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  1. I mean, I would've thought that the integrity of the connection would be based in the 4500psi epoxy connection, but sure let's involve the decorative bit too.
  2. I picked up a F6+ head on the cheap and threw it on the same shaft as my FlyZ+. I couldn't notice a difference in flight, but preferred the sound of the FlyZ.
  3. I just played with the Vice Pro Soft and I really liked it, but to be completely honest, I'd play another ball if they made a lime color too.
  4. Because there’s guys like me that can go out one round and not lose a ball and shoot in the mid 70’s and then turn right around the next day and spray it everywhere and struggle to break 90. I've played 18 with a single ball and then went and played a twilight 9 and ran out of balls halfway through and unable to play out the last three holes.
  5. No amount of forgiveness is going to fix a slice though.
  6. Let's call a spade a spade - those guys that would get upset are *****s, and on top of that, probably POGs.
  7. Q-Star Tour, and Wilson 50 Elite in the winter. Just wish the QST came in yellow and it would be the perfect ball for me.
  8. The program commenced when he needed to get rid of old discontinued inventory, not to say it isn’t a nice gesture. Bingo. It's a great way to move old inventory without diminishing the perceived value of the brand as a whole. Take for example something like Nike shirts. Yeah, you can buy them from Nike direct for like $70+ a shirt... or I can go to TJ Maxx where I know I can almost always find a Nike shirt for less than $30. Why would I ever buy one at retail, even if I'm not a customer that's not that particularly price sensitive? By making the closeout prices available only to a select few, it doesn't give the general population any sort of reason to not buy at current prices unless they weren't going to in the first place. People interested in PXG would be more apt to wait for prior gen models to become available which would hurt Gen2 sales. With all of that said, it doesn't negate that this is still a nice gesture and if I hadn't been fitted for new Srixons this off season I'd be all over this.
  9. I did. Gave it a try for one round and replaced it with a SS Mid 2.0 with 50g weight.
  10. I'd have kept rolling my Versa Works #7 if I didn't putt better with my slant neck O-Works #7S. It really just comes down to looks/alignment, feel, and neck style.
  11. Hey, it's not the middle of nowhere, I live out there... Who am I kidding, it's a sleepy suburb in the middle of nowhere.
  12. Those are crazy good prices for the women's samples.
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