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  1. Hyperflex may be the most comfortable golf shoe I've ever worn. They do not have the support of the Premieres if you need or like that feature
  2. Sure, thanks for your reply. I wanted to leave it open ended, aiming to get the gamut of thoughts. Hopefully this will stimulate a brisk discussion and I'll give my reasons.
  3. I have not yet been to Bandon but have been planning a future trip. After seeing it during the US Am, I'm making a U turn about going. I'll sit back and let the roasting begin......
  4. I've been a Club Cameron member since 2002. Not sure if I'm just being picky or there has been some not awesome releases. Pass on this one.
  5. My pro just ordered one for me yesterday.
  6. My thoughts echo most everyone else here. Shipsticks is more expensive and could be more convenient. I have used them if I'm playing golf for part of a trip where the rest is non-golf. If I fly, especially direct, for a dedicated golf trip then check them. I have found that most resorts have a good system in place for receiving and sending out clubs via Shipsticks. I usually call ahead to let them know. One tip. Keep the box that you ship in so you don't have to buy a new one every time.
  7. They have these on the Shop Pinehurst website. It looks like they are an in stock item so no waiting. https://shop.pinehurst.com/no-2-bubbawhips-alignment-sticks-p2034.aspx
  8. > @jvincent said: > SKB makes a hard sunday case if you want to go with 8 clubs. > > https://www.skbcases.com/sports/sku.php?cat=16&pid=106 > > Barring that, their smallest full size case will hold any carry bag and is probably smaller than your Sun Mountain. I used this SKB case this weekend and it did fine. It seems like it will hold up for the long haul. As far as checking it, on my outbound flight it ended up at the destination airport baggage office just like a full set bag. On my return, it was on the carousel with all the rest of the luggage. No ide
  9. I appreciate everyones input. I called and do need my own putter for the fitting. As per the TSA, you can not carry on a golf club. I did find, on a travel website, a person that made a club carrier out of 6 inch PVC pipe using duct tape to seal it. My worry there would be the TSA rips into the tape and does not replace it. Another option I put in a different thread. SKB makes a small hard side club carrier. At $175 its a commitment but carrying two customized Scott's it may be the best option. Again, thanks for your input.
  10. I am traveling to NYC and considered setting up a putter fitting at True Spec. I'm trying to figure out the best way to take my putter only. TSA looks like carry on is a no go. I found a smaller case from SKB. Anyone have experience with it? Or any other suggestions? https://www.skbdirect.com/roto-sunday-golf-travel-case/
  11. I'm traveling on Labor day weekend wanted to take my putter only. Has anyone done this? On the TSA website it looks like that is a no go. I have seen people carry on tennis racquets, fishing rods, etc. Thanks for your input.
  12. I heard a rumor that Vessel was making the new Titleist bags. Anyone else heard this as well?
  13. As a follow up, I sent mine back and got the Vessel Sunday bag
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