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  1. The Back of The Range podcast is really good for amatuer golf coverage/experience.
  2. Got some extra shoes to move. All in good shape considering their age. Medium width. Lunar’s and tw17’s are 11.5 and the Boosts’s are 11’s. They never got a ton of use as they are a little big for me. How about $35 each shipped conus. Deals for multiple pairs. Trade interest for Footjoy 10.5 and Nike 11 or mallet covers. Boosts are sold
  3. dual balance heads are 50grams heavier at the 38" standard length, so with 20's in there either that putter was a 36" from the factory or they have been swapped out. https://www.titleist.com/golf-clubs/putters/dual-balance
  4. 34” unrestored original. Head weight is 343 and I have 7g of lead tape I put on a few months ago so it will come off easy if you don't prefer that. Dancing cord grip is in good shape. Would consider trades for a Swag Handsome 1. Text 402-672-2277 for more questions/faster response or pm. Thanks! $450 shipped and pp’d sold pending payment
  5. Both pairs are gently used. They are the darker prizm lenses and in great shape free of any scratches. They work perfect I just don’t wear glasses for golf much anymore. Draft’s (grey) $125shipped obo 2.0 (white) $100 shipped obo balistic case and soft bag included for both
  6. 1. Planemate barely used, box included, 2 green bands 1 red and all clips in perfect shape. $135 obo shipped shipped SOLD 2. 2 pairs of Footjoy Classics Dry Premier 11d. Got them brand new in sealed boxes 2 years ago and they are my cart only shoes but I’m just downsizing shoes. $80 each obo shipped, now $70 shipped. 3. Footjoy Fury 11med. I really love these shoes but have multiples of both of these. They are in perfect shape, a couple spikes could maybe be replaced. But otherwise I love these shoes! Super stable. $55obo shipped each, now $45 shipped 4. Footjoy Flex- 11 med, only used a few times. Super comfortable just another shoe I have multiples of and don’t need. $50shipped obo, now $40 shipped 5. Watson Hanger-perfect shape just don’t need it. $65 obo shipped, now $55 shipped paypal is [email protected] I can ship quick early this week but will be gone Wednesday on until next Monday. Dm or text 402-672-2277 for more pics or questions. eBay is nofehr00. Love to make package deals. Thanks
  7. the odyssey arm lock putters can have the lofts adjusted to roll just like the older "dual balance" putters. they should be about the same from a balance and weight standpoint.
  8. it rolled it great! loved the bright alignment lines and high moi, i just needed something with a little more toe flow. Switched to an T5w 1.5 and had 10 rounds at 5under par or better! i've been a loyal Cameron user since my first TEI3 NP2 i got for Christmas in 1997. I've seen some fakes before, this was not a fake, it just didn't work for me.
  9. putter was real, weights were fake. threw the fake weights away and sold the putter with some 20g weights i had from an Cameron weight kit.
  10. Not sure why you are going back to something this old. But I did determine it is real. The little milling ports underneath the weights are to even out the head weight. I compared it to a new in plastic one at a retail store and had a few store owners and the guys at the Cameron Collector all confirm it is real.
  11. These are awesome! I have a similar one and use it all the time. Best there is IMO
  12. Just to clarify the new set of trestle sticks are sold. The Mackenzie bag with trestle sticks are still available.
  13. 1. $sold shipped and pp’d Mackenzie Walker ballistic nylon, very minimal use. Has the initials EV on it but I removed it as best I could but it’s still slightly noticeable. My plan was to put a cool patch over it. trestle sticks included. I also have another brand new set of Mackenzie trestle sticks if anyone wants them for $sold shipped. 2. TBC Needle Golf mallet cover. Used a few rounds but looks pretty much new. $sold shipped/pp’d 3. $750obo+actual shipping/I would prefer to do local pickup 66503 Caddy Trek R2 electric walking cart. Used about 15 rounds, works perfect I just have 2 e-carts. Had march, follow and remote functions. Goes 36 holes on a charge. Weighs about 40lbs, chargers included. text 402-672-2277 with questions paypal is [email protected]
  14. I currently have a Caddytrek R2 which i would say is in that premium category and i will say i'm not a fan of it. I think the march and follow features are completely over rated. First off they are a pain in the butt to engage them and two you can't park your cart next your your ball with those features on, you will run into the same issues with the tether feature. The other gripe i have is its loud. The motor always hums and the remote always finds a reason to beep. i play a lot of high level armature tournaments and the sound is a deal breaker. And lastly the buttons on the remote are raised so it's really easy to bump one and have the cart take off unexpecting. i have a few buddy's with the V2 and i'll be getting one of those and it checks all the boxes i want and price is not a determining purchase factor.
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