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  1. Ordered T300 AMT Black with adjustment to LLL. Ordered 9-8 arrived 9-14.
  2. Likely a WRX minority here but just ordered HM 5-6 and HMP 7-G. Here's to the wait.
  3. Obviously Cobra is not shy about doing such thing. Ref. Long Tom.
  4. Here's one for ya! Been comparing Maltby PTM against Titleist T300. Both irons are same L/L/L and the PTM has Elevate 105 and T300 had AMT Black (similar weight in 7 iron) however the T300 are a consistent pull/draw and the PTM are right as rain. MPF says these irons are very similar in the UGI Category so what do you think gives?
  5. This trend totally makes sense in conjunction with the modern iron set in the game. I like to think of my wedges as an extension of the set on the bottom end of the bag. If a full swing P goes "x" and full swing G usually a 48-50° flies "y" then I want my 52-54 and my 56 as well as my 60 to fly the anticipated distance for a full swing and so on. Now I just have to find that 50 yd and in shot and manufacture a predetermined 1/4, 1/2 or 3/4 swing. The average golfer doesn't want to or doesn't care to practice flighting wedges for a particular trajectory and spin combo. Full swing requires full
  6. Heller, brother from another mother. You described my bag perfectly and after sousands and sousands of Doll-hairs here's what I've used and here's what's in the bag. Driver: Ping G410+ and LST Fairways: TM Sim, F9, Mavrik,TS2 Hybrids: TM Sim Max, G410, F9, Rouge, TS2 Irons: 0311 GEN3, T300, 919 HM,HMP, FORGED, Z5-785, G710, G410, P790 Wedges: CBX2, RTX4, JAWS, Glide 2.0, 3.0 Putters: well, you get the picture Here's what's in the bag right meow: Driver: Sim Max 10.5 Ventus Blue 6s FW: Maltby KE4 TC Tensei Blue 4-5 hybrids: KE4 TC Tensei
  7. Can you make a Stroke Lab'ish putter in the spirit of Columbus but with a DB or SB shaft as to minimize toe flow. I don't want a Chicago nor a plumbers neck Columbus. C'mon Odyssey, you're already lowering prices on first gen SL putters. Please build this.
  8. Simple. Clean. Crowns. Cameron. Really like this cover and you easily know what it pertains to. U.S.A.
  9. Looking for 34" stock putters. Looking for Very Good Condition and above. Looking for only the following: 2018 Scotty Cameron Squareback Newport 2 Notchback (any year)
  10. Last time I have a thorough driver fitting was the introduction of Epic Flash. I have Wa$ted plenty of $$$ playing online fitter for shafts, heads etc. Here's the skinny. During the shutdown I ordered a slightly newer equivalent of my Epic Flash, per the fitter. Here's where I start to lose my mind. EF was 12° with weight in fade setting and shaft was Fujikura Blue Pro 2.0. This baby flat out performed on center strikes. Welp, idle hands and busy head led to this. I replaced it with G410+ 12 with Fuji XLR8 but fitter recommended 50 gram shaft. I ordered it without a fitting and hated it. Moved
  11. https://www.scottycameron.com/putters/limited-release/inspired-by-justin-thomas-phantom-x-55/
  12. Reading this thread made me do a field trial and I can confidently recommend the Sun Mountain 4.5. EZ Fit strap and wide opening as well as plenty of pockets for everything you can throw at it make it perfect for carry and 4.5 lbs don't suck either. Now with the CFB and strap pass through makes sure it stays put and doesn't turn in a riding cart makes it perfect for that as well.
  13. 1. Sim Max 12 SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD. 2. Ping G410+ 12° very good condition SHE GONE! 3. VA Raijin 64 Four (Stiff) used Ping G410 tip and plays to 45" when installed $175 4. Tensei Blue stiff 50 series Ping G410 tip and plays to 45 when installed NOPE! NOT AVAILABLE! 5. Fujikura XLR8 51 stiff Ping G410 tip and plays to 45 when installed pured at Std Neutral setting by TrueSpec Golf. $100 6. UST Mamiya V2 HL (high launch) 6F4 so 60 gram series stiff flex with Cobra Speedzone Xtreme tip. Plays to 45 when installed. $100 7. VA SLAY 65 Four (stiff) with Cobra
  14. BeNi ISI. I remember them being far more forgiving than they really are.
  15. No skymarks. Head only is fine. Whatever really works.
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