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  1. Comparison pics are great! The transition from alignment aid to the toe of the tsi3 looks much better than ts3 to my eye. Really can’t wait to see these in hand.
  2. I agree on pics. Hard to tell until it’s in hand. I’ll wait to judge until I can see it and hit it. But from all accounts, the performance seems to be there. We shall see...
  3. I’ve been through a fitting process multiple times. One thing I know is I need some toe hang. I agree with you @MattM97about neck configuration. I did have the Las Vegas h7 that I sold about a month ago and really liked it, but was not in love. I probably needed to play around with weight, but did not want to purchase the weight kit. What I really need to do is get a clean up putting lesson. Could be my alignment, how far from the ball I’m standing, etc. Who knows...
  4. I'm struggling to find a putter I love. For the longest time, I've been such a die hard one piece, milled putter kind of guy. Bounced around from custom blade raw carbon, to OEM with stability tour shaft, off the rack blade (getting too wrapped up in feel) and now am seriously considering a putter with a little technology. Recently had a Las Vegas and really enjoyed it, but sold it for a custom putter project that I just had to have. Yesterday I rolled a couple of putters that really opened my eyes. Odyssey stoke lab black 7 and Spider X. It took me a few minutes to adjust to
  5. Agree with loft and lie check. I had the same issue last season and it turned out I had more loft than needed.
  6. Yeah, it’s time for Titleist to release info to us peasants! I’m ready!
  7. My local club builder got a sneak peek at his shop yesterday and said it is the real deal! They tested it and said every one of his fitters on staff picked up ball speed. Said the TSi2 was very impressive as it seemed to drop some spin but still maintain lots of forgiveness. Said the TSi3 seems to be a little more forgiving as well. It was shining for him on high toe hits. Shape wise, said it still very much resembles the ts3 at address.
  8. MacGregor MT Pro M & C, VFoil Titleist 962b, 716 CB, 680mb MP14, MP29, TN87 Wilson FG59 Callaway 13 xforged 99 Hogan Apex Bridgestone j33 blade So many great irons!
  9. Thanks for that, Dave. Appreciate it! They made the communication process so fun and easy. If you can, I recommend them big time! Patrick and Ari know more about the game and equipment than anyone.
  10. Wanted to keep this thread alive! Just placed an order for a couple of wedges 2 weeks ago. Can’t wait! @davo32683 how’s your set coming along? Send more pics if you guys can. Let’s keep it going.
  11. Those cb’s intrigue me so much! Good guy here! Buy with confidence! GLWS Mike.
  12. Two of my favorites have been 915fd and cobra f8+. Currently playing the ts3 and am hitting it really well. I’m always drawn to Cobra for fairway woods. They look so damn good by ball and have great performance.
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