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  1. rodge

    Callaway UW

    I love how none of us would’ve even considered the Trono in the UW and now it’s probably Callaway’s most requested custom shaft for it.
  2. rodge

    Callaway UW

    I’ve hit my 19 degree UW with the Trono 75X a bunch indoors. It’s definitely a stout shaft but still has a very mild feel. I’ve been making extremely good contact so far, much more consistent than I’m used to. I’d like to think the shaft is helping in that regard but it’s hard to say. Overall it’s a great feeling club, sound is really good. It looks great, especially with the Trono. The finish on the shaft is exactly like the old Ozik M3 Black Tie matte black shafts if anyone remembers those. If you can still grab this deal it’s a no-brainer.
  3. rodge

    Callaway UW

    Just got an email saying the same thing…it left Mexico today and will be in North Dakota tomorrow. Free Trono and overnight shipping, not bad!!
  4. rodge

    Callaway UW

    Same but the 19…fingers crossed! I know zilch about the shaft but since I was gonna order the club anyway so why not?!
  5. I’m not sure why you were using shims unless these are older Pings. A collared ferrule is nice but I haven’t seen many recent non .355 Ping irons
  6. These sound absolutely made for a combo set, which is great and I hope Mizuno is able to keep up with demand…it’s gonna be crazy
  7. Bought numerous models of both the R510 TP driver and Rescue Mid TP hybrids. Absolutely the best at their time and arguably still very relevant when it comes to the Rescue Mid hybrid. I don’t know if TM has ever topped that one.
  8. rodge

    Sim2 max 3w

    The SIM Max 3w with a ZF 70X is cheating. I cannot imagine a better club for me. I know it’s all confidence related but it’s been a long time and this club hasn’t disappointed me once
  9. Hello! Up for sale is a brand new set of Apex Pro 21 irons, 5-GW. I took the 9i out of the box just for the sake of having pics. Golf Pride MCC grips, standard in black/white. +.25 length. Standard loft/lie. $1000 shipped to the CONUS. No trades please.
  10. Didn’t care for the MMT shafts at all, unfortunately. Watch the BST soon…
  11. Hello! Topic basically says it all, I hit this driver a few times and it just isn’t for me. It is 45” and D3 swingweight. Grip is a Tour Velvet 360 Grey. Headcover is included. $475 shipped to the CONUS.
  12. Hello! First of all, Callaway has offered up a replacement set so they’ve taken care of this, but I just wanted to pass this along as a warning. They did say it would be awhile though...so who knows what that means. I have Apex Pro 21’s with the Mitsubishi MMT 105TX shaft. I had hit about 20 balls with the 7i and it started to feel weird. A couple swings later and off went the head. I was hitting into a net so thankfully didn’t have to chase down the head. Thought it might be a fluke and was gonna get it fixed. Then a few days later the 5i head went about 125 yards down the range, after about 20 swings again. It’s clear that the shafts were NOT prepped much at all. They scuffed them a bit but in no way scrapped all the black paint off. I’ve built 100’s of clubs and never had a failure so how they could let a set get built like this is beyond me. I won’t hit any more balls with them as I don’t want to lose another head. Just a warning...I hope everyone else has better luck!
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