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  1. Deep etch full/ Deep etch full cord as well.
  2. I’m a big fan of both options mentioned above. The pro only cord is great! One of my current favorites. Iomic might have a more pronounced pistol feel. I had the i classic mid previously and you can really feel the pistol shape in the top hand.
  3. Can be head only or with TI s400. Something in really good shape with lots of life left. This will be a gamer so please nothing too used. TIA!
  4. I’m surprised at how forgiving the Honma tr20v’s are for their size. They are smaller than jpx 921T. I’m not afraid to slap one off the toe and it holds its line. Lose some yardage, but still on the green.
  5. Picked up a 2020 JDM Toulon San Diego satin chrome finish. I actually ordered an Austin, but received a SD instead. Just going to keep at as there are not a ton of these laying around. Comes with s20 weight, black stroke lab shaft and a black DFX grip which is an awesome grip. This thing is beautiful!
  6. Agreed! One of the better looking ones in here in a while. The shape from the top down is perfect!
  7. Sweet set of endo forged goodness! Trying this again. I’ve had an on again off again love affair with these. One of my fav sets I’ve ever played. However, my Honma’s are performing too good and I want to get rid of distractions with my irons. Going with 1 set of irons for a while and want to focus on playing when I can. Only trades I’m intrigued with are putters. Always intrigued with putters. Maybe some wedges. T22 or raw sm8 / 50, 54, 58. Pretty straight forward sell. $old Little bag chatter from soft forgings. Played but not abused. +.24” / d3 swing weight Bent 1* weak. 7i is 33* / PW 46* 5-p with modus 120x. 4i is head only. I have a $ taper 120 4i shaft if buyer wants it I’ll include it with purchase. No extra charge. Lamkin sonar standard grips. Still in great shape with plenty of life.
  8. My picture taking skills are not quite as nice as some of you. However, here is mine currently: Driver: TSi3 9* turned down. HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX 6.5 Fairway: TS3 15* turned down. HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX 6.0 Fairway: TSi2 21* turned down. Diamana S+ Blueboard 70s, tipped 1”. Irons: Honma TR21x 4i Vizard 100ib-wf 100x steel fiber Honma TR20P 5i & TR20V 6-p Modus 120x Wedges: Honma TW-21 isole 48* bent to 49.5* Modus 120x / TW-21 54* isole TI s400 Vokey TVD Raw 60* Low Bounce K TI s400 Putters: Cushman Custom C&C 1.0 Raw Carbon with welded hex neck OR Scotty Cameron Flowback 5.5 Ball: Bridgestone Tour B XS for now. Can’t beat green side spin and the feel off the putter. Reinland Golf Head Covers, which I love! The wood covers are going on their 4th year and are in fantastic shape. I just received the putter cover and I’m super happy with it.
  9. I honestly think a better comp for Zx7 would be mmc. Lofts are similar. The Zx7 feels softer to me, than 921T. I played both for a little while. Unfortunately for me the zx7’s I had were B weighted heads. They just felt off. However, when I tested them they felt great! Soft, but had a springy feel. 921T’s felt great out of the middle and harsh around the middle. Much more forgiving than you think. Had surprisingly high ball speed and very consistent spin. As stated, much different sole design. That will also make a difference with feel. I would love to see Mizuno take the 921T sole and put a pre-worn leading edge on it. It would make it very interesting.
  10. I have to say, the t200 look great!
  11. Absolutely loving my set of 20v’s! Incredible feeling irons with amazing performance.
  12. This is my fav shape of all the 2 balls. Wish the face was white hot.
  13. I agree. All of the ones I tested looked and felt great. Hard to not scoop one up for the price. I really like the vintage line.
  14. Those Cobra putters feel great! A little more blocky looking and not quite as refined as his Scotty obviously. Really hope he can turn it around. The game is better with Ricky contending.
  15. I found the mp20’s to be very soft! Apex MB’s right behind them.
  16. Dropping some heat up in here! Nice gear dude! I bet that g425 is awesome with some of that tour sauce in it.
  17. I’ll give you a sleeper that is easy to hit, looks and feels great and not overly expensive. Wilson D7 forged. Really fun iron! Also, maybe check out Mizuno 921 forged. Combo the forged with hot metal pro in 4/5. Just throwing out a couple of other ideas to think about.
  18. That’s good to know. I’ve reached out multiple times in the past and never received a response. I’ll need to revisit soon.
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