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  1. 1. Yes 2. Yes 3. RH 4. Standard Cool looking wedges, this is my first time seeing this brand!
  2. I'm still rocking the minimalist setup: - 10* Ping G30 driver - 16* Callaway Epic Flash SZ 3W - Cobra F7 3H hybrid (set to 19*) - Ping Rapture 4, 6, 8 & PW - Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth 52 & 58* wedges - Odyssey white hot tour #1 putter If I wanted to drop another club and get even more minimalist, I would look at replacing the driver & 3W with the new Taylormade mini driver. That club seems like a great choice for a minimalist setup.
  3. Exact same color code (black). Perhaps I had a really bad swing day, which certainly could happen. I've just never drew my raptures as much in the years I've owned them.
  4. Hit the G425's today at a golf resort, left my clubs at home. Wish I brought my Ping Raptures. Naturally I hit a draw, and the G425's seem to be really draw biased. I've never had to compensate so much for a right to left ball flight before this.
  5. Glide 2.0 stealths. I have a set of Mizuno T7's waiting for me once I wear out this set of wedges.
  6. I currently play Ping Rapture irons. They are great, and I wouldn't be tempted to replace them with any other GI/SGI set. However, I'm really intrigued with sets of irons with thinner soles, and the turf interaction that would come along with that. I really like the idea of the Ping i210's, amongst some other sets.
  7. I agree with Phil in that this is pretty stupid. The world of golf is completely bass ackwards when it comes to battling the long bombers. Equipment regs stifle ingenuity and progress, and hurts recreational golfers. Lengthening golf courses only plays in the hands of the longer hitters. Rather then making courses longer and regulating equipment, they should be making courses challenging for longer bombers, penalizing poor long drives. That can be done in numerous ways. It would also make golf more exciting, and not penalize the recreational players and stifle progress in equipment. The USGA is being lazy in tackling this "problem". There's a lot of opportunity to creatively and strategically counter the long hitters, while still growing the sport of golf.
  8. There's some Callaway Maverik 3W's on there in "like new" condition for ~$140.
  9. Check out Callaway Pre-owned. That's where I bought my current 3W (EF SZ). Great service, good selection, and the clubs are usually in really good shape.
  10. I'm naturally a high ball flight hitter, but elevating my 3H with Tensei Blue has been no problem. You can purchase one off golfworks for $35.
  11. Adjust your 3W up 1°+, or buy a 3W that has that adjustability. Choking up when hitting off the deck helps a bit as well.
  12. Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth in ES grind.
  13. I'm somewhat of a minimalist, with 10 clubs in my bag. I have a 10° driver, a 3W turned up to 16°, a 3H at ~19°, and then 4 iron.
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