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  1. Nope, notice the adjustable weight ... TSi3
  2. Wonder if someone got two 5-irons or two 7-irons
  3. @Hookasaurus Rex , I posted above regarding "late September shipping date" for P770s just after a phone conversation with Adam at DD; he didn't say that the expected shipping date was pushed further to mid-October. I then mentioned to him that if the delay from the original shipping date was due to unavailability of the Nippon 950 Neo, that I would accept the 950 GH as a substitute (if that would speed delivery). He then said that head unavailability was the problem, not unavailability of the 950 Neo.
  4. For those noting recent delivery on your P770, P7MC, P7MB clubs, it would be appreciated if you would mention order/delivery dates. I ordered P770 (via DD) on 8/17, first shipping date quoted as 9/4, now updated to "end of September" due to current unavailability of heads.
  5. In chronological order: Titleist TS2 driver/Tensei Blue ---> out Titleist TS2 driver/Ventus Velocore Blue ---> in (already done) Titleist TS2 5-wood/Tensei Blue ---> out Titleist TS2 4-wood/Ventus Velocore Blue ---> in (waiting for Friday delivery) Titleist 818.H1 21°/Tensei Blue ----> out Titleist TS2 7-wood/Ventus Velocore Blue ---> in (waiting for Friday delivery) Titleist 718.AP2 ---> out TaylorMade 2020 P770 ---> in (waiting for ??? delivery) Vokey SM7 50°, 54°, 58° ---> out (spring '21)
  6. Adding to what @Stuart_G said, the maximum carry/total distance is based on achieving the optimum combination of ball speed, spin, and launch angle for a particular club speed and dynamic loft: https://wishongolf.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/TrackMan-Driver-Optimization_2010.pdf (note that the conditions for max carry distance aren't the same as for the max total distance). Also note that the charts don't include driver loft, because differences in individual swings can produce those optimum combinations using different lofts.
  7. Ordered P770 6-PW/Nippon 950GH from Discount Dan's 8/17, original shipping date scheduled for 9/4. Just got an e-mail from them stating new shipping date is end of September ... sigh
  8. Shaft Shack has demo shafts for 3- or 7-day rentals: https://www.shaftshack.com They have a pretty large selection of popular shafts and adaptors for Titleist, TaylorMade, Callaway, PING, Cobra, and Mizuno. I can't vouch for them, however, as I've never attempted to rent.
  9. Yes, I've contacted DD via e-mail in the past about order status; got a quick response. Also, DD sends an e-mail with tracking information when the order is shipped.
  10. ordered Monday 8/17, P770, NS Pro 950GH Neo, +1/4" , 1° up. Ship date quoted as 9/4. Third set ordered from DD, they've been great for me.
  11. I understand the protocol given for NPOR from a cart path in the above examples, and, in fact, have used it numerous times. There are three other situations that I need clarification on: The NPOR happens to be on another immovable obstruction, (e.g., a sprinkler head). My understanding is that I'm entitled to again take NPOR from the sprinkler head.The NPOR happens to be under a bush or behind a tree. My understanding is that's unfortunate, but the rules don't guarantee that the NPOR will result in an unobstructed lie or line of play ( i.e., the situation is no different than if my original sh
  12. Go back and read post #206. It's not necessary to win ANY tournament if those qualifications are met. Mackenzie Hughes (T6, the Memorial Tournament) Ryan Palmer (2nd, the Memorial Tournament) Adam Long (2nd, 3M Open) Troy Merritt (2nd, Barracuda Championship) qualified without winning a tournament.
  13. @Darth Putter , duh, and you said that he needed multiple wins, which isn't true, he didn't even need one.
  14. @Darth Putter You need multiple wins to get into the US Open if you're not already qualified. Incorrect: The following is a list of those exemption categories as established by the USGA:The top two players, not otherwise exempt, in the top 10 and ties of the 2020 the Memorial Tournament, 3M Open, WGC-FedEx St. Jude Invitational, Barracuda Championship and Wyndham Championship, and the top three players, not otherwise exempt, in the top 10 and ties of the 2020 PGA Championship.Mackenzie Hughes (T6, the Memorial Tournament) Ryan Palmer (2nd, the Memorial Tournament) Michael Thompson (Won, 3M
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