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  1. I thought I liked the better dispersion I was getting from the 9.0 but I’m losing too much distance when it’s wet or I miss the fairway so I want the higher launch + distance from the 10.5. Some slight paint chips from taking a ball high off the face. Prefer to trade straight up but if someone wants to buy it I’d take 425. In IL.
  2. So I bought some PX LZ 7.0 shafts on eBay a while back... Today, I removed the grips to get them ready to be built up only to discover they’ve been hardstepped twice. I’ve played LZ 7.0s before and they didn’t feel super stiff - will these feel significantly stiffer? I know I can undo it by trimming them but they’re pretty hard to find to fill the hole...
  3. I've gamed the X7's and 7.0's. I've hit CTapers fairly extensively in the sim and I like the X7's the best in terms of ball flight and feel. I don't know the numbers, the X7's seem spin less than the others and the ball flight seems lower (CT) or on the same level as the 7.0s. I went from PX 7.0 to LZ 7.0s to the X7's and I thought I'd hate the X7 since they are such different shafts but I loved them. All the control from the std 7.0s without the harsh feel. I like the feel of CTapers as well but I seem to balloon them from time to time. For the record I hate the feel of KBS Tours so there's
  4. That's awesome, thanks for sharing that. I'm a bit of a perfectionist so the sole had to match up right or it'd drive me crazy but that's solid work and you'd never notice from afar.
  5. I haven't hit the G700's yet but on Monday I'll directly compare the 790's and Steelhead pros. If there's anything specific that you'd like me to address or to tinker with let me know. Just a quick run down off memory so it might change slightly after Monday: The Rogue Pro feels closer to the 790s than to the Steelhead Pros. Distance wise they are fairly long, similar to the 790s and more than the Pros but less than the X. In the looks department, they look nice at address, not too much offset, fairly compact and the topline is relatively thin while still confidence inspiring. They feel cr
  6. So we got our new Rogue demos in the shop today. Drivers: The Rogue looks a bit flatter than the Epic. At address the Subzero looks closer to the Epic while the regular Rogue is a bit more stretched out kinda like a newer 907 D1 (which I played extensively and might be why I like it). The curvature of the sole is different as well, looks like the Rogue would be better off the deck if you're into that sort of thing. Interestingly, we initially were all hitting the Rogues high on the face due presumably to it's squatter stance. The feel is great as is the sound. I tried to compare it side by
  7. I'm sure this topic has come up before but it seemed to mostly cover higher end units from Leupold and Nikon. I noticed the other day that Dick's has some hunting rangefinders for super cheap (~$79) compared to "cheap" golfing ones so I took the hunting one over to the golf display to compare. Luckily, they had a disc golf basket set up down the aisle for the near-perfect test. I found that the bottom of the line hunting unit was comparable to the middle of the road golf unit that cost 3x as much and was more reliable than any of the cheaper golf varieties. The hunting unit doesn't have s
  8. I hit all 3 of those a couple weeks back, I was very impressed with the iBlade. It felt forgiving but true and my dispersion was the best with it. I hadn't even considered them but the guy handed it to me and said try it so I did. Great club. The Mp18 is nice b/c of its buttery feel but it was shorter and more erratic for me. My first set of clubs were Titleists so I want to love their irons but for whatever reason I don't hit them very well so those were a distant 3rd. My only fear with the iBlades is that maybe they're a bit too hot and on flyer lies they might get a little crazy and hard
  9. I live a mile or so away from Conway Farms (BMW Championship) and the first year they held it there they had general parking right down the street from my house so for the inconvenience they mailed the entire neighborhood 2 full week passes. I went to the neighbors I knew weren't going to go and asked for theirs and ended up with 8 so I could bring the whole crew. It was awesome except that we basically couldn't leave our house in a car from 8AM-6PM the whole week because traffic was so bad. Not as cool as Masters tickets but it was a nice gesture from the committee. After that they changed
  10. Nothing ended up matching up at all. Disappointing but not surprising.
  11. Can't believe I did that, we call it Shadow Ridge to annoy our buddy who's a member there... It's def a fun track though I'd play SA over it all day. If you ever need a playing partner over there I'm all in, located in LF haha I have a ton of Knollwood, Ivanhoe, and a few more Exmoors that I'll list once I get this stock cleared up so stay tuned and stay dry out there right now.
  12. Just echoing what's been said, the Judge course is a riot and I thought the other courses at Capitol were fun as well. I'd go there if you've already played National...
  13. Love that song lolz Idk how the drainage is around the course but knowing how it does in the MTB tracks in that general areas and how it's been raining hard for the last few days down here (Chicago) I'd cancel if I were you. The weather has made the change and def has a bite to it. It's raining like April right now, I can't imagine the course will play well. Nothing worse than paying to be miserable.
  14. I prefer to play barefoot. I don't do it as much as I did in college but if it's a casual round on a nice day I'll still take my shoes off. I've found that my stance and swing are quite stable and I assume that it stems from always playing barefoot growing up.
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