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  1. Late coming to this thread, but will add my thoughts. First, I hear what you are saying. Im not sure you are correct about the designers intention, as I am sure there is more to it than just sticking the red tees 20 yards shorter, and its considered in the design and slop rating / par etc. Anyway, I am a 18 HC and have been for several years. Two years ago I joined what many think is my areas premier private course. Its absolutely lovely, a traditional English parkland layout. Trouble is, its hard. Some of the par fours I will never reach in two, go offline and you are either lost ball or unpl
  2. Not sure of your preferred wedge setup ? Im in 54* SS and 58* Eye and find it a great combo with the 410 U
  3. Im not sure why my fellow Brits are upset about Azinger being dismissive about the European Tour. Whilst its very well organized and competitive, there is no doubt that its a stepping stone for many. There are a handful of good events but many are played on wide open new courses in far flung places with absolutely no crowds but no doubt ample sponsorship. Check out the leaderboard for yesterdays Oman tournament and see how many names you recognise. If Rory, Reed, Fleetwood etc play three or four times in Europe each year they are rights at the top of the Race to Dubai because the fields are th
  4. Frog Chorus. Mull of Kyntire. Anything by wings. Nah, he wasn't even the best songwriter in the Beatles.
  5. I used U,S and L in the G400's and posted some photos the day I got them. I was happy with them and if I am honest I needed nothing else. I play the G410 now, down to U, with glides for S and L The glides have a nice cavity, and are forgiving, and do appear a bit more versatile around the greens. I have always been baffled about mid to high handicappers using GI irons then Vokeys for their scoring clubs. If you are at that level (me) I doubt bounce, grind, heel relief etc reduces your chance of thinning a ball over the green into a ditch.
  6. The average golfer can buy off the rack clubs with R flex and notice absolutely no difference to "fitted"clubs
  7. I don't see any reason to look further than Ping fairway woods, love the face, easy to launch, sit great behind the ball. Ive a G400 SFT 19 degree adjusted to 18 degrees that will be staying around. That said, it rotates with a 19 3 hybrid depending, if I'm honest, on how I feel that day.
  8. Find a good local pro. Get a series of lessons covering all aspects of the game. Practice regularly what he tells you. You can do all this over a period for the price of a new driver. Your welcome :)
  9. Might differ in the UK however I am a member of a club for one reason only - to maintain a handicap. To do this I play in a few club comps each year, and the reason for it is so that 3 or four times a year I can have a round at one of the local Open/Euro Tour venues. Living near Liverpool I can be at Hoylake, Birkdale, Hillside etc within 30 mins. They specify a handicap required to play. Whilst I am a perfectly well adjusted individual with family, friends and career etc I love to play golf alone. Its meditation if you like, and I play my best then. My handicap would be significantly lower if
  10. Heres my effort for 2020 G410 plus Driver G400 3 and 5 wood (in their 3rd year) G410 3 and 5 hybrid G410 irons 6 - Gap Glide 3 54 & 58 Spider tour platinum putter (in its 3rd year) Ive also bulk purchased Chrome softs so hoping I stick to these as much as anything
  11. Ping Tour is a "good" shaft
  12. > @"j.a." said: > > @bostonbrahmin said: > > > @Redjeep83 said: > > > > @newportbeach said: > > > > > @Redjeep83 said: Koepka??? > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > uhh no, he uses a T10 select newport 2 prototype. His insert is tellurium copper (one of the softest metal materials) > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > uhh ok what is the insert on the new Teryllium T22 putters? Maybe I'm missing something here - "tellurium copper" v. teryllium
  13. I believe this would help my game tok and have thought about it. With the use of hybrids too you could get the lofts down to 31.5 degrees, which would get you down to 7 Iron ? I suppose you could play a lot of bump and runs / half shots with your hybrids too. It won't look like tour golf but every year I get beaten by senior (more senior than me...) golfers who can't hit the ball high or far but who keep the same ball for a dozen rounds. I get many of us would score better just using a 7 iron tee to green. Depends wether thats golf in your mind
  14. > @Mikey5e said: > So far, I have literally used a total of two tees. Two, because I lost the first Martini tee. > Longer Drives. > - Independent laboratory testing proves that Martini Tees give you drives that are both farther and a straighter, compared to wooden tees. I have used the same Martini tee, pink, since February. I will lose it one day and I will truly be devastated :)
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