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  1. I don't mind being paired up. It's rarely a bad experience.
  2. It's easier to use your putter to pick up the handle of a wedge. I thought people laid wedges on the flagstick to avoid forgetting them.
  3. I don't have a link. But every blade vs. Cavity back thread is full of those compaints. I never felt any of them were valid until I played Callaway Rogues and g425s as rentals. I play Maltby mmb's. So the feel is not what I'm used to. If the pings had heavier shafts it would have made a huge difference. Lightweight shafts don't work for me. If I had distances dialed in, I don't think I would be flying greens either.
  4. I rented the g425s recently. Did not get along with them. They lack feedback, couldn't find the sweet spot, at least it never felt like it. Did the fly a green by 20 yrds thing. Despite all the tech to help with launch, I felt the flight was a little low. These are the cavity backs that blade players complain about. No feel, unworkable, poor distance control, unable to flight the ball.
  5. I have friends that were staying at the beverly wilshire new years eve. The dinner special was $400 before 6. They didn't catch that last part and spent $1200 for dinner.
  6. If only there were blades out there with weight removed from the heel and a tungsten weight in the toe.
  7. I go driver, 5w, 7w, 9w, 5 iron. 7w and 9w are 40" and 39" steel shafted. I'm confident of the deck with all of them. Even when while struck a 3w doesn't have the height to be hit into greens. I'd try a 7w with a short heavy shaft. Make 3w a tee only club, at least until your confident with a 7w then a 5w off the deck.
  8. I can only hit fades with a 47/48" driver. I'm much straighter with a 45" driver and can work it both ways. Distance is about the same. With irons, I think you need to find what size works for you. Too small you lose too much on mishits. Too big loss of control and harder to hit the sweet spot. Cleveland ta3's and old school ben hogan blades came up consistently short for me. Super game improvement irons I find almost unplayable. Ping g425's and Callaway rogue's. I couldn't hit them high. I couldn't find the sweet spot (hit them solid). At least it never felt like it. Poor distance control. Unwanted draws with the Pings. Maltby te's and mmb's work for me.
  9. Put the shaft in a vise and use a combination wrench as a pry bar. I would get an adapter for each shaft.
  10. I rented the g425's recently. I did not get along with them.
  11. I recently got a 58 high toe. It's paired with 50 and 54 vokeys. Feel and distance control on longer shots is a little different with the high toe.
  12. I think balance, straps, divider layout, pockets trump weight. An extra 2lbs on a 30lb bag is negligible.
  13. I've tried a 12 degree driver and didn't think it was much more accurate. I think it's worth trying though.
  14. Maltby ufw 21deg. 40" steel shaft. ~100mph with driver. 190 yrd carry.
  15. I'd get one of each and compare them. Maltby irons work for me. Currently play mmb's. Previously played te's. Both are great.
  16. I can remember, taking a 9 on the first hole and breaking 80.
  17. Yesterday, 524. Course was a little wet, slightly downwind. Driver, 5 wood from 220. Longest, 560. Downhill, downwind (20mph), hard fairways. Driver, 5 iron from 190.
  18. I did it once the balls that take the stick suck. They are rock hard, don't perform, do not fly as far. The stick comes out, comes out in the air. If I do it again I'm bringing the other ones with me.
  19. I have a friend from college that started at a young age and works as a greenskeeper. I didn't start until my late 20s and played some of my first rounds with him. When he's in town and see's them in my living room, he make it a point to ask if I can hit them. Granted I haven't played with him in years and have improved since then. He still ask despite the fact, the last 2 times I played with him I out played him. One of which on the course he grew up playing and my first time playing. Nobody I play with regularly questions the blades. As far as blades vs cavity backs, I think it's less of a difference than most people think. Best score blades 70, cavity backs 73. Just saying, even though I would have shot a 70 with cavity backs if I still had them in the bag. I recently played ping super game improvement rentals on vacation. Drove the ball great didn't break 90. Gradually went from chunking irons to airmailing greens. This is the norm with rentals. Got a six pack at the turn, bottles?, not twist offs?, no bottle opener. Opened the bottles with the cavity back. Can't do that with a blade. First round back, 3 off the tee 3 times, broke 80. 14 GIR if you ignore the issues of the tee. Probably, only flushed 2-3 iron shots.
  20. Driver,5w,7w,9w, 5-pw,50,54,58, 30" putter lether grips
  21. I use a c130s on my cliq gear. 14 dividers so no club tangle. Otherwise, I use an original jones even though its not ideal on a cart.
  22. I played with a set of rentals last week. Ping g410's I believe. I had a similiar experience to the op. I think light weight shafts were the major contributor for me.
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