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  1. I agree. He’s had a good 30 year run but I predict 30 years from now we will be asking “Scotty who?”
  2. If you’re looking for the longest ball off the driver I think you have to do it indoors. No wind, carry only, on a launch monitor. Of course you need to find someone with a launch monitor. The process you outline sounds ideal. Hit 10 drives with your ball candidates then average out the distances. But, then other variables come into play. How was your swing that day? We’re your muscles a little stiff? There was no wind so how will the ball perform when you get it on the course? I guess what I’m saying is this process can be over thought. Golf is not about how far our g
  3. There are two types of urethane used in golf balls. Cast and thermoplastic. Cast urethane is used on top line balls like the Pro V1 and TM TP5. Thermoplastic urethane is used on second line balls. Cast urethane allows the manufacturer to make the covers very thin which gives the performance of a top line ball. The trade off is it is more expensive than thermoplastic urethane.
  4. This is my method too. Nothing beats playing with a ball to see how it performs for you.
  5. Try the TM TP5. As long or longer than Pro V1. Spins as well around the greens. Feels a little softer, at least to me.
  6. Good lord! You not only know how Bryson’s mind works, you know the words he would use to express the inner workings of his mind, and the steps he should take to improve himself.
  7. dalehead

    2020 US Open

    Tiger with a good putt to start his round. Can I buy stock in Lamkin?
  8. dalehead

    2020 US Open

    Ahh, GolfWRX! Before the tournament started folks in this thread were commenting how boring a US Open is when players are struggling for pars. Now the complaints are the course is too easy.
  9. The current issue of the USGA magazine, Golf Journal, has an article about the USGA championships Tiger has won. Currently he is tied for the top spot with Bobby Jones, each with 9. In the article he talks about how he would like to reach double digits and do something no one else has done. With each passing year it is less and less likely that Tiger will win another US Open. So how about this scenario. Tiger continues to play a limited schedule centered around the majors for the next four years. He turns 50 and plays in the US Senior Open and wins. He rides off into the sunset wit
  10. I’ve lost track. Is TM due to introduce a new TP5 and TP5X in 2021, or did they introduce new ones in 2020? Don’t want to stock up now if new ones are coming.
  11. dalehead

    2020 US Open

    The PGA Tour Re-education agent will be paying you a visit.
  12. The carcinogens in tobacco smoke are eliminated from the blood in the urine. The urine is stored in the bladder until elimination, so...
  13. So everyone is OK with the guy who shot the lowest gross score not winning the tournament?
  14. If it weren’t for the connection to Bobby Jones no one would give East Lake a second look. It’s a nice, old style members course, but no one is tuning in to see how the pros handle it. Then there is the small field with many names the average golf fan doesn’t know or care about. Add in the weird format and don’t be surprised at the lack of interest. I’d would be fine with FedEx one day reallocating their promotional spending and getting out of the FedEx Cup. Hopefully no one else would open their checkbook and the whole flawed playoff concept could go away. Although I would miss the TV updates
  15. We use (Roku). YouTubeTV for the basics, networks, Golf Channel, etc. $49.95 a month. We’re Amazon Prime member so we get Prime.Then add NetFlix, PGA Tour Live, or whichever channels you prefer.
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