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  1. Sorry for the lack of response. I've been preoccupied with a newborn on my hands. Parenting is hard. Hence the reason why i'm selling all my balls as i won't be seeing the course much this season. I've updated the OP.
  2. Selling 5 dozen new set of balls all priced at 35per. price drops $5 for every additional dozen. (1) NEW 2017 ProV1 - these have company logos on them. (4) NEW 2018 Kirkland 4-Piece buy 1 dozen - 35 shipped buy 2 dozen- 65 shipped buy 3 dozen - 95 shipped buy 4 dozen - 125 shipped buy 5 dozen - 155 shipped
  3. Shoot sorry about that. Updated the post. All sizes are Medium except the Nike (Large).
  4. All prices are shipped, Shipping CONUS only, West of Mississippi River please add $5 Send your offers and deals for multiple items. 1. Travis Mathew July 4th Polo, worn 1 day on July 4th and never after, Medium - 2. Travis Mathew Grey Polo, only a handful of wears, Medium - 3. Under Armour Blue Stripe Polo, Medium - 4. Nike Green Army Polo, Large (modern fit sizes like a medium) - 5. Puma Orange Polo, Medium - 6. White Adidas Polo, Medium -
  5. trying to buy 7 grips and each one costs 6.99 to ship with no way to combine shipping. $40 of shipping? No thanks.
  6. Yeah, I'm gonna need a link to every item there! Nike.com
  7. any new codes? EDIT: "Oblige" for 20% off.
  8. if nike stop producing apparel, what company would you resort to?
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