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  1. I am stocking up. Interesting that you say you’re not going to start hoarding golf balls, but you have several years supply and you keep buying more.
  2. I have little doubt Tiger will return to the Tour. The big question is at what level is he able to perform? Best case scenario, he wins 10 more times, including a couple of majors, between his return and his 50th birthday. Worst case scenario, he struggles to make cuts and finishes middle of the pack when he does play the weekend. The truth is probably somewhere in between.
  3. You got me curious. I checked Amazon. The first hit I got, the Taylormade Store, has Tour Response white at $57.06 a dozen with delivery the second week of November. You can get a dozen yellow right away, for $72. The TM website has them available at $34.95 with shipping right away. This plus your observation leads me to believe TM is curtailing shipments to retailers in favor of selling them online at full retail rather then sell them at wholesale to other vendors.
  4. Kirkland and DTC brands are going to feel the pinch first. Titleist, TM, Callaway have the clout, and the $, to go to the head of the line with suppliers.
  5. I agree. But what happens if the cheaper balls start disappearing from the shelves? Do the guys who use them just stop playing? Or do they bite the bullet and buy a premium ball putting even more demand on production.
  6. A recent No Laying Up podcast addresses this. They report there is a shortage of ionomer, also known as Surlyn. Before you say “No problem for me. I play a urethane ball”, be aware that the mantle layer of your urethane ball is made from ionomer. Just yesterday I asked the guy at my local golf shop if there were any golf ball supply issues. He said not a problem with top line balls but cheaper balls are getting hard to get.
  7. The same could be said about the 40 year old who drives a BMW M3 when most of his driving is his commute to and from work. That Toyota Coralla would do the job just fine. And before the BMW fans get their knickers in a twist I have nothing against anyone driving a BMW, a Mercedes or any other car they choose. If it wasn’t for aspirational buying many brands like Rolex, Gucci, Armani, etc. would be in trouble. How many guys buy a Rolex on credit? They go into debt to buy an expensive watch when a Seiko or Casio would tell them the time. If only single digit handicappers bought Pro V1’s Titleist would loose a lot of business.
  8. Apropos to this topic, there is an article here on GolfWRX looking at which golf brands appeal to different personality types. One of the conclusions is golfers buying decisions are “driven by a futuristic vision”. That is they choose equipment based not on their current ability but on their aspirations to be better. Someday they’re going to be good enough to play pro line irons and tour balls. Isn’t that one of the charms of the game?
  9. I can’t imagine why anyone would care enough about this to post about it. If your playing partners like ProV1’s and are OK with the price what’s it to you?
  10. Nobody is perfect of course. But what we know about Jack as a player, family man and businessman doesn’t leave much room for criticism.
  11. I always thought Ben was treated unfairly by CBS.
  12. Yes. On the Champions Tour.
  13. I know you’re not being snarky, but the point of my post is not to brag about attending the Masters, but to highlight the first impression of everyone who sees Augusta for the first time. It is hillier than they expected. Much hillier than it appears on TV. I read recently that it’s the consensus of Tour caddies that the toughest walk on Tour is Augusta. Tiger’s experience and familiarity with the course may give him a big advantage. But that might be offset by the physical demands the course will make on his body. What’s that about the spirit being willing but the flesh being weak?
  14. I agree with the experience/thinking aspect of winning the Masters. What I question is will he be able to handle the hills of the course for an entire week. Have you ever walked Augusta?
  15. I’m pretty sure Tiger will play golf again. But by play golf again I mean 18 holes 2 or 3 times a week, using a cart, with his son or with friends. What is less clear is will he be able to return to PGA Tour golf and all that it demands? A level above that is can he play and be competitive? The next level is can he contend? Each of these steps become more and more difficult. Finally if he feels he cannot contend on a consistent basis will he decide it is not worth the pain and effort to continue?
  16. I’ve said it before. The next dominant player is 12 years old right now and Chinese.
  17. Yeah, that’s the kind of publicity TM wants. Taking one of their biggest stars to court because he thinks another putter is better than anything they make.
  18. You’re asking if anyone here has seen the contract? This is GolfWRX. We deal in speculation here.
  19. This is GolfWRX. We have a long list.
  20. Possible scenario. Also the most optimistic.
  21. An Olympic gold medal opens doors for the winner of it is in the right sport. Swimming, gymnastics, some track events. Figure skating and skiing in the winter. How many doors does the Olympic gold in hammer throw open? Water polo? Equestrian? Archery? Kayaking? Or dozens or scores more sports. An Olympic gold in golf will matter if the player has a larger resume in addition. Namely majors. Or multiple tour wins. Xander will cash in on his gold medal. In the short term. He is young, marketable, and has untapped potential. But the gold medal will not carry him for long. He has to win multiple times, including majors, and Players. I don’t think it’s going to happen but if he doesn’t build from here the XS story will not be about a gold medal winner, but about a guy who never lived up to his potential, even though he did win gold. In short, an Olympic gold medal is a resume enhancer for a success career in golf. By itself it’s pretty meaningless.
  22. Several of you have posted your experiences with serious leg fractures with a variety of results. My question for you is are you now able to walk and play 18 holes for 4 consecutive days? I believe that is going to be Tiger’s biggest obstacle.
  23. I agree that Olympic golf has its issues. But I really don’t care what they do to address them, or even if they address them at all. I don’t care if they change the format. I don’t care which players are chosen to compete. Olympic golf only comes around every 4 years ( well 3 years this time until Paris in 2024). I can deal with all these issues once every 4 years. Unlike sports like track and field, or swimming, the Olympics are not the ultimate competition for golf. Not even close. The 4 majors are where it’s at. The Players has more prestige with both players and fans than the Olympics. You could probably name several other tournaments around the world. Start your own list. I was glad to see Xander win. I hope it helps him reach the next level of winning majors, and I’m sure his victory will be a treasured memory for him. When 2024 comes around I’m sure I’ll watch the golf competition. But between now and then I’ll spend zero time thinking about it.
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