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  1. I just completed an online purchase with an email support specialist and was offered an additional $5 off each club regardless. I initially thought Gen 3 but for $125 less can't see how you do wrong with Gen 2. Thinking about going back to the well for 0211 hybrids.
  2. I kinda hit the panic button assuming I said yes to G425 irons earlier but the DCB just seem a bit odd and chunky. Too often the "shovel" term get thrown around but these are odd. It seems likely that it's the same or pretty similar blade length as Apex but wider sole and topline with more offset. Like most here I'll likely change my tune once "in hand" but for now seems like a slight miss as most connoisseurs seem to be wanted longer blade length with minimal offset. Naming them Big Bertha was already taken and Voluptuous Victoria is too may letters so for now... Definitely Chunky Blades.
  3. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say casting so many different heads is cost prohibitive. Bending irons, on the other hand, is quick, easy and likely the way a mass production custom company must go.
  4. They're a higher pitch thwack than you'd think since they really hyped up the elastomer insert.
  5. Had a chance to put a couple swings on the 7 irons today. Decently clean at address and what you'd expect from Ping. Seems similar offset and blade length as 410. I have really gamed a Ping iron since g700 first came out but have demo'd and even owned a couple sets that never got gamed. All that being said the two biggest takeaways were the sound is very similar to G710, which was a surprise. Second, mishits just don't lose distance and there were a few strikes that were nearly a ball's width to the toe side of the sweet spot.
  6. Robert Mark Golf. However, be ready for premium pricing, mediocre communication and slightly above SHiπy service. He does build some real quality stuff but is hit or miss on the CS.
  7. I own em. They're worth it. They're as good and any other forged wedge you'll find. They frame the ball well. My only "getting used to" is that the leading edge is quite rounded. Dude, $51 per wedge and they're forged. Just pull the trigger you've likely wasted more on less.
  8. dhen9

    Evnroll 8.3?

    The 9 style is getting a bit tricky to find. Of all of them the ProType is far and away the best of the bunch.
  9. DCB seems to sit at the same table as ZX5, T300, 921 HM.
  10. @mrmikeac, is it safe to say the DCB are the OS minimal offset version some of us have always wanted? Thicker sole and topline with similar offset of Apex?
  11. dhen9

    Evnroll 8.3?

    The 8.3 is comically bigger than Del Mar or 9. I've owned it and quickly moved on. I never found like I could find the sweet spot and always felt like the toe really wanted to close. Your SF is nearly identical to DM and I've always been most fond of the 9 as it has no shoulders on the bumpers and Oddy usually put that perpendicular sightline on the top which perfectly frames the ball.
  12. No. They simply explain that it's an error and like most every error, be forgiven. Get real.
  13. So it's a glitch. Errors can be made and should be excused.
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