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  1. Not off the top of my head as I don’t have it anymore but I do know for a fact it got heavier even with them removing all the nicks and dings.
  2. I think mine sits perfectly square in the small minus setting. I mentioned on another site but my BIL and I both commented how the ball comes off the face differently with the 0211. Incredibly explosive is as close as I can get to describe it. I had the gen 2 as well as proto x and the 0211 is simply better than both for me.
  3. Yes they are. I confirmed with Honma CS then installed Modus3 105x shafts without an issue.
  4. Another note on the Iomic 1.8’s. I installed mine with air this time around without any grip tape and they feel much more comfortable in my hands.
  5. To answer this question myself. It does not fit in the mid mallet wide blade putter cover I have.
  6. They do show up on eBay from time to time. You could buy a cheap used full putter on the bay and then sell the head to get some money back.
  7. I had one from a 10 s I sold as head only. I actually had it listed on eBay to sell but installed it quick just to see. Like it so much I ended the auction. I even declined a couple $100 offers in the process.
  8. I installed a stroke lab shaft on my TM FCG putter and it greatly improved the balance and feel for me. No counter weight and a SS 1.0PT grip. The graphite upper section with no weight allowed me to get the FCG to a decent swing weight that wasn’t possible without lead tape for me.
  9. Just pick one up. Playing it at 33.5” with a 15g sole weight. Feel was great but still wanted a little more swing weight to it so I installed a stroke lab shaft with a SS 1.0PT grip and it is perfectly balanced for me. My only gripe was not getting a head cover with it but that was my own oversight.
  10. I just placed another order from them. They are currently offering free 2-3 day shipping on orders over $35 which is great.
  11. While I don't think they are a true undersize grip but the Iomic sticky Evolution 1.8 is my grip of choice. I have played NDMC, Pure, Tour Velvet, etc and this is by far my favorite of the bunch. The 1.8 is smaller than the others in standard but was slightly bigger than the winn dri tac undersized I tried.
  12. #1 rule in trade. If you are not an established member here you will be required to ship first and I will ship upon receiving your item. If you are established elsewhere you can contact me from that account and we can ship at same time. We will also ship using the same company and method. Trade and communication is not final until both members have said items. Trade interests: Super Stroke Pistol 2.0PT (I can hope right) 2021 grey version stroke lab shaft Iomic Sticky Evolution 1.8 grips Smaller mallet head covers(TM or non oem) Up fo
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