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  1. If you believe my post mirrored that mindset, I don't think that I have a response that could further constructive dialogue.
  2. Hmm. I think you can have both. Agregious action should always be dealt with but we need to insure that it doesn't breed contempt. I guess we agree. Yes...
  3. I do agree but that was not the point I was making (poorly). It was that: fans support the $ we pay these athletes. Baseball overwhelmingly by attendance vs the tv revenue and other stuff. Golf probably moreso watching at home. buying equipment, etc. But however money is generated, the fans are the engine.
  4. Fans are a must in any way, shape or form as THEY choose to appear. I'm not sure I see the line between the two. "In-person" fans are probably the most dedicated of the group in all sports. Baseball for instance: "Revenue streams Much of the MLB's total league-wide revenue was earned from gate receipts (ticket sales) in 2019" I'll be the first to admit my feelings run deep and perhaps a bit too sensitive on this subject so my apologies but I grow more and more disturbed by the slow erosion of understanding of how this stuff works. All of professional
  5. Today's attitude x10. Fans ARE the sport. Period. Without it, it's ping pong. Everyone plays with their friends but no one's watching on TV, attending, advertising, etc and the opportunity to make it a career is zilch. Baseball. Football. Etc. Phil went out of his way to praise the fans in his press conference. I can only hope it wasn't lip service. People might get a little zealous now and then but nothing was so egregious. When you think about the tens of millions of attendees each year around the world at sporting events and the intense emotion around it, it's been a
  6. I agree with you. I just don't feel happy for Phil.
  7. I thought about this last night. I don't know if I can get happy for someone with that amount of cash as much as I am happy for his fans, who are now happy, and the game of golf in general which has seen success now stretch into 5 decades of life, thus making a lot of people happy knowing this game can be enjoyed and played competitively for a long time. The above makes me feel like a bad person.
  8. IQ test: Golf is to Baseball as Football is to Basketball.
  9. Phil able to hang distance-wise is the key he's still around sniffing top 10s every once and a while. Well, that married with his wedge play. I dont think Faldos mindset was open enough to do Phils shift to distance a few years ago that he talked about. Walking 4 days in warm weather has also got to take its toll on him at times. It has to have an effect on your golf game at 50 YO even if he doesnt really feel it. Fatigue impacts such a precise game as golf.
  10. So far, so good. The adapter has plenty of metal left after drilling. So little shavings actually came out.. After doing it, there is zero question in my mind that the shaft should ever be sanded down.
  11. Reaming an aluminum adapter by 12% which they probably overbuild by at least a 30% tolerance is much safer than sanding a piece of fiberglass. My instincts tell me I'm good here. But we'll see...
  12. I like this. If something fails, it's the $10 dollar adapter.
  13. Really? I'm not a new driver every year guy but I've seen test after test showing 10 yard gains the past decade. And if I was always able to hit the sweet spot, well....
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