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  1. Timeless Newport 2 style. I’ve attached a picture for one I am looking for or something very similar.
  2. Looking for a circle t Newport 2. Preferably standard mill face and dot or top line
  3. SIM 2 Max 15 deg 3 wood Ventus stiff excellent shape. Very lightly used $225 Titleist T200 2-iron Tensei white x stiff Hit only a few times. Like new $old
  4. Odyssey Toulon Small Batch. Santa Monica 35 in. All original except the grip, which I changed to odyssey paddle. Comes with headcover, COA, and accessories. Lightly used. Normal signs of occasional use. Overall excellent condition. Please email questions. $1375
  5. Mevo Plus (+) with all accessories and case. Light use and well cared for. $1850 Byron DH89 in brushed blue oil 34 in (plays closer to 34.5 with this particular grip, but shaft is 34) loft 3 deg/ lie 68 putter has been games but in immaculate condition. Includes headcover shown $500
  6. Byron DH89 in Black PVD finish. welded neck. length is 34 in. Currently no grip. I removed to replace and never got around to it. Just bought a small batch so this has to go. Loft/ lie unknown. will ship with black sally surfer headcover. SOLD
  7. Tour Chocolate finish. 35 in. headcover included. $450 OBO
  8. Standard specs to my knowledge. Great overall shape. I bought these mostly for the shaft but never got around to using them. 4-PW $375 shipped.
  9. 1. Byron DH89 Oil can 34.5 / 2.5 / 68.5 355G includes headcover. $600. SOLD 2. Titleist 716 AP2 - great shape being a few years old. Whoever originally had these basically practiced with the 7 iron, and hardly with any others. Standard length/loft/lie to Best of my knowledge. I’m not the original owner and have not measured. Tour issue x100 w/ +4grips $475 3. Titleist t100 pitching wedge. All standard $100 midsize grip.
  10. Titleist T100 PW. S300 Standard Length/loft/lie. $115
  11. 1. M5 9 deg. X stiff $250 Pure’d 2. Toulon San Diego - naked with paint removed. Tour sticker on shaft. Includes headcover 35 in. $275
  12. Like new. Some very minor blemishes from 2 ranges sessions. Shafts are too much for me. listing is for 5-PW. Six clubs total. I do not know swingweight. Clubs are as they came from titleist in terms of specs. Have not been altered. see spec sheet from titleist in pics. +3/4 in -1.5 lie 1 deg weak loft $750 shipped CONUS
  13. Tiger Woods in 2019 Masters win hit us all a bit different I think. Thats my favorite major moment without question.
  14. Just bought a Toulan San Diego. Cant wait to roll a few with it. Nice to hear from the guy behind the tech.
  15. I wear sneakers. Sometimes people give me a funny look. I guess they think 68’s are funny or something
  16. Patw215

    Welded neck

    I always order my custom Byron’s with a welded neck. The up charge sucks, but well worth it when it arrives. Byron does a tremendous neck weld.
  17. I struggle with the same issue. I have many Byron’s and hate that I have to re grip them. Like you said, Pure are great grips, but they are tacky when dry and slick when wet
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