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  1. I run the Ping Pp58 cord, but I'm more of a pencil hold with the right hand. I run a Craz-e or an Answer blade. My buddy uses a Deep Etched Paddle from Lamkin on a blade head and is more saw style. I've gone through a few grips and putters... Had a mallet with the Flatcat it was good but the head wasn't working for me. I ran the grip so the flat part matched the face and the skinny fit my pencil hold really well. On my 2ball I run the Flatso 1.0 and it's a great combo.
  2. Lenny and Larry cookie (all of single serve or the second of a double serve). Nuun sport caffine tablet in a bottle of water.
  3. Liked the first run. Lost a few yards per club but the cost was right. Heard about cover durability issues and moved on from second gen.
  4. Top two slots in my 14 way bag are driver and putter. ETA: when I played with 5 way it went in top with woods.
  5. G400 LST 8.5 with Tour 65 S shaft. $250 PayPal to your door. No headcover. Can throw in a TM wrench. NDMC grip plays straight at big -. Would be willing to trade with cash for a G410 Plus 9 degree.
  6. I'm pretty steady in the 6 area. I play Ping iBlades 4-W.
  7. Hey all. Have three shafts two with what I believe are real titlest tips, driver is aftermarket. Played them in 917 heads respectively. Unsure of tipping if any as I bought them used. The driver shaft is a Fujikura tour spec Atmos Red 7s. It came in at 43 3/4. It was in my driver. $110 TYD Tour AD GP 7S black edition. Played in 3 and 5 wood head. 42 3/8. $110 TYD. Tour AD MT-8X 41 1/2 played in 3 and 5 wood head. $old Will combo shafts for discount. $200 for 2 all 3 $275. Tour Edge Exotics EXS 220 3 wood at 15 degrees. Has yellow HZRDUS Smoke 6.5 60 grams. Like it but dont love it like I sho
  8. I usually stick to one ball. I'm playing out what's left of my ProV1x stock and going to the yellow MTBx.
  9. From time to time in the prior lines I've see digital lofted heads for sale at a premium. Was curious if anyone had been able to get a head digitally lofted under 9 in the LST line of the G410? Where is the best place to find one of these heads?
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