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  1. Do you have a link to that GG video that made it click?
  2. Using the website and also taking in person lessons from Jake, it has taken me half a year just to really understand and trust the legwork. Main reason being is that it feels so odd since taking lessons from previous instructors taught and ingrained in me a move that's a polar opposite (a slide). Learning may be a lot easier for you depending on your current move. You may not have to unlearn as many bad habits as me. Also, what comes prior to the legwork is vital (setup, backswing) When making a change to your grooved move, it is vital you do 3 things imho:
  3. Jim Mclean and x factor is what messed up a lot of player's backs. GG teaches max hip rotation in the backswing.
  4. I would edit your pic and redact your address
  5. It's fear of poor results. Nothing you do like elevating the putter will help unless it also changes your mindset. On tight driving holes I like to picture a great drive I made recently on the driving range where I swung freely and the ball went dead straight. I think, "Ok I'm on the driving range", remember the feel, then pull the trigger. I heard Freddie Couples once say "Think of the best shot you've ever made with that club and go". Can you pull the putter back on the practice putting green or on your practice mat in your living room? Convi
  6. Early extension and throw gets your upper body further from the ball and you get to impact with a vertical shaft. If you reduce early extension and throw, you will hit it fat. I will guess that Gankas will want you to get more open at impact with the handle over the lead shoe to get to impact with shaft lean.
  7. Let's see how fast you can move your arms when standing on ice. Make the golf swing as simple as possible but no more. Ignoring the body is ignoring ground forces.
  8. He currently teaches out of Desert Pines golf course. Can't say enough good things about him. Fantastic follow up support post lesson as well. I reached out to him via instagram.
  9. It sounds like you have two completely separate issues. 1) You have difficulty enjoying golf 2) You are struggling to improve I would suggest the first thing you do is try to disassociate these two. If your capacity to enjoy playing golf hinges solely on how well you perform on a given day, you will never be happy. I play with 30 handicaps that enjoy golf like a 6 year old at Disneyland and low singles that slam clubs after every mediocre shot. The mindset that you will enjoy golf later after you''re better is a fallacy that will never end. I won't jump on the bandwagon of trying to help yo
  10. Drink plenty of liquids and find shade when not hitting. Not easy to do when walking so I always ride a cart. 114 degree in a cart is not bad if you bring plenty of liquids with electrolytes. Walking in direct sunlight is not recommended. Also, a bit of a breeze compared to zero wind makes a huge difference.
  11. "Letting gravity" drop your arms or "do nothing" are feels for people who are already doing it right and does nothing for someone who has grooved aggressively pulling down the handle. Instead of using gravity or doing nothing with your arms, you might as well focus on letting the ghost of christmas past lower your arms. I like the idea of feeling like you're actually raising your arms at start of transition to conquer that pulldown and you have to start slow slow slow. Handle pullers equate hitting the ball far with pulling the handle even harder. I didn't even realize I was a puller until
  12. Found some odor x at walmart for $4.46 and lasts a long ass time
  13. I try to focus more on square impact than path and things that help me accomplish that. Nothing moving from hips down. I took a putting lesson and the guy told me that path is the least important part and to focus more on good setup and lining up well. Only mention of path was that he didnt like my takeaway going back too upright.
  14. Everyone wants something different from instruction. Some want to improve their action from the ground up and others want quick fixes to ailments in ball flight. People also learn very differently. Some need hands to move them around into different positions and others are diligent in recording their swings for self analysis. I'd try any of the the guys mentioned and see if it's a good fit for you. You will probably need to try several instructors. Personally, I can't stand some of the teaching styles of the guys mentioned and love others but I can't deny the effectiveness of any of them
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