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  1. Thanks guys. Unfortunately DD isn’t sticking the new line yet.
  2. Ok thanks. I don’t have a problem with $30 but $60 was gonna be way too much.
  3. Not looking to hijack or anything but was looking to place an order online and their website says $60 to ship woods or irons. This can’t be right can it?
  4. Bump! I could also include a KBS TGI 70 iron shaft pull from a PXG 4 iron if asking price is met!
  5. That would be the guy. He has the same picture on his PP account. Guess I should have dug a little deeper.
  6. If asking price is met, I will include the Aldila Rogue Black 95msi 60R shaft in the pic. Can send more pics of the Rogue upon request.
  7. Early Price Drop. Would love to make one trip to shipping center so send offers.
  8. Willing to look at trades. Main interests are as follows Dynalight Gold XP Your issue x100 shafts Attas G7 5s driver shafts Possibly other iron or driver shafts in light weights >110 for irons and >60 for driver Up for hopefully a quick sale is a Fujikura Atmos Black Tour Spec 5s. This is a great low launch/spin shaft in a lighter weight. The shaft is 43.25" long and I was told it was untipped but I never verified. There is a small chip to the paint seen in the pics. It isn't noticeable with the graphics up or down as it is on the side. These don
  9. Your probably right but my never ending faith in humanity holds out hope!
  10. Last update from me but I will leave the thread open in case the seller would like to come on to explain. Paypal pushed the refund through this morning. So now I can go looking for another one.
  11. Let’s try this again. If you didn’t see the DOND thread I got scammed on a tsi3 head so I’m trying again. Looking for an 8* tsi3 head only. Send pics and price shipped to 50483. Not in a huge rush but will move quick for the right price and shape.
  12. While very possible and not a problem with some communication. I have no problem waiting as long as I’m kept in the loop.
  13. It’s all good. I believe I will get my money back at some point. Hopefully right around the time or before I happen across a good deal on a tsi3 8* head. Until then I will keep updating the thread and perhaps @bdeyhle will grace us with his presence and with an explanation!
  14. Update #3 The refund was sent e-check and it didn’t clear. Called PayPal this morning was told that somebody from PayPal will be in contact with me in the next 24hrs to initiate a forced refund. No idea how it works but maybe I will have my money back before the new year.
  15. I always try to ship the next day unless payment comes late at night. Then it is the following day. I’m not a fan of needing more time than that to ship something your selling. Also after this debacle I will only be buying stuff from people with it in hand. I like to stay positive and think the best of people but I won’t get fooled twice by the same thing.
  16. I will update the original post as well but I have a refund pending. PayPal said they ruled in my favor and seller issued an E-Check refund so I am awaiting funds to clear after the first of the year. Not sure why it takes that long but at least I’m getting my money back. Still haven’t heard from the seller but maybe when he logs in here he will have an explanation. Now to find another one.
  17. Yeah I plan on proceeding with the claim until it is resolved or I have the head in hand with confirmation from Titleist as authentic.
  18. To be fair he could very well have a contact with Titleist from college (know a few guys that do from other oems) and had a death in the family. Just wanted everyone to know as I have seen lots of WTB posts for TSI heads and full clubs. As far as not doing the deal, the price was great but not "too good to be true" great. Plus with PP G&S I should be covered especially since I didn't even get a tracking number let alone the driver head. It is my first run in with something like this and I'm just gonna chalk it up to another learning experience in the crazy 2020.
  19. Just looking to give a heads up to the community. Not looking for arguments or to completely roast the seller as he may come back and make it right. I posted a WTB for a TSI3 8* head back on 11/13. I was contacted by @bdeyhle about one direct from Titleist through his hookup from college. Price was great so I checked his profile. No feedback but long time member. I figured paypal has my back so agree to purchase. I payed G&S and even paid the PP fees. I received a message from him on 11/17 saying he talked to his guy and the order was placed and should ship asap and he would
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