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  1. Ummm, likely and now confirmed that toe hang is consistent with NEARLY EVERY SHORT SLANT NECK PUTTER ON THE PLANET.
  2. NO TRADES. 1. 0311 XP 6 iron and 7-G 0311 P. 6 iron is 2° flat from PXG std and 7-G are 3° flat from PXG std. Lofts are standard and irons were just reshafted with C Taper Lite S flex. Shafts are .355 and no shims necessary as PXG has universal hosel similar to Maltby. Length are standard based off of PXG 0311P series. Let's do $1500. 2. 0311 Forged Wedges. 54 and 58. 2° flat and std length. Also reshafted and Modus 105 WEDGE flex is not available via PXG. $OLD!$OLD!$OLD!!!
  3. All items will be shipped and I'm a member with decent time on the boards and eBay id is the same as here. Tons of great feedback on high quality items. All items will ship UPS and I'll post tracking when I can as THIS. IS. A. HOBBY. OH, only trade interest are NEW SM8 54S, 58M (Tour Chrome), TSi2 16.5° stiff shaft. 1. TSi2 10° HEAD ONLY. Will come with TSi2 cover, but NO WRENCH. $OLD. 2. EvnRoll ER2B. 355 gram head, 35", 67° lie, 5° loft. All ordered from EVNROLL at those specs. $OLD! 3. G425 Max 17.5 with Tour 75 Stiff. All stock from Ping
  4. Looks like a more undercut cavity with same Max Impact but in a cleaner application. Also, looks like a brushed finish instead of the high polish of the original T300 which didn't hold up very well.
  5. Not even Titleist cares about this guy? It looks like they hopefully got the finish a bit more muted and durable. What do we know and when is this HOTROD gonna be available?
  6. 355. Heads were 335,345,355 based on OTR length.
  7. CS Authentication $75+ OTR CS Grip $41+ CS JJ cover $72= $1000 OTR. WHEW?!?! That must be some rig or you told #SWMBO that you'd try and sell some stuff only to let her know you did your best but "No Bites".
  8. 34", 370 gram head, red pistol Evnroll grip. 69° lie, 5° loft. Used one round. $250. NO TRADES AND CANNOT SHIP UNTIL MONDAY.
  9. 1. Studio Select Kombi S. 35" 69° lie, 4° loft. Very very good condition with new original color paintfill, CS shaftband and Cameron Cord grip. Will ship in CS box. $275 2. Radspeed XB 10.5° Peacoat. Used one round. 45" with UNTIPPED Ventus Red stiff. $OLD!
  10. Whatever ya got. No skymarks, dents, dings etc. Looking to spend $350-400.
  11. 1. DCI Black Triangle 2. 975D 3. Bullseye
  12. Pics do the talkin'. $350 shipped. No cover but will be well protected.
  13. PXG Dagger or Dagger C
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