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  1. Final price drop for everyone except the couple guys that negotiated a price and ghosted me. I’d have rather you just messaged me saying you were no longer interested. For that your price has increased and is non negotiable
  2. This is the final price drop on this before hitting the bay. We are gonna do $300 shipped to the conus for everyone except the couple guys that negotiated a price only to ghost me. Your new price is $330 and is non negotiable. Willing to listen to cash and trade offers. Trade interests are as follows but send all offers as you never know what will pique my interest. Mizuno ST-G220 Sik DW slant Sik Sho slant Ventus Red Velocore 5s untipped plus cash GD XC 4/5s untipped plus cash PX RDX Blue Ion 60 5.5 untipped plus cash project X I/O 5/5.5 iron shaft pulls plus cash callaway chrome soft plus cash Scotty Cameron Phantom X 12.5 putter. It is in awesome shape. I measure it at 34.5” but was was told by seller it was 35”. Not a huge deal for me as I was planning on shortening and trimming the wings to match the 11.5. Paint fill was changed by previous owner as well. The grip is a Golf Pride Pro Only 81cc in good shape. No headcover but will ship protected. Let’s go with $375obo shipped to the conus.
  3. Chrome. I think putter shafts are terribly underrated. Would love to see how this feels
  4. When I did mine last year I bought a beat up Dual balance one on the bay along with a cheap $20 stainless steel putter that had the neck I wanted. I then took my dremel with a cutting wheel to cut the neck off the cheap putter and the stem off the x5. Found a local welder to weld the neck on how I wanted and sent it to Continental Golf for refinishing. All in I was right around $350. I have sold it but I’m now thinking of doing the same thing with a phantom x 12.
  5. Another bump. Would trade for a Scotty 12 or 12.5. Condition can be plenty used.
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