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  1. Several inquiries on max head. I would take $275 for the head.
  2. TM SIM Max 9* with Tense Orange CK 60 X. Length is 45” with matching cover. $350. Would sell head only for $275. PXG Gen1 0311T 3 iron head. Great condition. $110. PXG Gen1 0311T 5-W with KBS $ Taper 130. 38 inch 5 iron, 1 * flat but I can adjust to your specs. Great condition. My preference is to trade these plus cash to upgrade to Gen 3 in either 0311, 0311T or 0311P. I would rather keep these if I can’t find a trade. I know I need a price so $725.
  3. Looking for mallet style putter with tour stability shaft. Preferably TaylorMade. Also consider shaft only. Thanks.
  4. Ping G410 LST 9* with Project X 6.0 75G shaft. Length is 45” and has matching cover. No tool. Condition is very good. $350 shipped to 48 US. TaylorMade P-760 4-PW with DG S300 120 shafts. These have been extended 1/2 inch and 5 iron plays 38 1/2. These have normal wear from play. Faces and grooves are good. $600 shipped to 48 US
  5. Couple of nice sets forged irons. King Cobra Forged 4-6 CB, 7-W MB. Standard length NSPro Modus Tour 120 S shafts. Black finish in good condition. These are 1* flat but I can adjust L/L to specs needed. These are about as soft as I have hit. SW D 2 1/2 with a couple plus or minus 1/2 point. No tip weights. A couple of irons has slight shaft prep above ferrule. Not much but want full disclosure. $430 shipped to 48 US Tourstage X Blade CB 5 - W with NS Pro 950GH R flex. 5 iron length 37 7/8. Normal chatter. Face and grooves are good. $185 shipped to 48 US.
  6. Ping I500 4-W with TT XP 95 S300 shafts. 5 iron 38 1/2. Black dot. Very good condition with GOlf Pride CP2 Pro grips in good shape. $600 King Cobra Forged CB/MB with Steelfiber I95 R flex shafts. Very good condition. These are black finish and some finish wear on soles from play. Has Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 midsize grips. $450
  7. Revised PXG $250 w/shaft. $220 for head Tourstage X Blade $215.
  8. PXG 0811 X Gen 2 9* with Diamana 50 x5ct S flex, 45 inch. Great condition with cover. $265 or head only $225. Tourstage X-Blade 5- W, NS Pro 950GH R flex. Good condition with normal chatter. Faces and grooves are very good. 5 iron 37 7/8 length. $245.
  9. A local shop I have been going to for 25 years looks like its a going out of business sale. You can buy new clubs but his market is used and usually lets you try them out for a couple of days before you buy them. Shop owner told me so many new guys were buying clubs now as golf is a good outlet and probably safest due to virus. Said these guys since they are new, do not have anything to trade in. Most if not all of his used are via trade in. Also says the internet guys are buying stuff to flip on ebay as demand there is up too. He normally has maybe 30 used current Titleist, Ping and Taylor Ma
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