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  1. What other irons have you used? Plan on keeping i210 even after ping releases something newer? Possibly i59?
  2. Selling a set of wedges that have very minimal use. Maybe a round or two. Price is $sold.
  3. Selling a like new set of TCB irons with tour elevate stiff flex shafts. Only a few range sessions. Only selling Bc I want to get into a set of Pings. Price is $sold.
  4. Anyone able to get a set of these?
  5. Looking for a set of i210 in mint condition.
  6. Looking to see if anyone has one for sale.
  7. Selling a brand new set of Mizuno MP-20 MMC irons with KBS $ Taper stiff. Standard specs. Price is $900 shipped.
  8. Did you have to order in the store?
  9. Where did you order your set from?
  10. Which one would be better for a shallow sweeping swing with very little divots?
  11. I’m interested in a set too.
  12. Selling a used set of 2019 version Taylormade p790 irons that are standard L/L/L. They have modus 105 stiff flex shafts. The grips are good condition Taylormade Lamkin Crossline corded. Some minor wear on the faces but tons of life left. The 8 iron has something loose inside the shaft so if that bothers you, a shop could take care of it for you. Price is $sold
  13. Selling a set of Mizuno irons with fc90cw F4 steelfiber stiff shafts. Std specs from what I can tell. Standard size grips are like new. Some minor wear on the heads but nothing major. Price is $sold.
  14. How much do they charge to adjust a set?
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