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  1. Ideally looking for GW 6.0, SW 5.5, and LW 5.5 pulls, but would be happy with all three being 6.0. Looking to put them in a set of SM7 52, 56, and 60.
  2. Cleaning out the closet for the winter. All prices include shipping CONUS only, but prices are negotiable. Not interested in trades at this time. I can PM more detailed pictures as well. Thanks for looking! EDIT: I am open to bundling the TS4 head with any of the shafts MP-18 3-PW 3 Fli-Hi 4-6 SC 7-PW MB S400 tour issue +.25 over mizuno standard (38” 5 iron), standard lie but I haven't checked them in a while Golf Pride BCT Cord Grips - DISCLAIMER these are fake grips and the clubs have been priced accordingly $475 AD-DI 6x Driver Sha
  3. Couple of things for sale here. All prices are shipped USPS to CONUS and are negotiable, but I'm not looking for any trades at this time West of Mississippi please add $5 for shipping. First up is a 2013 Scotty Cameron Select 1.5 playing 34". Couple of nicks here and there, and the finish is a little worn off the sole. The weights and the cherry dots have been paint filled black, but the paint can very easily be removed. Comes with a studio select headcover, and a black cord midsize ping grip. $240 OBO $225 OBO Next is a Prototype Kuro Kage XM 70 TX 3-wood shaft with a Taylormade tip th
  4. Selling one item today, a re-finished Scotty Cameron Studio Stainless Newport 2 in 340 grams and 34". I bought the putter second hand, and original seller had the putter re-finished by Scotty in ~2004 when the navy custom shop shaft band was available. Comes with original Studio Stainless Headcover and Pivot tool, as well as black Studio Style grip. Asking **SOLD**
  5. > @GoIrish17 said: > What is this “feedback” thing you guys speak of? Can’t tell if you’re being a smart *** or not, but it’s the sellers reviews on eBay
  6. > @rynobucket said: > I also am not great at spotting fakes, but basd on his negative feedbacks I'd be a bit cautious. > > > > Oh good catch, didn't even think to check his feedback
  7. I'm not the best at spotting fake grips on the bay. Anyone with a better eye than me know the authenticity of these? https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-10-Golf-Pride-Z-Grip-Cord-STANDARD-Golf-Grip-BLACK-WHITE/264414451451?epid=16015813225&hash=item3d905456fb:g:QKUAAOSwRvhc4yId
  8. > @RyRau said: > Any trade interests? Only thing I’m really looking for is a ~~TS2 3-wood~~. Shoot me a PM if you’re looking to trade that or something else and I’ll see if we can work something out
  9. First Post here on the BST, Please let me know if you need more pictures, info, or a change in the listing. All items will be shipped USPS Priority. **I'm Negotiable with all prices.** Open to trades Up for sale are ~~2~~ 1 Copper Spider X's with single sight lines, ~~both~~ 34" and come with Headcovers. They're both in absolutely mint condition, pretty much new without plastic on the heads. **BOTH SOLD** 1st One: **SOLD** 2nd: **SOLD** Next we have an F9 speedback 9* with HZRDUS Black 75 Gram 6.0 Shaft, cobra connect grip, headcover and wrench. Mint condition and
  10. I'm surprised how many people love the Mp-33 with the amount of offset they have. Most of the short irons end up looking like shovels
  11. > @Titleist99 said: > > @mthomp1495 said: > > I wouldn't mind the playoffs as much if the "Race to the FedEx cup" wasn't endlessly focused on throughout the season. I don't care who is leading the FedEx Cup points in February. > > Well FedEx wants you to think about it in February, so when you go to ship packages at work or at home you use them instead of UPS. Hahaha, their true motives shine through
  12. My course has no such rule and i've never heard of this rule until reading this thread. I guess I've been lucky. At my course theres still 1 guy in the pro shop who doesn't leave until all carts are in and the parking lot is empty.
  13. I wouldn't mind the playoffs as much if the "Race to the FedEx cup" wasn't endlessly focused on throughout the season. I don't care who is leading the FedEx Cup points in February.
  14. > @GolfChannel said: > Still waiting to see a picture of the face on a tour pic.
  15. I'm a fan of the grinds but other than that these things are ugly with that chrome toe part
  16. TX offered in a graphite design shaft is always nice
  17. might have to dump my mp18s for these beauties
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