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  1. dhen9

    Sight Dot Putters

    Go Cameron California Monterey.
  2. Open to most anything released in the last few years. VG condition or better please. Shaft not required.
  3. 54 & 58 STD length and loft. Lie is 2° flat. Shafts are Dynamic Gold S400 $39 upgrade and no longer available with PXG Z5 grip. No trades and not willing to split. $400 CONUS
  4. Careful if your wanting a grind on TR's. I'm still waiting on a 58 Full with Heel and Toe. It's been months.
  5. Except most members think they're a 2nd Swing or GolfStix and offer a percentage of wholesale.
  6. It seems we've been searching for the same iron. You're looking for mid/long baked length, mid/chunky sole with a thinner topline and little offset. You're looking for a durable finish and at address you DON'T want to see any of the technology that makes golf a little bit easier. Well, after a few schekel's flushed here's your list of perfect. Oh, and it can't possibly be a "Perfect List" as perfection lends itself to only one but here ya go: 0311P/XP T300/200 JPX 921 HM,HMP,F P790 Maltby PTM Maltby TS1
  7. Looking for: Ping Sigma G Tess, 8802, Odyssey 8, Bettinardi, Ironmasters. I'm open to others but likely skip the Napa to keep costs down. VG condition and above.
  8. Done this... With a Ketsch Vault 2.0 heavy, red dot and Pistol GT 1.0. Best Summer of putting in a few years. Sold it over Winter and since have had: Heppler Ketsch, TM Spider, ER5, Mini Gunboat and Cleveland HB SOFT 14. It's kinda gross but kinda cathartic just to write this and see it. I share because I care. #hangupthehoing #stoptheflips
  9. Perhaps I should qualify that CC and Truespec don't have openings and GG is limited on selections of shafts. Thanks for keeping me in line.
  10. My nearly complete combo set of ZX4/5 are sitting right next an XP/P combo set. When I started looking for what irons I wanted to play I really had two MAJOR criteria: Long blage length, Minimal offset. The ZX4 is .146" and 0311XP is .15" in offset so a push. Zx5 8 iron has a slightly smaller profile compared to 0311P but offsets are .12 vs .110 respectively. The ZX5 is a chunkier iron that is clearly seen especially on the topline. Even the ZX4 is a really good looking iron so once my Ohio dept of health 10 days are up.... To the range for testing.
  11. 1. Heath, OH 2. 13 3. Huntington Beach Soft 14 4. 7 5. YES 6. YES
  12. 1/2. Cleveland CBX2 Black. All stock with Tour Velvet +4. 54 and 58. New, never touched a golf ball. $200 shipped CONUS Only trades are Sim2 Max 12° driver, Epic Max 12° driver or Minimal Toe Flow Scotty's. 3. 58 EYE2. Orange Dot with std loft and std length. Dynamic Gold S300 and Ping ID8 grips. $120. NEW. Never touched a golf ball.
  13. Nah, it's cool. Laugh now but you'll be able to see your path, but that's not why they did it. It's visible tech and the lack of a finish allows for any discretionary grams or milligrams be moved elsewhere instead of covering up the tech.
  14. Proto X+ on PXG site as 12°. My favorite driver was the original Epic in 13° turned down and with Fuji Pro 6S. I'm just trying to replicate that. With lack of fitters in Central Ohio and the fact that the phone fitting was silly I don't want to experiment with $500-700 putting Gen4 vs Proto X+.
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