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  1. Is Omaha CC private? or can you get on if you email them?
  2. Going to Omaha overnight and hoping to get in 18 holes on a Wednesday night. Any recommendations?
  3. 2 tacos and a frozen margarita at the turn at Sand Valley. There is a nice diner not too far called Misty's Menu. The Dirty Oar is a solid dinner place if you want to go offsite.
  4. Price: SOLD shipped. Mavrik 10.5 Riptide 50g 6.0 flex. Includes headcover and tool, as well as the packing slip direct from Callaway. This is a warranty replacement brand new from Callaway, and is brand new in the packaging. I had to buy something else while I waited for this replacement. No trades. I also have a 60g Riptide in the garage if you would prefer that shaft instead. The 60g shaft is in good shape, but is slightly used.
  5. Won this from a club event and already have one. $260 shipped to the contiguous 48. I will also include the packing slip for warranty purposes.
  6. For the bag, is the stitching issue only visible if the pocket is unzipped?
  7. Hit less than 15 times. Great shape and includes headcover. Shipped via USPS to the contiguous US. $315 shipped. I also have a HZRDUS Smoke Stiff shaft with a Callaway tip that I would include for an extra $35. The shaft is in good shape but the grip needs replaced. If you are interested in the shaft, I can take some pictures.
  8. I am currently planning a golf trip to Ireland, arriving the morning of April 25th -> May 2nd. We currently have 8 committed, but we are looking to add 2-4 more guys. We are flying out of Chicago, but would be open to adding a few more guys, which would allow us to hire a mini charter with a driver. The cost per man would be around 2000 Euro (plus flight and meals, breakfast included). We are going through Swing Golf. The rough itinerary is: Enniscrone, Carne, Doonbeg, Lahinch, Dooks, Tralee, and Ballybunion. I can send the full itinerary including hotels, etc from our travel agent at Swing, if you are interested.
  9. > @"ajgoodal.704" said: > > @davep043 said: > > > @gotaholen1 said: > > > Has anyone tried to go from say Lahinch up to Carne? Trying to decide if it** makes more sense **on a 7 day trip to head up that way for a day or two before driving back to Dublin. > > > > Its hard to say whether it makes more sense without knowing what your other option would be. However, I did stay at Enniscrone, and played Enniscrone and Carne on a trip a few years back. Both were excellent courses, really dramatic dunes, reasonably priced and very welcoming. Its only a 3 hour drive from Lahinch, or less, so you could make the drive after golf one day. The drive to Dublin looks to be pretty similar from either Enniscrone or Lahinch. > > You could: > > Play Lahinch, Overnight in Ballina > Play 27 at Carne, Overnight in Ballina > Play Enniscrone, Overnight in Ballina or drive to Dublin > If staying, Play County Sligo and then drive to Dublin > > The drive from Lahinch to Mayo is packed full of incredible sights. It is definitely worth adding a little time and driving up the coastal route in the Burren. It is truly unique. Thanks! This helps a lot. Since we get in at like 10AM, we can drive to Sligo from Dublin and get in a round in the afternoon as it is much closer than trying to get to somewhere southwest. I think we have roughly decided on Sligo, Carne, Enniscrone, Lahinch, Ballybunion, Dooks, and Tralee. Now we have to decide if we go with a driver or do 3 rental cars.
  10. > @kenoli22 said: > Is a caddie necessary at Kiawah? I know it sounds like I'm being cheap, but I just prefer to not have one. You for sure do not need one. The course is very walkable. In our group we had 2 guys that took individual caddies and 2 that didn't take a caddy. I also really liked the Links Course at Wild Dunes. We did that one night before we flew home (don't play the other course at Wild Dunes). It was pretty reasonable. Last year this whole trip cost us about $1,000 per person with RT from Chicago for a 3 night trip (1 night at wild dunes).
  11. > @"ajgoodal.704" said: > Any thoughts on playing Dooks over Dingle? That's the one round that I'm not 100% set on. Have you checked out the Shamrock Pass? I am planning a similar trip the last week of April. I was looking at that pass since it included Dooks and Dingle plus Killarney at a discounted rate. Not sure if you could logistically play Dooks and Dingle in the same day.
  12. Has anyone tried to go from say Lahinch up to Carne? Trying to decide if it makes more sense on a 7 day trip to head up that way for a day or two before driving back to Dublin.
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