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  1. Hello! Up for sale is a brand new set of Apex Pro 21 irons, 5-GW. I took the 9i out of the box just for the sake of having pics. Golf Pride MCC grips, standard in black/white. +.25 length. Standard loft/lie. $1000 shipped to the CONUS. No trades please.
  2. Didn’t care for the MMT shafts at all, unfortunately. Watch the BST soon…
  3. Hello! Topic basically says it all, I hit this driver a few times and it just isn’t for me. It is 45” and D3 swingweight. Grip is a Tour Velvet 360 Grey. Headcover is included. $475 shipped to the CONUS.
  4. Hello! First of all, Callaway has offered up a replacement set so they’ve taken care of this, but I just wanted to pass this along as a warning. They did say it would be awhile though...so who knows what that means. I have Apex Pro 21’s with the Mitsubishi MMT 105TX shaft. I had hit about 20 balls with the 7i and it started to feel weird. A couple swings later and off went the head. I was hitting into a net so thankfully didn’t have to chase down the head. Thought it might be a fluke and was gonna get it fixed. Then a few days later the 5i head went about 125 yards down the range, after about 20 swings again. It’s clear that the shafts were NOT prepped much at all. They scuffed them a bit but in no way scrapped all the black paint off. I’ve built 100’s of clubs and never had a failure so how they could let a set get built like this is beyond me. I won’t hit any more balls with them as I don’t want to lose another head. Just a warning...I hope everyone else has better luck!
  5. Hello! Up for sale is an Evnroll ER7CS center shafted putter. It’s 34” and has a Flat Cat grip. Great shape. Headcover included. $150 OBO
  6. Got my ship date of Feb 23rd for my Apex Pros with MMT 105TX. Haven’t been this excited for new clubs in awhile! It was a short demo for me, one look at them pretty much did me in, but hitting them was equal to looking at them. Ordered immediately.
  7. Hello! Up for sale is a Scotty Cameron Special Select Flowback 5 in 34” length. Condition is very good with just a very small topline mark as pictured. Has a the standard gray SC grip. Headcover is included. $295 shipped to the CONUS. No trades please.
  8. Hello! I’ve fallen in love with a 7 wood so all the hybrids must go. Titleist 816H1, 17 degree. Has a Fujikura Speeder HB 8.8 Tour Spec shaft in X. Standard length at 41”, NDMC black/white grip. Club is in great shape. Headcover incl. $110 shipped OBO Ping G400, 19 degee. Has a Kuro Kage Black 80HY shaft in X. Length is 39.5, D4 swingweight. Lamkin X-10 grip that is new. This hybrid feels great. Headcover incl. $125 shipped OBO Callaway Apex original, 23 degree. Has a Matrix HM3 Black Tie 95 in Strong flex (like an S+). 39”. Has a black/white NDMC grip. This one has seen some use but still has plenty of life left. $75 shipped OBO
  9. Has anyone heard anything about shipping dates for the Apex Pros?
  10. Hello! These have never been hit outdoors, just a few times in my net at home. I basically bought these to use up some credit at the shop, so my loss is your gain here. Spec sheets from Mizuno are shown and I’ll include them with the irons. 4-6 is 921 Forged. I degree upright. 4i is 2x soft-stepped, the 5 & 6 are 1x. The lofts are adjusted to be a 4 degree gap throughout. The 4 iron has hit the most shots, and a face pic is included. I bought the 4i outside of the set but the only difference is the grip is a Tour Wrap. The 5 & 6 have GP +4 grey grips like the 7-P. D3 swingweight. 7-P are 921 Tour, and the lofts are 1 degree strong, I degree up. GP +4 standard grips in grey. D4 swingweight. Length is +1/4”. $999 OBO shipped. I’ll ship them in the box they came in.
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