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  1. Indian Creek Lakes opens up this week after a 2 year closure and redesign! I'm excited to see the new changes. Hope it drains better
  2. aesop13

    Irving Golf Club

    Has anyone played here recently? Interested to see how it plays after the recent redesign.
  3. Hey group of us will be there as well. I'll be getting in early to North Bend alone so I'll have some time to explore before the rest of them get in. How many of yall are going? I second the motion to stop by liquor store on the way there lol
  4. > @gulpeg said: > I’m trying to find out the name of a place that my not even exist any more. About 15+ years ago I was in Dallas on business. One night I drove about 30-45 minutes outside of town (I think North but don’t hold me to that), and found a driving range that had a 9-hole course that was lit at night. I was the only one out there for a couple three hours and it was so much fun. > > However, I cannot remember the surrounding Dallas burb nor the name. Any help appreciated. Thx. Could have been Richardson "The Practice Tee" although they're now closed indefinitely.
  5. > @Trying4Better said: > Are the greens still that dumb rectangle shape? it's unique to Stevens. Plus, you get that extra space in the corners when trying to get that GIR lol
  6. Went out last Saturday in the blistering heat. Greens aren't bad. Not super fast but pristine as expected from only 1 day of play. Course conditions were great. But expect slow play all around. My 2some ended up around 4hr45 min because of a log jam around the 12th hole. The iconic 18th tee box is now missing the tree on the left because of last months storms.
  7. > @"Fedor Emelianenko" said: > I am from Socal and just relocated to Arcadia. The best option for private golf is Hacienda CC. It's an all around great course. The closest would be San Gabriel CC from Arcadia. Not sure what the dues are at San Gabriel, but Hacienda is about 800/month along with initiation. > > If you join either, extend an invitation and I'll play with ya! Man, Hacienda is a trek. Looking for something close to be able to get a quick 9 after work or a range session. SGCC literally only 15 min down the street.
  8. Family and I are looking into moving to the San Gabriel/Arcadia area from Dallas, TX and I'm looking for some possible CC in the area. San Gabriel CC would be the closest; does any one know the initiation fees and monthly dues? Any other in the area I should look into? Thanks in advance.
  9. Prices include shipping and PayPal fees New in plastic Taylormade M6 10.5 Atmos R-Flex **$400**
  10. > @Lukshannon said: > > @aesop13 said: > > That’s a lot. It better play faster than 4 hrs and greens roll faster than 9 for $120. > I played it in 3.5 hours and the greens were 9.5 last week LOL What day of the week and time?
  11. > @lopey986 said: > > @theboypinoy said: > > > No problem saying “Looks of Augusta”? > > > > > > Either someone at Nike didn’t learn their lesson or we aren’t getting the full story about what happened with the “Snake Pack”. > > > > Probably not getting the whole story > > > > Doesn't necessarily mean Augusta National; they could argue they're just referring to the town the tournament set in > > > > At the Nike pop up shop in Augusta they are still selling a ton of Praying Hands gear so something is up, do
  12. > @golf4life21 said: > What size do you usually wear in Jordan’s? Curious because I’m usually an 11 and am looking for an 11 but may decide to go 11.5 I wear 10 in the basketball ones, but I think walking 18 back to back days my feet swelled up.
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