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  1. Looking for something in this vein of putters: Swag Savage Two Studio Stock 7 Squareback 2 Newport 2 Notchback Edel EAS 2.0 Odyssey DW
  2. Almost every Cameron I've owned is a custom and the silver sharpie almost always wears off from use. Don't fret about this onemuch, perfectly normal.
  3. 1. Carpet rolled PXG Battle Ready One And Done. 34", 69° lie, 4° loft. Lamkin PXG Skinny Pistol grip and Battle Ready Cover included. Can't call it new but she ain't seen the Sun. $OLD! shipped UPS CONUS. 2. Mack Made custom putter. Obviously a Notchback and to tie in Notchback Mustangs I had Josey mill a BOSS Stripe on the sole and call her the Boss 360 as she's 360 grams. The welded flow neck has NO OFFSET and near maximum toe flow. Specs are 34", 69° lie and 4° loft. Grip is Super stroke Pistol GT Tour. Super cool custom and I know she's not for everyone but that's the point. $300 shipped UPS CONUS and you pick which cover you want.
  4. 10.5. No need for exotic shafts. Head only would be best. Willing to pay FAIR MARKET VALUE.
  5. This should be a quick one but I'd like to know if ANYONE here has heard this before. I wanted to tinker with a TSi2 and figured I'd give a green grass account the business even though Titleist has now begun to go down the DTC path. Ok so here goes. I call the shop and ask about a TSi2 with Graphite Design AD-DI6S and also turn time. They call me shortly after and give me the following info. 4-6 weeks turn and I have the option of "Normal" AD-DI 6S or for an additional $50 I can get a "Premium" AD-DI 6S. Was advised both of these shafts are good but the "Premium" is just a little better. To help me calm down a bit I asked about one being Pured vs the other but was advised, "No. Just one is better than the other." Keep in mind both are GD AD-DI 6S. Does GD really offer a "made for" premium shaft or did I just meet that guy. This was not a big box store.
  6. Is is possible it could be STLH? RBZ= Rockeballz SLDR= Slider STLH= Stealth Sure it's a stretch, but sounds pretty cool.
  7. Can't image Cally is rolling out any promos anytime soon.
  8. Sure. Ill send you the whole club for the ad price and then you can get whatever shaft you want. You then sell the shafts and make a few bucks back.
  9. No trades please. JPX 921 Hot Metal Irons 6-G Project X LZ Shafts. Irons are advertised as used as they have been removed from plastic and the 7 iron has been used. None of the other clubs have touched a golf ball. Specifications are standard length, standard loft and standard lie from Mizuno. Shafts are project XLZ 5.5 and grips are standard Mizuno golf pride tour velvet $600 Srixon ZX7 Irons 4-A KBS Tour Stiff. Clubs are 100% new have never touched a golf ball. Specifications are standard lie angle, standard lofts, length is +1/4" over Srixon standard. Shafts are KBS tour 120 g and grips are golf pride tour velvet align. $1050 Mizuno T22 Wedges 54 58 New Dynamic Gold S400. Specifications are standard length, standard loft, standard lie. 54° wedge has 12° of bounce and is the s grind and 58° also has 12° of bounce Mizuno d grind. Shafts are dynamic gold tour issue s400 and grips are Mizuno golf pride tour Velvet. Finish is Mizuno Chrome. $300
  10. Currently in WTB. "Trying to recreate the ideal set make up I got fitted into without dropping mega $$$ on it. I'll cast a wide net, as I'm usually happily surprised by what some of you have sitting around. I fit into the new 2021 Callaway Apex w/ KBS C Taper Lite X (everything was standard L/L/L), so I'm looking for heads of something similar to these: Callaway Apex (regular, not pros/mb/etc), Wilson D7/C300 Forged, TM P790, Mizuno JPX 900/919 Forged, or Cobra King Forged Tec. I'd like the model to be from within the last 4-5 years. The shafts I'm looking for are KBS C Taper Lite X flex or Nippon Modus 120 X, preferably with a midsize grip on them" Ummmm, good thing you casted that wide net.
  11. TM P Series $185 per Apex $185 per Mizuno JPX HM $143 Mizuno JPX Forged $175 Titleist T200/300 $185/$143 0311 Gen 3 $135 CHEAPER THAN MOST 0211 DC $89 WAY LESS THAN MOST 0311 Gen 4 $275. Well, ya can't win em all. However, one of the best current values in golf and nearly immediately available.
  12. *their clubs. Simmer down, bud. They're just doing their best to get things nailed down over there at PXG.
  13. As an average golfer with 97-101 driver SS driver, 5 wood makes perfect sense. Most of us at this speed can't generate enough speed to effectively hit 13-15° fairway woods. Many modern 5 woods have similar CC to just a few years ago 3 woods so forgiveness is moot. I personally feel confident with 5 wood, lofted down slightly and playing length of 3 wood. For golfers like me, I think this club is meant to advance the ball between 220-235 total distance if you catch it on the screws. Of really honest most average golfers will find that a 3-5 wood combo is a waste of a club no different than have a 3-4 iron as these clubs likely travel identical distances. Now, this is regarding the average male golfer and not the average WRXer.
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