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  1. Yes. This. Thanks. Never rocked a CS but really like the smooth mid mallet.
  2. Callaway irons. I've tried every iteration of Apex including the currents and I always think that I can get over the short chubby blade length and everytime.... Same damn thing. I've even tried Steelhead XR (terrible finish) Steelhead XR Pro (black wore too quickly) Rogue Pro, close but NO CIGAR. However, that didn't stop from buying another set of 21's.
  3. Need the image wizards to capture the flatstick Lydia is using this week.
  4. Currently in the basement are a 2014 Cameron Select Newport 2 at 370 grams and a Huntington Beach Soft 14 also at 370 grams. I am typically 5-7 fewer putts per round with the HBS14. Perhaps it's alignment and the ability of non perfectly struck putts to finish closer to the hole. You know what's not in many bags around the world???? Calamity Jane.
  5. Contoured Barrel covers? Dude, it's time for show and tell.
  6. Purchased as a red dot but currently black dot. BGT Stability Tour Shaft and SuperStroke Traxion 2.0 grip. So 35", STD LOFT, STD LIE. $349. Yes, ONLY $349 which means you get a carpet rolled Ketsch with a HOTROD shaft for $349. But wait there's more... That price is shipped anywhere CONUS!
  7. I like that someone is changing shapes for trajectory control. Overall they looked "chiseled" "strong".
  8. Seems to be your sweet spot for a Cameron. Odd you haven't netted one yet.
  9. https://girlygolfer.com/ She makes cover for Ken Flanigan of Flanigan Bilt Putters, which is an 8802 style putter. Pretty sure Seamus makes one as well but far more expensive.
  10. Dang, never been so excited and disappointed at the same time. Was really hoping the CB showed up before Summer 2021.
  11. @Popeye64where you at? Everytime I'm up at The Proshop I ask for an iron similar in profile to the PTM with just a bit less offset, similar to TE, and a similar finish to the TE. The wait continues...
  12. No Trades. 1. Apex 21 6-7 are DCB at 3° flat and 8-A are Apex 21 at 2.5° flat. STD length, std loft. AMT BLACK S300 and Tour Velvet Align grips. All new. $800 2. Taylormade 2019 P790. 5-A. Specs are 2° flat, -1/4" (7 iron is 36.75"), STD loft. Shafts are Project X LZ 6.0 softstepped once and grips are MCC 4 Align. ALL NEW. $HE GONE! 3. 2014-2015 Silver Mist Select. 34" Heavy model with std loft, lie. Purchased used and was advised Scotty's Custom Shop did the sight dot but I cannot confirm. Very good condition. Texa$ wedge headed to Texa$. $HE GON
  13. I've owned all of the following Cru: all around near perfect. Good comms but just moved to new facility so a little slow at times Girly Golfer: Also near perfect and will try to accommodate nearly any request. She's a small operation so they take time Headgear: good quality. Good price. Comms, Meh! Iliac: Nothing to see here except REALLY HIGH PRICES Robert Mark: cool cover but most uncomfortable and unprofessional experience I've had. Also, NOT CHEAP! JUJU: kills it but only does knit covers. No site, no socials so she's email only. Seamus: cool stuff and
  14. That's just it. We are in an amazing time of QC from all brands and the amount of intelligence that the MFGRS have and are willing to share make it nearly foolproof to pick one manufacturer. However, I still can't figure which one if any. The trials of a WRX ho fo sho!
  15. Not really but kinda have a personal beef with a fella who can wear flip flops this time o' year. I too found "the one" earlier today. GLWS.
  16. Scoring lines on my driver. Not annoying but sooooo 20th century
  17. The good ol quid pro quo. Makes sense. Does Ford, Toyota, Honda pay you drive their cars? Does Jif PB compensate you for your endorsement? Brand loyalty does not require compensation from the brand you choose. I do understand free markets and you're allowed to pick what you wish but the "when I'm paid I'll do so," is so pretentious. Nothing personal.
  18. dhen9

    Solo Fairway

    Whole bag is in flux as I've got too much stuff. Depending on what's in the bag from week to week my hybrids are 21-22 (4) and 25-26 (5). I'm not really worth a damn with a fairway so do I carry a 16-17 4 fairway/5 fairway. If 4 hybrid is 22° and is a 210ish club am I nuts for wanting a heavenwood? My thought is at 220+ I'm merely trying to advance the ball and some accuracy is important but an easy to hit option is more important. So, 4/5 or Heavenwood?
  19. dhen9

    New Tens

    Can't find the thread here but Odyssey done fooled around and made it legit. https://blog.odysseygolf.com/ten-putters/#models
  20. Looking for one or more of the following in order of want: Kombi S Futura X5R Golo 5 or 7 (non insert) Futura 5CB Futura 5MB Red X Looking for very good condition and LLL is not important as this one is likely to be shipped to the CS.
  21. Anyone have insight as to empty head weight of the new 11? Looking to order a 34" but want the head to be 350-355.
  22. Makes sense. I guess I liked the symmetry of Gen 3 and the naked tech of all the previous Gens. I'm certainly not real knowledgeable about where MOI can be applied but why add weight right behind the sweet spot instead of on the perimeter? Seems counter intuitive to 40 years of perimeter weighting.
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