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  1. I'm still using a Ping G30 SFT that I got fitted for when that driver first came out, with the stock stiff shaft. It works for me, and when it doesn't, it's because there's a big fault in my swing that day. I doubt I will really gain much with a newer driver, MOI has been pretty much maxed out for a while now with the current design constraints, so any time and money spent would be better served on improving my swing/consistency then it would be on a new driver, IMO.
  2. That sounds more like operator error then the fault of the device. Not all range finders are created equal either.
  3. kthomas

    The Half Set

    I use a half set. My wife and I split up my set of Ping Rapture irons. She has the odd numbers and I have the even. I play driver, 3W, 5H, 4,6,8 irons, PW, 52° and 58° wedges. Hasn't effected my game one bit. At first I missed my odd numbered irons, now I don't even think about them.
  4. I recently swapped out my R11s 3 wood, for a Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero. Man, what a difference. I had zero confidence with the R11s off the deck, the Callaway EF SZ has no problems there. Off the tee, fairway, first cut, slight rough, the thing has been an absolute laser for me. It's shortly become one of my most trusted clubs in my bag. I bought the Callaway EF SZ on a whim, from CPO, and it's been a real winner. I'm sure I would've been happy with any of the modern solutions, whether it be from Ping, Taylormade, Titleist, etc. Lot's of great options today.
  5. Course update: Played 9 holes with my wife and a couple that are friends at a course none of us have played at before. Driving was very good - hit every single fairway in regulation except for one. My irons have become lasers! Almost every iron shot was struck pure and went high and straight, some of my best iron performance to date. Made a birdie and four pars on the front 9, not bad for a ~15-18 handicap on a new course. Overall I've hitting my shots better then ever - from drivers to wedges, my performance has seen a noticeable improvement since using this app, and
  6. I went the other way on this. I used to play with an R11s 3-wood, and a rocketballz tour 3 hybrid (neither was fitted to me, hand me downs from my cousin who's a scratch golfer). The R11s was good off the tee, but I struggled with it off the deck. I had a shaky relationship with that 3 hybrid. After a bunch of research, I thought that perhaps I would be better off replacing both of those with a more modern and forgiving 3 and 5 hybrid, so off I went and purchased some Cobra F7 hybrids. Started off that relationship okay, they were certainly more forgiving then the clubs they repla
  7. While I'm not a great wedge player, that happens to be one of my biggest focus areas for 2020, I'll share my philosophy anyways. I'm using a PW (46*), 52*, 58*. I want to keep things simple, and would prefer to get really proficient with a couple of clubs rather then mediocre with a larger selection. My PW is essentially for full shots from 110-120 yards, I don't really do any specialty shots with it. My 52* is my main 100 yards and in club. I can swing it full for ~100 yards, perform bump and runs around the greens, and I'm working on getting proficient with it for e
  8. I'm playing the OG Raptures, great set of irons. Similar handicap to you, I seem to fluctuate around a ~15-18. At some point I'm sure the gear whore in me will take over and I will want to try something new, but I've held pretty strong in resisting that urge for years now.
  9. Those Seamus towels look nice, I have a few of their headcovers and love them. My wife and I use Palm Golf towels (we also are using their gloves). Love the fun patterns, in some ways similar to Seamus.
  10. I'm still working on incorporating the changes from the first opportunity area the AI swing analyzer has brought to my attention - more hip rotation. I've been to the driving range about 4x in the past week, and have played 2 games of golf, with another 9 holes scheduled tomorrow AM. I've definitely noticed an improvement in my swing and ball striking. I used to have a two way miss with the irons, but I've been finding that my well struck shots are much more precise. I've been landing on greens, pin high not far from the hole, on holes I've previously always miss to the left or right
  11. I'm a little late to the game, which I apologize for! Took a bit of a hiatus from GolfWRX the past month, but I'm back in full swing and have started using the 18birdies app. I'm a casual golfer, the wife and I aim to go once a week, and I've been trying to squeak in even more rounds then that when I can. Going into this, I felt that my ball striking was half decent, however I'm certainly not going to be mistaken for Collin Morikawa at the local muni. My handicap hovers between ~15 to 18, and like everyone here I would love to score better on the course. I'll get into the app, my experience
  12. I have the original Iomic Stickys on my Ping Raptures, love the grip. Nice, soft and tacky. My absolute favorite grips are BestGrips microperfs, if I had to swap over to anything it would be that. But I'm really happy with my Stickys and will keep them on until they are worn out. Would certainly consider the newer gen sticky's when they do, but in all likely hood they will be changed to BestGrips when the time comes.
  13. kthomas

    Used vs New

    I'm all about used. Let some other sucker take the depreciation hit - clubs drop in value like a rock. CPO has some good deals. I recently bought a Epic Flash SZ 3 wood in pretty much brand new condition for a little over $100. I've recently become a big fan of CPO. I did buy myself some new wedges - Ping Glide 2.0 stealths when they were discounted to make way for the new 3.0 glides. I bought my wife a new driver (G400 max) and 5w (G400), but those were gifts. With how much clubs depreciate in value, it's hard to stomach new prices.
  14. kthomas

    5 Wood

    I would consider looking at CPO for an Epic Flash 5 wood. I have the 3 wood and I'm incredibly impressed. Flies long and straight, and works well off the tee, off the deck, from the second cut. I bought it to replace my much less forgiving R11s, and it's turned out to be a high performing and forgiving replacement. I've been considering a 5w lately, and I think the epic flash is the route I would personally go. Just bought my wife a G400 5 wood to replace her 3H, and that's a really nice club. Also really easy to hit, tee or off the deck. Ping always comes out with high quality forgiving clubs
  15. In your budget, Ping Raptures or the V2's are excellent clubs, especially for the money. I'm currently playing the original Raptures, they are an excellent iron set.
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