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  1. Looking to order some new wedges and was wondering if I could potentially save some money by going with SM6s over SM7s. Problem is I can't get stock wedges as I was fitted for half inch long in length. Was also fitted for AMT red shafts in my wedges which are no upcharge. Does anyone know where I could order SM6 or will I need to go with SM7?
  2. I'm 20 and always take my hat off to shake hands with playing partners. Have noticed some kids looking at me funny for it though.
  3. I played Fly Z+ since it came out and just switched to Callaway Rogue. Slightly better numbers and much better feel and sound IMO
  4. I got fitted for a driver at Cool Clubs last week. Glen was great, I highly recommend giving him a try. Very thorough and took as much time as we needed to get things right. I came in with an idea of what shaft I wanted and that's what happened to end up fitting me best but he had me try plenty of shafts. He has every major manufacturer except for Cobra I believe. He didn't break the bank with crazy upcharges either as I ended up purchasing Callaway Rogue driver with Fujikura pro 53 stiff flex. I have been fit by Bruce at Club Champion multiple times before and preferred the Cool Clubs fitt
  5. I think Wellesley is a bit further out but I also hear it has a huge waiting list. Thanks for the idea, though. Please no one else join Wellesley. We have too many members and the course is getting beat up easily Could your tone sound any more douchy? If someone wants to join Wellesley they are more than welcome to apply WITHOUT your approval. Omg why was I so unintentionally mean two years ago
  6. Until the bag overhaul, I had the AP2s since they came out, and the putter since it came out so I don't change those very often. Wedges I change out at least every 2yrs or as needed. I switched them out this year because of the wedge gap needs with the new irons. I am past the honeymoon phase with the M2, and it may be the best driver combo I have ever played. I have already tried a couple of different shafts but the Hazrdus Yellow just performed the best for me. The 915h, IMO, is the best hybrid in the market. It is just point and shoot and long! The M1 fairway is still in the testing
  7. Fly Z+ still in my bag. I really didn't like the stock shaft but with the right shaft for me it is an excellent driver
  8. I'm really just looking for decent greens. Rest of the course doesn't matter as much
  9. Im guessing Langston then there is also Rock Creek/ I've heard the city courses were in really poor condition is this not the case?
  10. Hey guys Looking for some new courses to play these next few weeks. I live in DC but don't have a car so tough to get around. I've been playing the University of Maryland Golf Course but would love something in a bit better condition.
  11. Need somewhere to play this weekend. Been playing University of Maryland course the last few weeks and want to try somewhere different. I live in DC and don't have a car so transportation is tough. I usually take metro or Uber to get to places
  12. Bubba Watson just posted this photo of his new putter on his twitter account. Think he can make another run at Augusta? Putter looks sweet.
  13. Duf Daddy is the man. I need a blade version of that putter cover ASAP. WDE!!!
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