Case in point for my junior our path looks like this. Hurricanes are sparsely attended events around here. We can play one 30 minutes from our house on a course he knows intimately well. There will probably be 6-8 kids in that field. He is going in there with one goal: win the thing to work on playing under pressure and to get back into tournament mode as it is in January and he would have had a long layoff. The rest of his year will be SJGTs against packed fields of quality players. He is going into those with a completely different mindset. He is 12, once he hits 14 if the field is less than 15 kids or not skilled why would I have him play in it?
  11. Bingo, we have not joined anything major yet. He turns 12 next month, next year we will do SJGT (Southeastern Junior Golf Tour) and maybe some Hurricanes. Until they hit 12ish no need to go crazy playing a bunch of tours or tournaments. We are blessed we have an AMAZINGLY run local tour in Birmingham that is $275 out the door for 6 one dayers on great courses. Pretty good deal.
  12. Absolutely. If you homeschool your kid for reasons other than what is best for their educational well being you are doing it for the wrong reasons. The foundations laid in a quality public or private school education go far beyond adolescence and simple scholastic goals. When you homeschool for reasons other than what is best for them educationally you are taking the same logic as someone representing themselves in court. Are you going to diagnose yourself when you feel ill or go see your doctor? People think educators are disposable and it is ridiculous. You are under the guise that you can somehow do the job better than a trained professional who has training, resources, and experience. Are there exceptions, of course; however, most of the people discussing this are going to quickly make major compromises to their child's education and social development in favor of a pursuit of something with a miniscule chance of long term success. Some would call me cynical I call it pragmatic in today's society. Oh what will we do today, work on this essay or go get 3 hours extra practice at the range? What do those compromises teach your child for their long term development? If you are homeschooling with a firm foundation in educational pedagogy, resources, and broad knowledge of the subjects than you are going in prepared but you need to understand to do the job with the same effectiveness of a high performing school you need to match the abilities of dozens of educators, do you really think that is possible? Specifically for your question about dance and music. There are schools across the country, in every state, in every major city, that specifically cater to young students with exceptional talent and dedication to the arts in a setting that still affords them all of the advantages of schooling while also putting them with incredibly talented developers of fine arts talent. The best of both worlds. Instead of jumping to homeschooling why not look for the best environment for your child to flourish with the advantages that school provides?
  13. All of you saying "I know a homeschool kid who did this or this or that" that is wonderful. That is not what this post is about! This post is about people homeschooling with golf as the main directive, I seriously doubt your examples were going that directive. This thread is not bashing or doubting the ability of families to provide a good education homeschooling, it absolutely can be done, it is calling into question the sanity of gambling your kids education on trying to turn them into a golfing machine while completely flipping their educational lives upside down and turning the priority from education then golf to golf then education.
  14. Funny every club pro I know makes a decent middle class income but they sure aren't racking in six figures and oh yeah, they all played college golf and were not trying to be the next Rory or Michelle Wie.
  15. What about what I just wrote makes people seek alternative education? Homeschooling without proper reasoning and preparation is insanity. If you are doing it for golf you aren't doing it for the right reason, you are conflating education and sports which is ridiculous Tiger and taking your child away from trained professionals and support systems to focus on a sport. I am not saying all public schools are perfect but if you think you can homeschool without proper prep and receive the support and guidance you get from a high performing public or private school you are kidding yourself. I applaud homeschool parents who get into it for the RIGHT reasons, and take the RIGHT preparation and plans but if you are doing it for golf guess where you focus will be Tiger? On GOLF not your child's education. You can't confuse that. If you homeschool for golf you will make the compromises that best suit golf not the child's education. There are amazing private schools out there and I commend people who send their kids to those private schools if they do want an alternative as well. You are so defensive over the fact that you homeschool that you are taking the fact that I say homeschooling for golf is asinine as an attack on all homeschooling and alternative education and it is not. When done correctly homeschooling or private education is a worthwhile option but there is never a situation where doing it for golf is the right answer.
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