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  1. 1. Join SuperStroke Nation HERE 2. Did you join SuperStroke Nation? Yes 3. What SuperStroke Traxion club grips do you want to win? Standard black and grey 4. What SuperStroke Traxion putter grip do you want to win? 1.0 PT in Black and white
  2. Picked this head up to experiment, while waiting for my G400 to ship and return from Ping. Well, got a free G425 to replace the G400 and its a boring long fairway finder, so no need to hold on to this thing. I didn't get a matching headcover when I bought it, but it did come with the prior owners Cally cover. I didn't get a tool and don't have one to send on, unless I can wrangle up an old Taylormade somewhere. I am looking to sell head only, as I want to keep the Harmon Tour Design shaft that I keep for when I get the Titleist hankering. The head shows some signs of use which, namely on the sole plate. I am guessing from prior owners post history it saw a fair bit of sim time. I tried to capture all the imperfections in the photos and some of the crown ones require just the right light to catch anything. I never noticed any issues at address until I started looking to move it. Due to it not being a beauty pageant contestant I am going to lower the price from what I see most of the minty ones at and start at $300 shipped. I can get it out today or tomorrow without issue.
  3. Best advice...Pack a lunch. February is the time of 6 hour rounds. Conditions at the end of summer don't really translate to February, so no worries if they aren't good now. The courses here are usually dressed up for the winter. Tubac of what you listed is usually the best shape. I can't think of time its been in bad shape in the last few years. Cool to get your Tin Cup stuff in. Del Lago is packed now, so I don't go. Too many homes built out that way with one golf course. Its usually in good shape though. Haven hit or miss on conditions, but not the best. Better than Torres Blancas though which is also down that way. San Ignacio was good earlier this summer, never hear it being in awful shape. Canoa Ranch is down that way, usually decent. Never been upset by the conditions. Sewailo is a bit west from the rest but its usually in good shape and nothing to complain about.
  4. ASU Karsten had a recent redesign by ASU engineers...now its sports fields I believe. Davis Monthan course is now a driving range only, really miss that place. Sewailo is Notah Begay III and Ty Butler per the casino website. Oak Creek County Club-Robert Trent Jones Jr and Sr. Seven Canyons-Tom Weiskopf
  5. Mind you I only get to tag a long as a guest, but I get to play some of those in the summer time. My buddy is a member at Skyline and they have reciprocals in the summer with some of the other private courses in Tucson. Skyline can be hit and miss on conditions, its a bear of a golf course depending on skill level. As its tight, with elevation changes. I have grown to deal with it as a guest, but I have also sworn off ever playing there again. Managed to get around to my tee shot on 18 today with one ball, which is sometimes easier said than done. Tucson Country Club is usually in good shape. It is a Parkland style. If I was able to afford a membership at any course I would want it to be this one. Also I live on the Southeast side of town so its the closest. Oro Valley Country Club is always in good shape too. It would be my second choice, if I was able to join one without public play. It wouldn't be the worst to walk, but there are a couple elevation changes. Ventana would be nice, the course is usually great condition. Its only semi private, so the public plays the opposite 18. Lots of desert style holes, but not over top forced carry type. I believe Tucson National is semi private as well, they usually have the members on one 18 while the public plays the other. Would probably be one of the best conditioned places in town. Lose some time on the Catalina Course due to the Champions tour, but I don't think its much. One not on your list is Desert Hills, its out in Green Valley. Not sure if it is still 55+ requirement or not. You could live in Sahuarita or Green Valley and not be stuck in town. Sahuarita is the up and coming suburb of Tucson. 49ers is not worth the price of admission as a member. The conditions are generally poor and its open to the public with only one 18.
  6. I did this on a bit more extreme. I always prefered a 34. As I was complaining about hitting slicing putts, my buddy said stand up straighter. I did and started hitting better putts. Then i added an extension which put me at about 37. Still felt short so I added a bigger one to about 40. Then my lie angle was all messed wrong. I picked up an Armlock at 40 inches with a normal facing grip. Seems to work perfect for me, holding at the top of the grip. Im right at 6 foot, but I really like it for standing tall over putts.
  7. I play the yellow Pro V this year and have not any issues. Im in the its the best ProV I've seen in a while.
  8. Wood tees here. I get multiple rounds with 3 longs and 3 shorts in my pocket. When I break them, I pull 3 more out of the Crown bag I store them in. ETA: The longs are obviously for the driver. The short is for 3 wood and long irons. Hybrid and anything 6 iron or below I hit off the deck.
  9. I've used a half dollar and dime for quite some time now. I get worried about losing my mark if I get too far from the dime... I have lost a ton of time looking for markers on eBay.
  10. Strangely I'm loving the yellow ProV1. I like the bit of sparkle. Have not seen any issue in durability (current long was 40ish holes and it hit a tree and some path before finding the water). Snell MTB was my favorite in yellow leading up to that. I don't have bad vision, but find the yellow ball easier to track in the sky, and its nice to know the yellow ball is mine in a foursome. That said both balls play to their white counterparts. I have stuck both in the ball mark on a green. Get a bit more distance out of the ProV, but also had some fall from the sky with driver. Haven't played much else in yellow. If they made the Bstone Tour XS, I'd be on it like stink on well you know...
  11. Selling a few clubs. As there are a few to many in the golf room. Hopefully I can manage to get the photos right here as I go. Prices shipped to your door, and I pay Paypal. If you would please include zip code for shipping with any offers, so I can include it in my decision (IE I don't want to eat the shipping to east coast and give you a great deal). Shipping to US only as I don't even begin to know how to ship international. Please ask any questions and if you need a specific photo please ask. Epic Flash Sub Zero Triple Diamond with ADBB 6S shaft. Looking to get $old. Will include the headcover which I didn't game. I should have a wrench to match as well if I can find it. MCC +4 grip is standard and should be good for quite some time. May be a touch short from standard as I tend to play at 44.5 inches, but I don't have a tape handy. Ping IBlade 4-W black dot S400 TI shafts at standard length. Haven't double checked loft and lie so they may have moved from play, but I doubt it with these. When I bought them as heads only the prior owner stated they were heavy heads, and have the leading edge grind which is visible in pics. Multicompund standard MCC+4 grips are still good for quite some time. Looking for $old. I apologize as they got out of order on the upload, so the faces don't line up with the clubs. Ping Glide 3.0 50, 54 and 58 Red dot, S400 standard shafts, midsize wedge grips from ping. $old for set prefer to sell as set. Not much else to say here, faces are good soles have some marks. G410 22 degree hybrid head. $old see pics for condition. Have a KBS prototype 85s shaft I may consider selling with it for an extra $75, but I plan to keep it for insert into another club unless buyer of head wants it.
  12. I run the Ping Pp58 cord, but I'm more of a pencil hold with the right hand. I run a Craz-e or an Answer blade. My buddy uses a Deep Etched Paddle from Lamkin on a blade head and is more saw style. I've gone through a few grips and putters... Had a mallet with the Flatcat it was good but the head wasn't working for me. I ran the grip so the flat part matched the face and the skinny fit my pencil hold really well. On my 2ball I run the Flatso 1.0 and it's a great combo.
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