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  1. That’s good to know. I’ve reached out multiple times in the past and never received a response. I’ll need to revisit soon.
  2. I really love David’s classic shapes. It’s like a time machine. I’m dying to get my hands on a naked flow neck fleetwood.
  3. I’ve been playing lamkin deep etch full cord for a couple of seasons and really enjoy it. Played golf pride green star before that and liked it as well. I gravitate towards pistol style grips. I’m really curious about the green star cord. Anyone here able to compare the green star cord vs the lamkin full cord? I think the green star might be a touch bigger. Interested in the difference of the cord feel. TIA!
  4. A. Honma tw-21, Vokey sm8 B. Yes & No. Honma tr20v C. 45 PW / 49.10 / 54.10 / 60.08 low bounce k D. Modus 120x in irons & gap wedge. S400 in sand and lob.
  5. These are by far my favorite blades released in a few years. They are not intimidating to hit and look and feel fantastic. I had a set of the cb’s earlier in the season and they were very impressive as well. Kind of miss them, honestly. Just had the wrong shafts.
  6. These look good! Loved my set when I played them.
  7. I would think jpx 921 tours would be pretty seamless transition. Or 919 tours to save a little cash. Very similar designed irons. Not sure how similar the sole designs are, but the tours definitely fit shallow swingers.
  8. Damn those mp’s are beautiful! Sweet set up too with the ls shafts!
  9. All of this gear looks to be in fantastic shape! Especially those j40’s!
  10. Two clubs blew me away this past season. Tsi3 driver and Honma tr20 irons. Tsi3 driver mainly because of the shape, which directly correlates to performance. The look at address just suits my eye so much better than anything else I’ve tried in a long while. It just gives me confidence and this season has been my best driving the ball in a couple of years. Tr20 irons look and feel incredible! I’ve played Mizuno and Bridgestone off and on for most of my time playing this game. Blade looks at address, wider sole (very Bridgestone like), dense feel and more forgiving than you would think from looks at address. I did test the new t100 a couple of days ago and I have to say they felt and looked amazing as well. If I were to move away from the Honma’s it would be with the t100 in a heartbeat. Just not happening anytime soon.
  11. Currently playing the following and it’s been great! Honma Tr20v pw-6I Honma Tr20p 5i Honma Tr21x 4i Loving the combo!
  12. Instead of going 20* hybrid I went with a Tsi2 7 wood turned down. Hybrids and I are not friends. The 7 wood has been a game changer. It’s a unicorn club for me. Lands so soft on greens, easy out the rough and from the fairway. From there I go 4 UT, which is pretty close to being the same degree but get much different results. It’s a tee club most of the time for that 215-225 shot that needs to be perfectly placed. This is the first time in a long time that I am not playing a 2i. Some days I miss having it and some days I never think about it. Going to stick with what I have for a while and force myself to hit different shots with my current set up.
  13. This year was the 2nd time in 10+ years I’ve bought brand new irons. I kept buying and trading used and just got tired of chasing something I could not find. Spent a ton of money. Finally did a proper fitting outdoors and ended up in Honma tr20v’s and I could not be happier. I spent over $1400 on custom irons and 2 custom wedges. All in all, a pretty good deal all things considered. That’s where I draw the line. It was a good experience that is really starting to pay off. However, can’t get myself to pay current prices for drivers & fairways. Not to mention the cost of single utility irons are pushing fairway/hybrid prices. Putters on the other hand are personal. I won’t spend $1000 on a putter, but I’ll spend $4-500 on something that gets me comfortable over the ball and sinking more putts. That club is in your hand on every hole. Worth it in my mind. At the same time, some people really enjoy the game by spending money on new equipment. To each their own. Whatever gets people out and playing is what matters.
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