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  1. I flirt with hybrids, played much better with them back when I wasn't playing as much golf. Now that I'm playing a lot more golf, I actually hit more 4 iron better then my hybrids. I have a 3H and a 5H, and I'm simply not consistent with them. I really want to get along with them, as they fly beautifully when I connect well with them, and I want to have enough faith in my 3H to have a fairway finder for narrow and short par 4's. Currently the 4 iron is in that role, and doing it well, but at times I wouldn't mind a little more length then ~200 yards. I believe part of m
  2. I'm currently working on getting my masters in landscape architecture - so golf course architect. I also have an engineering degree, so I guess I could learn to be a club engineer as well.
  3. I have an old beat up 54° Vokey SM4 that I keep in the bag for these purposes. If I hit an errant shot off the tee into the desert though, I usually just drop and take a penalty stroke. If I think I can safely take a swing at it, then I use my Vokey.
  4. They did that to denote that it was a playoff win. Well, that's what CBS did on their coverage, so I guess I can't positively speak for NBC's broadcast.
  5. Congrats to Patrick, but there's definitely a dark cloud over the finish of this tournament. John Rahm's situation shows how silly and absurd the past 15 months have been. He's not sick, is exhibiting no symptoms, and is clearly in good health having walked ~9 miles while running away from the rest of the field in this golf tournament. While the PGA had rules in place that were followed, I don't think these asinine rules are above criticism. The fact that a perfectly healthy athlete is forced to withdraw 3/4 of the way through and lose their essentially locked in ~$1.7
  6. This is something I've been working on really hard lately. I've been playing more golf then ever, and I'm trying to play better golf. When I wasn't playing as much, I would always go for the hero shot, because why not? Very low probability, but felt amazing when you pulled it off. I would also pull a driver on any par 4, regardless of how short it is. Now that I'm playing a lot more golf, I see how foolish my previous ways were, if lowering scores is the goal. I'm trying to play a lot more strategically, one simple example of that is teeing off with a 4 iron on short pa
  7. This is what I'm hoping to accomplish. None of my other clubs have Regular flex shafts, but I didn't think too much of it when I was buying these clubs off of eBay. They were available and I got a good deal, and the plan was to share with my wife who doesn't need a stiff shaft. Based on my cursory research I'm thinking that a heavier shaft (from 75g to 80g), combined with a stiffer flex (from R to S) and shorter length (maybe 4 iron length?) could be more optimal to work with my swing and its flaws. But before I pull the trigger on this, I want to know that my thought
  8. Appreciate the thoughts and discussion so far! The hot melt idea is a pretty simple and easy one, surprised I didn't think of that. I did place a couple of strips of lead tape on the sole of the club, on the toe side of the most outward baffle rail. That doesn't seem to help much, but perhaps hot melt would work better if placed in an optimal spot? I love Ping stuff, and would most certainly bag a newer Ping hybrid. Maybe if I make enough over the summer I can treat myself. I just feel like it's a shame to let the Cobra hybrids that I currently have go to waste, and I'm
  9. I have Cobra F7 hybrids that I bought a couple of years ago slightly used off of eBay, with the OEM regular flex shafts. When I first got them, I used to hit them pretty well. I've progressed a lot in my golf game, and my swing has gotten a lot better, however I have developed a more pronounced tendency to hook the hybrids on mishits. If I hit the hybrids well, it's usually a fade. But it doesn't take much for that fade to turn into a hook, and because of that I've lost confidence in these clubs. All my other clubs have stiff shafts in them. I'm debating about putting
  10. I am toying with the idea of buying a Tensei Blue shaft and cobra adapter for my Cobra F7 hybrid. Just curious if there is anyone on the board here that is local that could do this simple work for me, if I decide to pull the trigger on it. Thanks.
  11. kthomas

    Sub 70 Clubs

    This brand is really intriguing to me. The price is great, I like the DTC approach. As a poor student, these prices are much more palatable then the typical OEM pricing for golf clubs. At some point, I may try the 699 irons, when I feel like moving away from my Ping Raptures (and as my bank account allows). Seems like it could be a good fit for my game, and I love the look and price. The MB's are really nice looking! But that's probably too much club for my game...
  12. As with everything, best is subjective and provides context. I'm admittedly a weekend hacker. I try to play golf once a week, but until very recently it has never averaged out to that amount. I probably play around a ~15 HCP, I'm a pretty good ball striker (definitely for my HCP), but putting and course management is where I really lose strokes. Just to provide some context around why I like what I like and my skill level. I was playing Vokey SM4's for years. Got used ones off of my cousin years ago for a good deal. I struggled with consistency with them, especially off
  13. By all accounts, they are quality wedges. For ~$149 it's really hard to go wrong.
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