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  1. Just another example of the silliness that usually results when advertisers try to use golf to sell a non golf related product.
  2. At this point is there really anything more that has to be said in this thread?
  3. Don’t know who gets it first but YJS and Rory are both way too young to right off the chances of them achieving the career slam.
  4. Minor point, but just to be fair, Hagen was 42 and past his prime when the first Masters was played in 1934. And Byron Nelson only played the Open once.
  5. Take it from a guy with titanium knees. They don’t help your golf game.
  6. The 5 stages of grief: Denial Anger Bargaining Depression Acceptance Seems some folks are stuck in stage 1.
  7. These are the unknowns at this time. Will he be able to play again? If that means 18 holes with Charlie, using a cart, then probably yes. If that means walking 18 holes a day for 4 days then maybe. If it means being able to put in the work, getting the “reps” needed to be competitive, questionable.
  8. Hitting out of divots is a golf skill like hitting out of the rough or a plugged lie in the bunker.
  9. So let’s say a ref is posted on each hole to make this call. That’s 18 refs. Now what do you think the odds would be of getting all 18 refs to agree a drop is warranted? Point being one mans divot is another mans worn spot. Since we cannot have consistency just leave things the way they are.
  10. Well it’s not the “experts” it’s a computer program that sets the odds based on where the bettors are putting their money. And if those bettors, as a group, were so smart Rory wouldn’t be at 17.
  11. Don’t know how ready he will be, but one thing is sure. He can’t win if he doesn’t play.
  12. 6 weeks ago a playing partner asked me who I liked in the Masters. I said you gotta go with DJ. He said he was showing some early season rust. I said he had plenty of time to work that off. Hasn’t happened.
  13. Is that the best name they could come up with?
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