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  1. I love reading this. I just ordered a 0211 driver today and the schedule start date is currently February 7th. I can’t golf right now with the weather in northern Iowa but the wait will still get to me.
  2. I will definitely share my thoughts when mine arrives. Placed an order today for the 0211 9* driver and an extra 5&15 gram weights. Went with the Evenflow Riptide CB stock shafts and then ordered a new uncut GD XC 5s shaft. I’m thinking the 5 gram weight and 5G hot melt low and forward would be perfect to cut some spin if necessary.
  3. Man I wish you would have posted this last night. I just picked up a XC 5s and definitely paid more than your asking. That is a great price and shouldn’t last long.
  4. Thanks guys. Unfortunately DD isn’t sticking the new line yet.
  5. Ok thanks. I don’t have a problem with $30 but $60 was gonna be way too much.
  6. Not looking to hijack or anything but was looking to place an order online and their website says $60 to ship woods or irons. This can’t be right can it?
  7. Bump! I could also include a KBS TGI 70 iron shaft pull from a PXG 4 iron if asking price is met!
  8. That would be the guy. He has the same picture on his PP account. Guess I should have dug a little deeper.
  9. If asking price is met, I will include the Aldila Rogue Black 95msi 60R shaft in the pic. Can send more pics of the Rogue upon request.
  10. Early Price Drop. Would love to make one trip to shipping center so send offers.
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