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  1. the odyssey arm lock putters can have the lofts adjusted to roll just like the older "dual balance" putters. they should be about the same from a balance and weight standpoint.
  2. it rolled it great! loved the bright alignment lines and high moi, i just needed something with a little more toe flow. Switched to an T5w 1.5 and had 10 rounds at 5under par or better! i've been a loyal Cameron user since my first TEI3 NP2 i got for Christmas in 1997. I've seen some fakes before, this was not a fake, it just didn't work for me.
  3. putter was real, weights were fake. threw the fake weights away and sold the putter with some 20g weights i had from an Cameron weight kit.
  4. Not sure why you are going back to something this old. But I did determine it is real. The little milling ports underneath the weights are to even out the head weight. I compared it to a new in plastic one at a retail store and had a few store owners and the guys at the Cameron Collector all confirm it is real.
  5. These are awesome! I have a similar one and use it all the time. Best there is IMO
  6. Just to clarify the new set of trestle sticks are sold. The Mackenzie bag with trestle sticks are still available.
  7. 1. $sold shipped and pp’d Mackenzie Walker ballistic nylon, very minimal use. Has the initials EV on it but I removed it as best I could but it’s still slightly noticeable. My plan was to put a cool patch over it. trestle sticks included. I also have another brand new set of Mackenzie trestle sticks if anyone wants them for $sold shipped. 2. TBC Needle Golf mallet cover. Used a few rounds but looks pretty much new. $sold shipped/pp’d 3. $750obo+actual shipping/I would prefer to do local pickup 66503 Caddy Trek R2 electric walking cart. Used about 15 rounds, works per
  8. I currently have a Caddytrek R2 which i would say is in that premium category and i will say i'm not a fan of it. I think the march and follow features are completely over rated. First off they are a pain in the butt to engage them and two you can't park your cart next your your ball with those features on, you will run into the same issues with the tether feature. The other gripe i have is its loud. The motor always hums and the remote always finds a reason to beep. i play a lot of high level armature tournaments and the sound is a deal breaker. And lastly the buttons on the remote are raised
  9. To put the S+ in perspective Rickie Fowler and and Woodland used to hit those. So unless you load it like them with freakish speed and a fast transition its way too much shaft. I used to hit the cTaper 120’s and then got fit and I picked up 14 yards with a 6 iron and dispersion and consistency got way better. That’s why no one on tour hits the cTaper is they are too boardy. I went to the modus 120 stiff and I have a driver swing speed around 112 and a +4 handicap. The best way to know for sure is get fit by someone really good.
  10. It’s a magnet closure made by Needle Golf. I have a 5w Cameron and it’s a little big but not bad. I also have an X7m which is a big putter and it fits perfect. So smaller mallets like a Golo would not be ideal for this but pretty much everything else would work well. It has a lot of padding so I feel the measurements would be misleading. Let me know if you need additional info.
  11. 1. Swag Handsome Too Raw Carbon- really wanted to love this but going a different route. Let’s do a package deal for the cover, bag tag, non-taper Swag kangaroo grip, and putter. Length is 34” and has a new Lamkin deep etch cord grip. Putter has had very little action but it’s a raw head so it’s made to rust. How about $600 now $550 shipped for all? 2. Cameron oil can custom shop- plays 33.5” has a t22 pistolini grip. The head is in good shape but the finish is tarnished but that’s what oil cans do. This is how I bought it. $310 now $280 shipped 3. TBC Needle Golf mallet c
  12. i have about 12 rounds on a Caddy Trek. I got an insane good deal on a barely used one otherwise i would not have gone that high end. Paid $500 for it. I like everything about it except that i never use the march or follow features. They are a pain to engage and they don't work very well. otherwise the cart is very stable, batter is good. Oh and the remote has raised buttons which i don't like because if you stick in in your pocket to and bend over and accidently push a button your cart can take off. It's also kind of noisy, it has a slight hum. If i had it to do over i would get the Alphard E
  13. that Inside Down the Line works so good! transformed my putting stroke! someone pick that up!
  14. wasn't that the bag that mygolfspy.com rated as best overall carry bag last year? i question a lot of their rankings/ratings most of the time.
  15. i love them!!! The stability paired with light weight is what does it for me. The comments about them picking up debris are true but not a deal breaker. if it's wet in the fall with leaves everywhere i would probably wear something different but thats probably the only time. i hate non-spiked shoes because i slip a lot and i've never slipped in these. they also have a ribbed/waved insole that feels really good to walk on. i would also say these require a small amount of break in so wear padded socks the first few times.
  16. SOLD. t22 34” but shaft label says 35” as I trimmed it down. Perfect condition could pass as new, cover included, SS mid slim 1.0 grip, I have other Cameron weights and grips if you want something changed out. now $375 shipped-bb1 welded long neck 350gram head,33.5”, cover included, one minimal blemish on the top toe but it is really tiny, had Lamkin deep etch standard size and will include Bettinardi jumbo as wellnow $350 shipped-Toulon San Diego long slant with site dot, pretty much like new just a few practice sessions with it. I think the head weight is 355, plays 34” and has a sweet Odyss
  17. Ping Hoofer's or the new L8 are fantastic for all that. they don't the full length individual dividers but i'm not sure why one would want them. I usually have 15-17 clubs in the bag and rarely have any club tangle issues.
  18. does the putter cover have a logo and will it fit a mid-mallet like a Flowback/Golo?
  19. how do the Sligo sweaters run? their website size finder only shows women's sizing.
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