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  1. You are not kidding, with the 30% off sale they did it dropped the price nearly $200. Than adding the trade I got these in Like New condition (5-PW) for just under $250. When they said Like New they were not kidding, not a mark on em. that is a sweet deal for sure! and yes, their rating of clubs is right on. sometimes the clubs are in even better shape than rated. Your right, I once bought a driver that said it was very good condition.......very good meant it had a tiny little use scratch on the sole that was barely visible.
  2. You are not kidding, with the 30% off sale they did it dropped the price nearly $200. Than adding the trade I got these in Like New condition (5-PW) for just under $250. When they said Like New they were not kidding, not a mark on em.
  3. I have been a Ping Iron loyalist for nearly 15 years....been playing a set of Ping G5 the longest since 2008. Earlier in the year I had the urge for new irons. I need up going to a demo day, tried a few different sets and went with a set of Titlest 718 AP1's. After nearly a half dozen rounds I was disappointed and sold them. I than decided to go back to Ping and demoed a set of Ping G irons. I wasn't overly impressed with how they played compared to my G5's so decided they were not for me. Than on a whim, I grabbed set of G30's. I didn't see any real difference from the G's and in fact the G3
  4. The G30 and G are almost identical in performance. You can get a set of brand new G30's for $400. Dick's has them at some locations for $355 today only. I just picked them up. Reason I had been looking is that the G5 was a great club but one flaw I have is I hit the ball very high. The G5 with the CFS the shaft is a hight trajectory club. The CFS Lite is actually a TT Dynalite Gold SL which produced a very high flight. The G30 uses the CFS Distance shaft which is a mid trajectory in R Flex for Low/ Mid in S Flex. A better fit for those who hit the ball too high
  5. The more I think about it and read some user reviews, it seems that the Steelhead XR's are really nothing more than Steelhead X16's with stronger lofts. I owned a set of X16's way back and frankly never did hit them all that well. I recognize these may be more forgiving but I recall I was unhappy with ball flight. Not sure these will play all that much better
  6. Wondering about the CFS Steel Distance Shaft used in the Ping G30's? Anyone tell me how they play? Are they a low/mid. high trajectory shaft? Any comparison to the CFS Lite Steel used in earlier Ping Irons. Do they play true to flex?
  7. Anyone one and or played the Steelhead XR irons with True Temper X95 shafts? I have heard the shaft itself is a high trajectory shaft but does that hold true? Do these irons actually launched fly higher than other GI irons such as Ping G30, Ping G etc. Any info is appreciated. Ive got a friend who won a set in a tournament and offered them to me for just a couple hundred bucks. Want to know if its worth the risk to buy and play them. Playing my older Ping G5 irons still....
  8. Im hitting my 7 iron at a launch angle 32 degrees....in part due to swing flaw. When I swing it correctly its donto about 26 degrees launch angle which is still 4-6 dgrees more than desired.Now I realize that switching to stiff wotn help if I switch to a shaft with a high trajectory profile. Just wondering if I went like for like but went stiff how much impact that might have.
  9. Wondering will switching to a stiff shaft in irons help lower my ball flight?
  10. Looking for opnions from the knowledge base here. Would you say the biggest benefit to new irons is increased distance or forgiveness and accuracy. I dont see real big gains in distance when demoing new irons personally, so I am starting to believe that its more about the forgiveness factor. Thoughts?
  11. I suspect you were gettign some inaccurate readings. The Longest hitters on the PGA tour will see their 7 irons got about 185 and with wind my push another 10 yeards. No way your hitting a 7 iron 237...
  12. This weekend I got the chance to put theory into application. I went out to the golf shop with my older Ping G5 irons and the newer Ping G irons. Using my Ping G5 34 degree 7 iron and comparable lofted Ping G 35 degree 8 iron I got set up with Trackman on the outdoor range ($45 for the hour worth every penny). I proceeded to hit little more than a dozen shots with each. The results were quite revealing. With the Ping G5 I average 151 yards carry distance vs 142 yards with the G irons. I also took my Ping G5 30.5 degree 6 iron vs the Ping G 30.5 7 iron. Same results....G5 average 162 yards of c
  13. Spent some time on the launch monitor yesterday hitting various clubs and overall hit the Ping G well second only to the G400. The G400 was slightly longer but of course plays half a degree stronger. Had higher spin rate with the G400 and a bit better dispersion. Dramatic enough to switch, not sure. However, I just cannot get past the appearance of the G400's. I cannot stand that black plastic/rubber loking insert and cover used on the back fo the head. It just looks cheap and gimmicky to me. I like clubs that have a clean look to them. The occasional colored badge or insert is okay on an iro
  14. Two things: 1. What do you mean by "better spin rates"? Higher or lower? 2. If you like the G line, don't hit the G700's if you are in any sort of a money saving mode. They are just absolutely wonderful irons. Higher Spin rate slight higher launch angle. Better fit for me
  15. I had the opportunity to go hit my old G5's, G and the G400 on thelaunch monitor today. Used my G5 6 iron as that is equivalent in loft to the other two. What I discovered was interesting. Distance wise the G5 as similar in distance to the G, but had better spin rates. The G400 was better than both. The spin rate, launch angle and distance all superior to the other two irons. The G400 was 7-9 yards longer at 1 degree less loft. That is pretty significant. Also the Pro I was working with told me he plays a set of G400 and has seen how is mishits off the toes somehow manage to stay in play compa
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