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  1. If I had to guess just look at available shafts for i59
  2. Fitting heads Feb and orders ship mid March.
  3. Paging any/all Ping retailers. I need these in my life.
  4. So @PINGwhen can I order these hot rods. Ready to go, unhit, untested. Just let me know when I can tap that "order button".
  5. Assuming you're not a fan of the back of the club as PXG has best managed to hide size and offset in their irons. I still fiddle A LOT WITH THIS CATEGORY and here are the usual suspects: 0311XF/XP T300 921HM G425 most offset thinner topline than Mizuno G710 biggest of the bunch but black is slimming for sure. Maltby PTM (Value choice)
  6. NO TRADES PLEASE. 1. G425 4-U green dot, std length, std loft. "Shop new" as I've never used them but the 7 iron had dimple marks on face. NOT AVAILABLE. 2. JPX 921 HM/Forged combo. 5,6,7 are HM (NON PRO) and 8-G are Forged. Shafts are Modus 105S and grips Tour Velvet+4. Specs are in photos. New still in plastic. $980 shipped CONUS.
  7. Fan who has owned Gen 2,3,4,3,2 as well as a couple drivers, hybrids, wedges and several putters now feel as if PXG has jumped the shark
  8. Couple things for sale and NO TRADES as I have my eye on a leveling kit and wheel and tire combo "fur ma Pickemup Truck." All items are new but the plastic on 54 fell off during unboxing. 1. ZX4/5 Combo set set is std length and std lie. Set consists of ZX4 6,7 and ZX5 8-A. Lofts are: 6-25.5°, 7-29.5°, 8-34°, 9-39°, P-44°, A-50° Specs are in photos and irons are shafted with KBS Tour 105 S taper tip so 110 gram. Grips are Good Ol' Tour Velvet $775 shipped CONUS UPS with tracking. 2. CBX Zipcore 54/58. All std specs and shafts are KBS Tour V Wedge Flex 125 gram. $265 and only selling as pair. ¡¡¡If ya want the whole ball of wax I'll do $1010 SHIPPED UPS with tracking CONUS!!!
  9. Kinda miffed and puzzled at the same time on this one. How many times can you make something SO MUCH BETTER you have to release items so quickly? Imma fan of the model and the company but DAMN! ENOUGH ALREADY. If you find better that fast why the heck did you release previous Gen. Oh, and the I think the nomenclature itself has some brand equity as the numbering was the USMC MOS most similar to what was on the club. 0811 Cannoneer 0341 Mortarman 0317 Sniper 0311 Infantry Rifleman I understand Imma sucker for some good marketing but get on a release cycle, FFS!
  10. I gotta believe that the O/U on PM's you got about the Latrobe had to be 12, and I'd still take the over.
  11. I think @QuigleyDU nailed it. She'll rock whatever flatstick/wedges she wants.
  12. Always liked this putter. I think the lack of popularity is that the flow of the bumpers only looks good with a flow neck and most prefer a PN. I recently had one made at 360 grams.
  13. Pro Double Bend 345 gram per Sikgolf.com 34",69° lie, 4° loft. Custom milled sight lines by Sik. Std Pistol grip and black Sik cover included. Took plastic off this morning. Pi$$ed that I bought it as it's not gonna get time with all the others I already have so....NO TRADES. $325 shipped anywhere CONUS.
  14. Definitely would be....X-ing Over Nations with their Ambassadors.
  15. Everyone on this site regardless of station is trying to buy a better game. If it aint new sticks it may be balls, range time, putting greens. Hell, some here have putting greens for part of their lawns. Some cats own personal launch monitors. I've seen enough GOOD golf sims in "game rooms" on this site to make me wonder what these fellas do as a 9-5'er. Everybody wants better and will buy it of they can. This premise is silly and is full of "this one time" or "I once met a guy" or "you won't believe this" stories than necessary. Y'all should ashamed of yourselves. NOW GET OUT THERE AND GET SOME NEW STUFF. THE WORLD NEEDS US!!!!!
  16. Car Salesmen don't discuss club purchases with their wives. They (We) understand it's easier to ask for forgiveness than to beg for permission. You deserve this driver. This thing is going to put you in places on the course you haven't been in years. It's almost irresponsible to not own this driver. Oh, and you're stimulating the economy therefore you are defeating, "The Virus." The World thanks you for your patronage and your Patriotism.
  17. https://gfycat.com/electricscientificamericansaddlebred
  18. Will not split up these sets. NO TRADES. 2. Cru Golf. New. Lucky Stroke covers are an homage to F1 BAR Lucky Strike cars of a bygone era. $200 3. Girly Golfer AJ Foyt Indy 500 homage. $150. New.
  19. All items will ship UPS with tracking. NO TRADES as I need to declutter my life. 1. 0311XP in 6-G. Also included with this set of irons is 0311 Forged 52° wedge. All play STD PXG 0311XP Length and 52 is +1/2". Lie and lofts are as follows: 6 iron 62° lie, 26° loft 7 iron 62.5, 30 8 iron 63, 34 9 iron 63.5, 39 P iron 64, 44 G iron 35 64, 48 52 64, 52° All irons have KBS $-Taper 115 gram stiff flex and Golf Pride TV grips. $900 56 and 60 0311 Forged 35.5", 64 lie and STD loft. KBS HI-REV 2.0 R 115 gram shaft and Golf Pride TV grips. SOLD!
  20. dhen9

    Opposite of Scotty

    This is a setup, right? This is a back door trolling of Cameron. I've been a "sucker" for his putters since the Studio Select and have had plenty of putters as blood and better than Cameron's. I do enjoy the look of the product but am way over Scotty's design theory and marketing jibberish. I'd say if you want that solid milled feel you should stay with Scotty.
  21. You can totally see what they're trying to achieve, even with the TS4 as the weight pad moves upward as it nears the toe and the 4's hosel looks a few mm shorter than the 3. I'm so ready for these jobbers.
  22. Had a chance to see KE Max. Rounded toe soft but thick topline, really cambered sole so it checks all the boxes as an SGI but they really managed to hide the bulk and especially the offset as the transition from hostel to face/topline is really good. It's nowhere near as big as I figured it would be. Hell, I'd game em.
  23. Good condition and above. No skymarks. Have several shafts already and happy to pay fair market value.
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