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  1. I purchased this from member Krt22 who bought it from Flightscope. He used it almost exclusively indoors, I used it 3 times outdoors -Flighscope Xi+, full powered radar launch monitor, tracks full flight outdoors. Will work indoors or outdoors into a net with as little as 16 ft between radar unit and screen. (longer is better) - original box, carrying case, cables, etc. Here is what it reports. With basic understanding of ball flight you can get a rough idea of face, path, and dynamic loft based off initial launch directions, AofA, spin loft and spin axis. Landing angle is also read back and you can infer peak height within the app FS is also offering a decent trade-in value for this unit. When I checked in April of this year, they were offering $6500 trade in value towards a new X3. No transfer fee applies if you intend to use the free apps (skills, VX, and FS golf). If you want the PC software you will need to contact Flightscope for current support contract costs. Asking $3000 shipped Cont USA
  2. Your on I won’t buy a NEW driver until next year, (he doesn’t know how many backups I have….)
  3. Driver is set until next year Cash is King PayPal is [email protected] Titleist TSi3 10* (head only) in used but very clean condition. includes head cover $SOLD Callaway Epic Speed 10.5* (head only) in Excellent condition. no headcover SOLD Taylormade 300 mini driver 11.5* (head only) in superb condition SOLD Mizuno ST-Z 10.5* (head only) super clean! $255 includes shipping Cont USA Taylormade SIM ti Rocket 14* 3 metal used but in very good condition. $195 shipped Cont USA
  4. If this release is like the 425 clubs, Japan only or released world wide except North America?
  5. DC - Dan Carraher (iteachgolf) Golfwrx Custom titanium putter, work of art.. 370grams, 35”, 72* lie Stability shaft & leather grip check his IG @dancarraherputters removable copper face, 2 tungsten weights inside $795 shipped Cont USA Ping i210 $OLD PayPal [email protected] pin 5/5
  6. What’s the toe hang like for the T7m? face balanced or close to? how much does it cost to get the COA from Cameron?
  7. How To Apply 1. Very interested in aiming system 2. 9.6 3. San Francisco Bay Area 4. Short, upright and heavy (kinda like me) 5. I have very good speed control, not great on short putts 6. Mostly public, some private. Mostly good 7. For sure 8. Absolutely John - Ice Thanks
  8. Lightly used Callaway X Forged ‘21 5-8 irons w/95 stiff MMT Callaway Apex TCB 21 9,Pw irons w/105 stiff MMT great setup $old AutoFlex pink SF505 45-13/16” Titleist adapter played 47” (room for tipping) $old
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