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  1. Wood tees here. I get multiple rounds with 3 longs and 3 shorts in my pocket. When I break them, I pull 3 more out of the Crown bag I store them in. ETA: The longs are obviously for the driver. The short is for 3 wood and long irons. Hybrid and anything 6 iron or below I hit off the deck.
  2. I've used a half dollar and dime for quite some time now. I get worried about losing my mark if I get too far from the dime... I have lost a ton of time looking for markers on eBay.
  3. Strangely I'm loving the yellow ProV1. I like the bit of sparkle. Have not seen any issue in durability (current long was 40ish holes and it hit a tree and some path before finding the water). Snell MTB was my favorite in yellow leading up to that. I don't have bad vision, but find the yellow ball easier to track in the sky, and its nice to know the yellow ball is mine in a foursome. That said both balls play to their white counterparts. I have stuck both in the ball mark on a green. Get a bit more distance out of the ProV, but also had some fall from the sky with dri
  4. Selling a few clubs. As there are a few to many in the golf room. Hopefully I can manage to get the photos right here as I go. Prices shipped to your door, and I pay Paypal. If you would please include zip code for shipping with any offers, so I can include it in my decision (IE I don't want to eat the shipping to east coast and give you a great deal). Shipping to US only as I don't even begin to know how to ship international. Please ask any questions and if you need a specific photo please ask. Epic Flash Sub Zero Triple Diamond with ADBB 6S shaft. Looking to get $old. Will inc
  5. I run the Ping Pp58 cord, but I'm more of a pencil hold with the right hand. I run a Craz-e or an Answer blade. My buddy uses a Deep Etched Paddle from Lamkin on a blade head and is more saw style. I've gone through a few grips and putters... Had a mallet with the Flatcat it was good but the head wasn't working for me. I ran the grip so the flat part matched the face and the skinny fit my pencil hold really well. On my 2ball I run the Flatso 1.0 and it's a great combo.
  6. Lenny and Larry cookie (all of single serve or the second of a double serve). Nuun sport caffine tablet in a bottle of water.
  7. Liked the first run. Lost a few yards per club but the cost was right. Heard about cover durability issues and moved on from second gen.
  8. Top two slots in my 14 way bag are driver and putter. ETA: when I played with 5 way it went in top with woods.
  9. G400 LST 8.5 with Tour 65 S shaft. $250 PayPal to your door. No headcover. Can throw in a TM wrench. NDMC grip plays straight at big -. Would be willing to trade with cash for a G410 Plus 9 degree.
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