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  1. Several of you have posted your experiences with serious leg fractures with a variety of results. My question for you is are you now able to walk and play 18 holes for 4 consecutive days? I believe that is going to be Tiger’s biggest obstacle.
  2. I agree that Olympic golf has its issues. But I really don’t care what they do to address them, or even if they address them at all. I don’t care if they change the format. I don’t care which players are chosen to compete. Olympic golf only comes around every 4 years ( well 3 years this time until Paris in 2024). I can deal with all these issues once every 4 years. Unlike sports like track and field, or swimming, the Olympics are not the ultimate competition for golf. Not even close. The 4 majors are where it’s at. The Players has more prestige with both players and fans than the O
  3. Doesn’t seem to be an issue with Paul Casey and Tommy Fleetwood.
  4. So you think the real reason Rory is not wearing a hat is???
  5. Obviously Nike could make a custom hat for Rory, or he could wear one of the dozens he must already have. But the IOC requires athletes to wear their team uniform, including hats. That why you see USA hats on Morikawa, Reed, and Zander. Since Nike is not a supplier to the Irish team they could not make a hat with the team logo.
  6. I will take a guess that Adidas has the contract with the Irish Olympic committee to supply uniforms to the team and that is what Rory is wearing.
  7. Look at the odds of winning tickets in the lottery. Actual numbers are unknown so this is hypothetical. Let’s say 30,000 tickets are available for the 3 practice round days. That’s 90,000 tickets. Each winner can buy up to 4 tickets, but let’s say the average buy is 3 tickets. That means 30,000 “winners” each year. Assume 900,000 entries. That means your odds of winning are once in 30 years.
  8. That is Masters policy, but it is not what happens in real life.
  9. How can you tell who is a golfer and who is not? And what does it matter? Do you have to be a football player to attend the Super Bowl? As far as kids I see many fewer at the Masters than other golf tournaments.
  10. Have never bought from the local scalpers but you can expect to pay well over face value. I do know that Tuesday practice round tickets typically go for $1000-1200 on Stub Hub.
  11. It’s been a few years since I’ve been there on a Wednesday. When I was there the course closed at noon, no more practice rounds. This was to focus attention on the par 3 tournament and to let the grounds crew make their final preparation. Do they let patrons still walk around the course?
  12. You can buy an extra ticket at several spots in Augusta, from the scalpers. Everyone is required to have a ticket, no exceptions. You used to be able to leave and renter as many times as you wished. That was changed a few years ago to one exit and one reentry. You get your ticket scanned when you leave and again when you reenter.
  13. This year was an even longer shot than normal, with hold overs from 2020 who didn’t get tickets this year. Better luck to all in 2023.
  14. Yes, you’re saying the same thing in different words. I said a few thousand, you said limited release. Still doesn’t answer the question of why a limited release when you could sell exponentially more in a general release.
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