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  1. I believe they had a small amount of flat Srixon fairways floating in the bay not that long ago. Not sure why they don’t release that kind of setting to the public. Think it was a tour issue only thing.
  2. I think the zx will probably be more forgiving and a little easier to hit. Have not seen one in person yet, but have only heard good things about it. I’m curious about it as well. Hopefully the footprint is a little smaller than previous versions. Zx might feel a little softer. The u500 is a straight performer! It’s been in my bag for the past season. Very compact shape and little offset. Biggest reason why I game it. Feels very solid on center strikes. It’s very low spin as well and gets great ball speed.
  3. For a 2i I love the u500. Very low spin, compact look at address with minimal offset and solid feel. Looks more like an iron than a utility. Gives me maximum distance off the tee. Rarely use it off the fairway. For a 4i, I’m currently gaming the 18 xforged utility and it’s awesome! Feels soft, great launch and can actually get good spin out of it. Biggest reason I like it so much. Can flight it high and land soft. Gives me what I need for going into a long par 3 or positioning off the tee into a short par 4. All about finding what you need.
  4. Thanks for sharing. The crown has that F8/TM look to it. Curious to see if any different materials have been used.
  5. Anyone hear of an update on launch date? Really curious about these.
  6. Agree with @TigerInTheWoods The u500 is an amazing club.
  7. They look fantastic! Funny you posted this op because I was looking at their website last night. Great craftsmanship! Curious to hear some feedback after a few rounds. They should feel nice and crisp.
  8. Curious to hear more reviews as well. I was a big fan of the 18 x forged. Would love to hear any comparisons between those 2 specifically.
  9. Bump... The pic from Instagram a previous poster showed in this thread looks awesome! Very similar to the tsi3 with that throwback pear shape. I might be all over one when they finally come out. Very curious to see shaft options. They had some good options last cycle as well. Real deal Atmos and Diamana white board. I’m not worried about the sound as that is easily fixed. I usually hot melt my drivers if the head weights are on the light side. I’m intrigued for sure. So many good options now!
  10. Didn’t last either. Was great while they had it though. Pretty awesome to test an entire set of irons.
  11. Bumping an old thread... Wanted to revisit. Anyone else ever they their hands on a set? I moved away from my tour b’s and have not found the magic since. I keep thinking about these and the new 201 cb’s.
  12. I think Honma makes incredible irons and really should focus educating the public about how great they are. We all know drivers move the needle. And Honma woods are pretty damn good as well. They look classic with minimal designs, which I love. However, their irons are as good as any and feel incredible. They did something pretty awesome when the 747 line was released. PGA Superstore had an entire hitting bae set up just for Honma and had an entire set of 747v irons on demo to try, 4-pw. No other OEM was doing that. It was pretty awesome to test the entire set. I cam
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