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  1. I may have missed it but does anyone know where to buy individual weights or the weight kit for the TSI3? Didn’t see anything on Titleist website.
  2. Updated the ad but they are .355T according to honma costumer service.
  3. Lots of interest. I pulled the 5-iron shaft and it measures just shy of 37.25” I have a set of 3-PW Modus3 105 stiff shafts in awesome shape. 5-iron still has plastic on the grip. These play to standard length in a set of Honma TW-X irons. Unsure how to price these so we will start at $150obo shipped to the conus. I’m open to trades especially a set of Iomic sticky evolution 1.8 grips but send all offers. I respond to all messages.
  4. Looking for a driver head in low loft. Somewhere in the 8-9.5* range. Looking to stay sub $300 or less. Would consider a TSI3 head and pay more.
  5. Looking for a set of these 3/4-10/11. Heads only is fine as well. Length not a concern. Upright lie a plus. Send pics and price shipped to 50483. Hoping to find a set quick.
  6. Looking for a .355 taper 4-PW set of pulls of the following. Send pics and price shipped to 50483. DG 105 S300 DG 105 X100 KBS $Taper Lite stiff AMT White S300 Elevate Tour stiff
  7. Let’s hear some offers on these heads. Want to make one trip to the Post office. Lol
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