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  1. Check out some of the Titleist F2/TS2/TSI2 they tend to be a bigger footprint and tended to stay pretty straight for me and Im a notorious hooker of the ball. Cobra has their Big Tour Fairway but ive never tried that.
  2. How big are you wanting. The mini-driver trend pops up every few years and those were bigger. Callaway had the 3Deep wood, and the Big Bertha 1.5 and Taylormade had the Original One mini-driver and 300 series. Those came in like 11.5, 13.5 lofts. So a strong 3 wood.
  3. I believe the Ventus line in the heavier shafts moves the balance point in the shaft so they are slightly counter balanced. Might be an option in exploring those, not sure if its all of them or just the 7X black.
  4. 2016 M1 broke it in september this year, and grabbed a SIM2 and havent been as happy with it. Its good, but that M1 was something perfect.
  5. Most times there is marginal differences between a ladies driver and the mens. I was looking to get my parents now drivers and I think the Ping LE2 vs G425 only have a 10g difference in the head weight. Funnily enough looking at the ping website, the G425 driver has a lighter shaft available (42g vs 44g), and more lofted heads as well (12 in mens vs 11.5 in ladies). Biggest difference between the two is the ladies driver comes a full inch shorter at 44.5 vs 45.5 inches, looking up the Stealth drivers from Taylormade their biggest difference is the in length as well with the ladies model coming in 2 inches shorter compared to the mens. So it really depends on what youre looking for in going for a ladies driver. I think the biggest thing is going to be the overall length, and there are lots of topics on people discussing the pros and cons and testing a shorter driver so that could give you some ideas.
  6. tipping would make marginal changes in the actual performance of the shaft, its a fine tune strike and other really small changes. Guys on TXG did a test with a ventus red and tipped it 2 inches vs a stock one, minor launch and spin differences. Edit: realized you are asking about upping the flex, and not tipping. My bad.
  7. This. https://www.makeitfrom.com/compare/SAE-AISI-1020-S20C-G10200-Carbon-Steel/SAE-AISI-8620-SNCM220-G86200-Ni-Cr-Mo-Steel
  8. I dont use them, I kinda like the look of worn/beat up irons. Now my woods on another hand, cant stand any damage or scratches to the crown.
  9. If you dont have your form right, and even if you do, you can injure your back pretty badly, if you dont know how to bail you can hurt yourself/pass out you can find super cuts of it on youtube from squats and heavy deadlifts. Knee injuries can occur. So you need to take a lot of precaution, a belt, proper technique, learning how to do it properly. Its a great exercise. In university, a guy on my team tweaked his back on a heavy warm up set. Guy was out for a month. If you want to see some easy distance increases squatting is a pretty good way to do it, strengthens most muscle groups. Also recommend a lot of women to get into squatting for the bone density benefits helps against osteoporosis. But there is a major difference between doing some lighter reps for the benefits, and pushing 300lbs.
  10. One of my buddies played for the Packers, Ahman Green didnt squat over 265 or so during the regular season and kept it pretty low during off season, and went for a whole bunch of reps. Ahman said that the risks werent worth it for heavy squats. I hit 575lbs at my one rep max during my playing days. But after hearing about Amhan, I moved to much lower weights and higher reps. I only do a big squat weight push now a day during squatober. I wouldnt say it was too much for his frame, or too much for his joints, squatting heavy has been shown to improve bone density and numerous other things. But there are major risks with it.
  11. Honestly, I dont think you can go wrong with any OEM. Taylorrmade have some awesome wedges out, their P series of irons are fabulous, woods have been great for years, spider putters are all the rage. Titleist if I could keep SM6s, irons always good, TSi range is phenomenal, Scotty putters. Callaway I usually love theirr wedges, their irons have been great, they were making some of my favorite woods for a long time. Id probably pick the brand if I had to do an all matching bag on the wedges, and driver. I play blade/cb combo set and they are all so similar its kinda moot. But I want my driver and wedges to look/sit a certain way.
  12. Chrome Soft X the whole year, only change was I ended up going triple track by accident and its something I really like.
  13. mizuno makes great clubs. People just like the brand they like, minor differences between most major OEMs at the same club type. You want Japanese forged, and with a pedigree of winning and for being soft you go Mizuno. If you want an "American" brand with a pedigree of winning and a lot of peoples dream players club you go Titleist. You really cant go wrong.
  14. I messed around with Graphite Design shafts for a bit I did like the AD BB, Im a player who tends to favor/play stout low/low shafts. Matrix Black tie, HZRDUS Black, Tensei Pro White, Ventus Black. I believe the XC is the updated version of the BB. I played the BB between the black tie and hzrdus for a while, in a Nike Cover head and BB7x. I probably would have kept that thing forever but it ended up getting stolen out of my golf bag.
  15. https://golfweek.usatoday.com/2020/03/03/usga-reveals-us-womens-open-loses-millions-annually/ Because the womens tournaments dont bring in the money. US Womens Open loses the USGA 10.4 million dollars a year they put it on while the men bring in 165 million... The USGA has also previously had difficulty finding courses willing to host the tournament as well, even threatening to revoke the mens tournament if courses wouldnt host the womens event. Even the double header at pinehurst had some of the stadium seating removed to make the stands look fuller on TV.
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