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  1. She just doesn't like me... shocker Haha! I better get to snag some more this summer.
  2. Need to fund some honeymoonage and clean out the overload of stuff in the house...More to come! All prices are shipped. Really not looking for trades but would entertain a M1/M2 or Epic. Any Del Mar or Morgan Dakine style head putters as well. Footjoy TPC Boston Rain Jacket - Med - $120 $100- Worn ONE TIME. Make an Offer. Last but not least Byron Morgan 615 355G all blacked out. $450 $400 I bought this off here from another great member but have not been able to jive with it - at all. Ended up putting with a wedge my last round. This thing is in amazing shape and the finish is killer. Blacked out topline and back.
  3. You can book a single tee time for anytime. Just booked Red at 8am and then will get out on Blue for the second round. Got to say... great service and they had no problem fitting me in.
  4. Camargo is Seth Raynor track in Ohio. I got a blue "jones" logo shoe bag if you want to trade haha.
  5. Just loaded up. This is usually a great deal and I've rarely been disappointed.
  6. I called and asked about that and they assured me I was good to go. But you never know!
  7. So I have to go to Disney which sounds as fun as a stick in the eye. In order to lesson my suffering the fiance has decided to give me a reprieve from the agony of mouse ears, screaming kids and $80 trinkets. I will be trying to play Streamsong on 1/19 and looking to knock out 36. Obviously as a single this is tricky and luck needs to be on my side. So anyone in the area or anyone that will be down there the same time let me know.
  8. willing to split the Vokey set?
  9. I'm too lazy to read all of the posts so apologies if someone has made this point but... We need less PXG and more affordable product mixes. Pricing has ballooned and the market floods itself with too much gear. Like most consumers I wait a few months and get the old model at a steep discount which is just as good as the new one (very few exceptions stick out cough, cough M Series from TM). While a company like PXG produces sexy gear it, IMHO, perpetuates the issue with the golf market. Making expensive stuff we dont need for no reason other than they can which doesn't improve anyone's game significantly compared to cost. Mind you i'd take their irons in a heartbeat if free and I love their F you style but the rest of the brands need to adapt the counter measure. Not do what Titleist did and try and compete. They need to figure out an organic cycle of sales and stop cramming it down the clients throat in short.
  10. 62G. Ill try and get a pic later today. May not be handcrafted IDK to be honest but will confirm and update.
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