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  1. Damn those Mac’s are beautiful! Such a good design!
  2. Anyone have experience with Accra iCWT 2.0? I used the first Gen 105x, but curious how the 2.0 might play in comparison to the mmt 105 tx and kbs Proto. They seem to be the top 3 from knowing what works for me and the weight options.
  3. Not sure how I forgot about mmt 105. The weight seems about perfect to transition into something lighter but too much of a drop off to disrupt timing.
  4. I’m all for old school. For some reason Aldila and I have a not so good relationship...haha
  5. I should have added, my ball flight is a high fade naturally. I definitely don’t like to see the ball go left unless it’s on purpose. The kbs Proto sounds promising. What’s the bend profile on it?
  6. Hello Fine Community! Hopefully some other gear nerds can help a brother out. I'm looking to build a 4 iron as a utility with a graphite shaft. Not an actual utility iron, but a more forgiving iron. Will be a Wilson D7 forged. I'm looking for a graphite shaft that has some weight to it and not sure what options are out there. Currently playing modus 125s in my irons and love them! If I can stay around 115 to 110 grams with some stability that would be amazing. Only options I have found are Accra icwt 2.0 has a 115 gr option and KBS tgi has a 110 option. Anything else out th
  7. Standard length & standard tipping for driver with tsi tip would be a plus. Let me know what you have. TIA!
  8. Golf is so subjective and player dependent. I’ve been fit many times into a different iron every single time. Shaft profile is almost always the same. In the past year I spent a ton of money on a fitting and new iron set. Sold my beloved bridgestone cb’s and fully committed to what I was fitted into. Fast forward to now, 3 iron sets later and I’m back in my bridgestone’s. Why? Because they are perfect for me. Nothing feels better, gives me more confidence over the ball or cuts through the turf better for how I deliver the club at impact. I think one of the biggest i
  9. I’m interested to hear more as well. Those 1126’s look pretty good.
  10. Here is David’s C&C 1.0 that I did with him last year. It’s also raw carbon.
  11. This is my favorite blade putter head shape. There are a few out there that can make it for you. I absolutely love my Cushman C&C 1.0. It’s not a direct copy of the laguna, but it’s inspired by it. I’m pretty sure Lamont at Mannkrafted can make you one. Also, I think the Putting Engineer was working on this head shape as well. The best thing about going the custom route is neck options. Makes all the difference in the world! Worth every penny. If you decide to go this route, please keep us posted.
  12. Currently bagging the tsi3 after playing the ts3 for 1.5 seasons. I agree it’s a different driver. It’s taking me a while to dial it in as much as I had the ts3 dialed. I think the ts3 was a sneaky long driver. My miss is a high toe and the ts line did amazingly well with it. I feel like the tsi is not quite as forgiving on the high toe as much as ts. Probably has a lot to do with the new shape, which I absolutely love. Also, I have a different shaft on this tsi. Not sure if it’s the right fit for me or not yet. I’ve had such a good run with my old Fuji Motore spee
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