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  1. Gen 1 0311 5 iron, 0311t 6-W. Heads only. Normal chatter, no major dings. Couple of soles have slightly deeper scratches. Pretty consistent with play. Faces and grooves are very good. $375 shipped. Price drop $345.
  2. Price drop $800. Would listen to partial trades except for irons.
  3. They can be yours lol. Great clubs but I need R shafts now.
  4. Ping i210, 5-W i110 cw stiff. 4 iron 115 cw regular. These are power spec lofts, black dot and 5 iron 38 1/2 length. 5-W built by Ping. Condition very good. $800 shipped. Revised $775
  5. Looking for input. I have played golf decently for over 40 years. Laid off awhile but with practice can get to single digit hc. I work on my own clubs and like to tinker and always changing clubs. I have never been fitted but have an idea on what works best for me. Would going through a professional fitting be a waste of time as if I get fitted irons, most likely would still want to tinker. Or would at least knowing what works best be beneficial for future? I'm over 60 and swing speed not what it was, so regular flex shafts are in my future. Thinking about going to PXG to at least get fitted. Thanks for any input and help.
  6. Looking for clean set of Gen 3 irons from T to P model. Maybe 0211 if they are 2021 model. Can be shafted or head only. Prefer R shaft if shafted but also smooth S shaft ( $ Taper) might work too. Thanks.
  7. Looking to go to softer shaft in my 3 wood. I have an old X Con 6 driver shaft thinking about trying. These were great shafts back in the day. How would they compare to average shafts today like maybe PX Riptide or other $100 shafts. Thanks.
  8. Gen 1 0311t 5-W with PX LZ 6.0 120 shafts. Normal chatter and faces and grooves very good. 5 iron has slight scuff on sole. 5 iron 38”. $485 PXG 0811X Proto 9* with yellow HZRDUS Smoke 6.0. Length is 45 3/8. Very good condition. Pic shows a few tee marks on sole. Have matching cover. No Tool. $225
  9. Srixon 785 4-W with Recoil 95 F4 shafts. 5 iron is 38 1/4 in length. Very clean minimal chatter. Sold only trade interest is Ping i210 with me adding cash.
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