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  1. lots of back orders and delays on most club components, steel shafts are particularly bad. Brother had a 14 week delay earlier in the season for S400 shafts, things are still majorly slow.
  2. Chill guy, we played on a mens night at my club, was pretty good with anyone wanting to say hi after when at the buffet. Open course and he was pretty consistent with the driver, struggled with wedges and some short game. Pretty sure hes low single, but like I said mens night and most guys are just out there to play golf and get a little tempted to hit stupid recovery shots. Just want to throw a bit more info on the price of everything. When I was fit for woods in particular, I got a free option, an upgraded option, and then swung a few with a ultra premium option (800 dollar shaft). Was straight up told that in no way do I need the ultra premium option and that either the free upgraded shaft or mid rnage option were better, that they recommend one of those. It was something like half a mph of ball speed increase, no real dispersion difference, and the spin was within the same window as the other two. Not sure if its still the case. Irons I ordered from them, bit of a show with those, the OEM didnt have a 6 iron head in, wouldnt ship without it. Weeks pass, my order is shipped to the wrong location. The clubs are being sent down to the main location and the van is involved in an accident and Im waiting at the store to do a final test, end up going home empty handed. TXG ended up having one of their staff members deliver my clubs to me on the golf course which was a 45 minute one way drive from their location, after calling me and telling me the clubs were ready and they went over everything.
  3. Yeah Ian has a major wait list now, a few guys I know are friends with some of the staff, Ive played a round with Matt previously through mutual friends. Funny to me I got fit when they first opened, full bag fit by Ian for 250 dollars. Cant speak to the fitting cost tho. Before the pandemic Ian had guys flying in and out day of for a golf fitting. Their in house builds can get pricey, but they do weigh everything, measure everything, and make sure its perfect. I didnt go that route and ordered from the OEM, and saved a boat load of cash.
  4. Ventus Black 7X plays close to 79 grams I believe. I have one in a driver and Im very happy with it.
  5. every club is a ND MCC mid-size. They are various colours depending on when i regripped, or how many grips I could get in certain colors. Wedges, driver and 3 wood are currently a different color to my irons.
  6. Reed was hospitalized for over two weeks with bilateral pneumonia. His health would be a major concern, lots of healthy individuals ive seen/treated have difficulty walking distances and get tired quickly after being in the ICU. I wouldnt pick him this shortly after getting out and not seeing him play. Just like I wouldnt pick Tiger for medical reasons no matter how much he wanted to be on the team without seeing him play.
  7. Cantlay had a total of +14.577 strokes gained putting. Made 537.5' of putts over the course of the tournament, was perfect inside of 5' making 41/41 putts. This is with a putter he has had in the bag since Wednesday of last week. https://golf.com/instruction/putting/simple-putting-trick-patrick-cantlay-historically-good-bmw/
  8. Yeah was not a fan of the new Callaways. I have really liked the new Cleveland wedges this season, but havent pulled the trigger on new wedges.
  9. I think thats the stock Japanese shaft. It was just called Diamana Orange. edit: https://fastgolf.jp/1912-imrn.html
  10. Not necessarily all only fashion but, C. Woods got by on her unlces name, Gulbis, Creamer the last few years, Fassi currently. Fassi is getting toured around and put in a bunch of marketing with Taylormade and her career looks DOA. There was also that whole Christina Kim and other less attractive pros getting angry about the models and influencers making more money than them two years ago and was supposed to bring about clothing changes on the LPGA.
  11. Grinding down the 60 and then re-stamping it would be the way to get it to keep the same color on the wedge. If you dont want to grind it off, maybe a bit of solder would work to fill the 0, just scrub it and use some flux and then apply the solder. Not sure how the solder would take the stamping or if it would dislodge itself tho.
  12. I despised the new vokeys, SM7 and SM8 just did not do it for me. SM6s were phenomenal wedges. Played Callaway wedges since leaving the SM6s. Though Callaway has this bad habit of releasing a terrible looking wedge every few years so I end up testing new ones out and skipping it.
  13. There is a hzrdus smoke blue RDX out currently, might be your best bet to try that out. Its in a bunch of clubs currently so you can probably find it in a demo club. Hzrdus yellow is a mixed bag for some people, its counter balanced and for me launched higher while still being a (low-low shaft) than the black but you may differ on that some people just dont get along with counter balanced shafts.
  14. the cobra radspeed was pretty low spin and launch with the weight forward. But I dont know if youre really going to find the spin killer you want with a -4.9 AoA. If you want a low spin monster, either a 430CC M1 head, I got nearly no spin on toe strikes with that, or the original SLDR which was unforgiving and super low spinning and started a loft up campaign. Those would probably be your best bet in trying to bring the spin down through the head alone. But those are pretty unforgiving bandaid fixes.
  15. When south korea hosted the winter olympics they got really fast and loose with giving citizenship to a bunch of Canadian/US hockey players to fill out the korean national team. Some guys only ties to Korea were they married a Korean woman, and had never been in the country before the Olympics. But that was enough to give a guy a spot on an Olympic team. I actually know a guy who was approached about trying out, his grandmother was korean, his mother was born in canada to a white canadian father and korean mother, and he was a quarter korean. Kinda loses the magic when you look too closely at it, but I get why people would take the chance to compete in the olympics.
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