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  1. I have 4 [url="http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/944627-4-brand-new-taylormade-sldr-430-two-9-and-two-105-with-stiff-shafts-get-them-before-christmas/"]http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/944627-4-brand-new-taylormade-sldr-430-two-9-and-two-105-with-stiff-shafts-get-them-before-christmas/[/url]
  2. Who wants one for Christmas? PM me for details.
  3. Minimalist update: I have decided to go with the Callaway Razr X MB 5, 7, 9 irons after I reshafted them. I was looking at my bag last night, looked extra empty with my minimal setup. I counted my clubs and only counted 8. I was confused.....I thought I had 9. Couldn't think of what club I was missing. Didn't realize I wasn't counting a PW in it (don't have one in the new setup yet). Now that I think about it.....why not just drop the PW....drop down to 8?. If I went with 8 clubs it would look like..... 9i : 120-150 50* : 85-120 58: 85 and in Or If I went 9 clubs it would look like.
  4. Got everything cut to length and gripped last night. Hope to hit today. My driver ended up being 43.75 inches with a D1-D2 swing weight. Was hopping for shorter and heavier SW. May add a head tip weight if I think I need it. Also put a X100 in a 975f 18.5* head I had. I was hoping for it to be shorter as well. Ended up at 41 inches and a D2 swing weight.
  5. This is what I figured, I just thought I could tip it a little bit. Thanks guys
  6. I have a Scotty California Monterey that i am putting a shaft in (bought it head only). Well to my understanding it will take a .355 tip iron shaft. Since I have several pulls lying around, I figured I would shaft them up. Well I take one of the PX 6.5 pulls I have and cut off about .75" of the tip so I won't have shaft prep sticking out from the hosel of the putter. I prepe the tip, go to put it in, and it won't go. Odd. I take another PX 6.5 pull with a dirty tip, it goes in.....but that prep area is showing outside the hosel. I cut off about .5" or so, prep the tip.....it won't go. Now th
  7. [quote name='tbone18' timestamp='1386942433' post='8293945'] straight from true tempers website: WOODS- Tip Trim Driver 0.0" 3-Wood 0.5" 5-7 Wood 1.0" [/quote] For some reason, I think that is for bore-thru heads
  8. Just installed a X100 in last night and tipped it 2.75". Will get it cut to length tonight and will probably hit it on Sunday. SS is around 113 or so and the headweight on my r510 is 206g. Also threw a X100 tipped 3" in a 975 5 wood head I had. Looking forward to seeing how it works out.
  9. Need cash for Christmas gifts. No trades. 1. Scotty Cameron Mid Sur.......SOLD Cut down to 34.5 and gripped with a Super Stroke Slim 1.0. Shaft band is in good condition although I am not sure it is the original shaft band. The head is in great shape minus a mark on the toe bumper(see pic). Can't be seen at address If you like a head with a little more weight, this is your putter. Comes with a Scotty headcover that has had the Velcro replaced.
  10. Going to give this another try....... My AXE Xcaliber TS6+ snapped in my R510tp 7.5* and I have a X100 on the way to try it out again. I think last time I tried it out, I didn't tip it enough. Felt whippy and weak, launched it high and it sliced. Is the bench mark to tip it to get the first step 8" from the sole? Can I tip it too much?
  11. Had a great round (could have been better with my minimalist set up yesterday. Shot 77 with 4 birdies. Also had 2 doubles that cost me......could have been a lot better. THought about sending back the Razr X MB 5i, 7i, and 9i I bought because I didn't have the best range session with them. Was hitting my J38's much better but I thing it was the shafts (PX 6.5's in the Razr X's and X100 in the J38's). Called about sending them back and would only get 90% of the value back and it would be in store credit which I am not interested in. Decided I am going to reshaft them with X100s and make t
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