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  1. Enjoy it while it lasts. So many 'aha' moments are just that - moments.
  2. Kind of why I asked this question. Weeks of the same topics that never cycle.
  3. Every so often I read a line in a post that references some significant event that occurred where the end result was diminished participation. What was it? Just wondering. Has there been increased activity since covid?
  4. Carrying while walking isn't helping the majority of older mid/high cap golfers get better. I've started asking walkers I'm playing with why they walk. Most mid/high folks say carts are too $$ and, even more so, its about getting in their exercise. Its a real point of pride for them to say they still walk 18. I do see their game degrade as we roll into the final 6 holes. Maybe it would do the same if they rode-I don't know. Additionally I mention things like online forums / Golfwrx to them and they just stare back quizzically. Low caps just play well regardless.
  5. Looked at a membership here a few years ago but never went too deep. Anyone acquainted? How is the course? Was it slammed this year due to covid?
  6. 21 bucks to walk Charleston Springs at 1pm is a steal. Both North and South in good condition. Used to play North 90% of the time...now I favour South. Mercer Oaks East also sees a lot of my time. Probably my favorite county course.
  7. The reason you beat them to the next tee is that everyone resets at the green and you have a short walk to the next tee. If you were walking and I was riding and I didn't have to constantly wait for you at the green... Cart riders lollygagging, goofing off, writing down scores at the green instead of the next tee box, etc will always gum things up so I can't disagree. This topic is becoming laughable. Fast cart players>fast walkers>slow cart>slow walkers.
  8. Second longest hitter on tour still won. Even though it wasn't Bryson, it still was a guy who could poke it a mile.
  9. I could not disagree with this enough. I walked yesterday and while I found it enjoyable, I had to constantly be on the move to keep up with the carts. I was always heading straight to my ball with the other walker heading towards his. When I'm in a cart with a friend, there is constant chatter usually up to the point when they set up to hit. Once struck, talk resumes as we praise/deride the shot. Rinse/repeat as we hit the next ball. Walking yesterday, I felt a bit isolated. Not in a bad way but it was a very different social experience. I will say the time alone probably made me
  10. Aren't carts thousands of dollars? Who fixes them when they break? I can't imagine that they would charge more than a few dollars to rent one of their carts for a 9 hole course....but maybe I'm wrong. Intriguing...
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