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  1. MG3 50.09, 54.11, 58.08 w/NS Pro 950R in Satin RAW Black arrived today; ordered on 9/7 with expected delivery on 10/2, so about 2 weeks early!
  2. Aldila Ascent 50HY shaft r2 flex Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Lite standard grip No head cover Mint condition, played 1 round, 2 short range sessions $250 $225 $200 $175 PayPal, shipped CONUS
  3. If I went with the Super Hybrid, it would replace my 7-wood (21°), sitting between my 5-wood (18°) and 23° hybrid. I also just noticed that the standard shaft is the Aerotech SteelFiber FC HYB Graphite; anyone have experience with that shaft?
  4. @TheMoneyShot you predicted correctly: https://www.golfwrx.com/658479/callaway-unveils-new-epic-super-hybrid/ As a senior golfer, I'm intrigued by the "super hybrid" concept as related to any potential distance advantage compared with "standard" hybrids. Do any of you seniors have experience gaming a $400 (gulp) super hybrid?
  5. Assume that a golf ball is launched at 150 mi/hr with a spin rate of 2500 rpm: a simple back-of-the-envelope calculation shows a flight time of 68.2 ms to reach a net 15 ft away; during that time the ball only makes 2.84 revolutions. Although Flightscope doesn't disclose how far it tracks a ball outdoors (without a net), an assumed tracking distance of 150 ft outdoors would mean that the ball's signal is measured 10x as long and executes 10x as many revolutions compared to indoors. Perhaps the increase in detected (modulated) signal indoors produced using metal reflecting discs compensates for the reduced measurement time and total revolutions.
  6. Correct, as noted in one of Flightscope's patents: A golf ball is generally a weak radar target due to its small size and composition; only a part of the incident signal energy reflects from the surface of the ball, and the remainder part propagates into the ball, refracting in the ball body and reflecting once more when it reaches the far surface of the ball. Thus, a golf ball can act as a lens to magnify the modulating effect of a feature on or near the surface of the ball. The feature can be a deliberate mark such as a small metal foil disk on the surface. The size of a feature on or near the surface of the golf ball is magnified to a measuring instrument on the opposing side of the golf ball. The magnifying effect applies only while the feature is on the side of the ball away from the observer or radar, and only in the zone that the lens allows. Thus the magnified feature will modulate the Doppler signal in a particular manner and will cause an increase in the amplitude of the Doppler return signal due to the increased apparent size.
  7. Very nice Scotty Fastback putter 35-inch Includes headcover $285 shipped CONUS/Paypal
  8. Bluetooth remote shutter control: https://www.amazon.com/Premium-Bluetooth-Selfie-Control-Shutter/dp/B07KBCD34K/ref=sr_1_3?crid=1DTMP40KCU6GM&dchild=1&keywords=zodiac+remote+shutter&qid=1625106092&sprefix=zodiac+remote%2Caps%2C292&sr=8-3 Just don't forget to switch the unit off when you're done using it
  9. He made it to the final round of U.S. Open qualifying and his team was runner-up in the NCAA championship. Better than someone named "golfortennis" ...
  10. Billy Bob's Golf has the NS Pro 850GH in stock: https://billybobsgolf.com/product/nippon-ns-pro-850-gh-1-pw-complete-set/ $265 for 4-PW , 0.355 taper-tip, R-flex
  11. This! Ball flight theory indicates that a club face that is closed to the swing path will produce a draw/hook; many hybrids in their standard configuration are set up as indicated by @mootrail I've set the adapter in my Titleist 818H1 hybrids to the 'C1' position (2° open and 1° flat), moved the adjustable head weight to the 'Fade' position, and reduced the club length by 0.5" in the 27° and by 1" in the 23° . Those changes have made a significant difference in my ability to avoid hitting big hooks.
  12. The range would occasionally be closed after heavy rains to allow hand picking of the balls.
  13. Knoxville, TN has such a facility that gets a lot of use: https://fairwaysandgreens.com Grass teeing area Covered and heated outdoor hitting bays Indoor hitting bays and practice green 2 outdoor greens Short game area Three-hole par 3 circuit Outdoor Top Tracer (2 bays) Professional instruction and club fitting I tried it for a year at ~$800, since it was about 15 minutes from my place. However, I didn't rejoin because: The daily designated grass teeing area was chewed up quickly, so you had to practice early in the day. The practice balls were not premium as adverised, but just normal range balls. The short game area wasn't really large enough for more than 2-4 players at once. Indoor hitting bays had no launch monitors, so not really useful to me Use of Top Tracer was extra cost/hour The practice area at my club is just as nice, has better range balls, and is no extra cost to me, albeit 25 minutes away instead of 15. In addition, the grass teeing area isn't always chewed up, and the short game area rarely has more than two players. It has no indoor bays, but I solved that problem by setting up a hitting area in my garage. Of course, it doesn't have a Top Tracer, but I never used that anyway.
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