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  1. Not really on the LPGA, hasnt there been some majorly high profile players not getting clubs they want to test/replace because they arnt with the company.
  2. Its this, the USGA had articles about how much money each US Open brings in. The mens subsidizes everything, the US Womens Open is losing 10.4 million a year. https://golfweek.usatoday.com/2020/03/03/usga-reveals-us-womens-open-loses-millions-annually/
  3. This would do it pretty handily. Bryson was taking 2min 40s to play his shot compared to Wolfe at sub 40 seconds. Its supposed to be a 60/40second shot clock as well isnt. Well there ya go, Bryson never wins anything agian.
  4. Funnily enough, swimming did ban specific materials for the body suits some teams were using. https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/full-body-swimsuit-now-banned-professional-swimmers/story?id=9437780 Though the swimming governing bodies acted extremely quickly, the suits were introduced in 2008 and after a mass amount of recrods were broken they were banned before 2009 in the US and 2010 internationally. That said, Bryson is still going to have his advantage. Hes bulked up, will figure out how to legally reduce spin and everything else to get optimal launch and spin conditio
  5. 4/5/6 in the 765 and 7-PW in 965. Works out really well, I have no issues with the set up. 765s are slightly weak to ensure the gapping is correct.
  6. The foam is mainly there to modify the sound and feeling of a hollow body iron, it does basically nothing to boost speeds off the face. The only reason there could effectively be a dud is if there is a major problem with the head, a crack or something, and with thin faces and hollow bodies cracks and things do/can occur.
  7. If the tour did this DJ would have an even bigger lead, he was -34 heading into East Lake through the previous events. His closest competitor would have been Webb at -21, with a few other players in the low teens. No one would have stood a chance. Rham would have been -8 entering the week still. McIlroy would have been at -1.
  8. New driver. I had an M1 explode on me, then my Hzrdus Black broke in a borrowed M1 driver next round I played. Its the end of the season so Im using a spare driver I had stuff laying around for, might get a SIM at the start of next season Ive played one round with a demo one and I loved it, maybe see what Callaway does. New 3 wood. I have a Callaway Epic Sub Zero, and I hate the thing. It goes left on left for me I dont know why ive kept it in the bag for so long. But leaning towards the SIM Titanium 3 wood. New 2 hybrid. My i20 is getting old, the shaft is de-laminatin
  9. Phil needs to string together a perfect four days, and get really lucky. You see this happen at The Masters, with the old guys in contention for the the first 1 to 1.5 days and just slowly fade away, father time is undefeated. He basically trounced the Champions Tour, was 70 yards past the guys in his group off the tee. He isnt long enough, or strong enough to keep getting away with sloppy shots against the younger guys. He even said it himself during the champions tour interviews, he gets tired, but on the champions tour when he feels himself getting tired he can hop on a cart and
  10. So youre hitting down on the driver? Youre never going to kill spin as much as you want with just a driver set up. You will be fighting to balance launch and spin, Sergio is a prime example of this, hes way down on the driver and plays it with 12+ degrees of loft and a massively heavy shaft. You will probably want to look at the SubZero/SIM/ other low spin head with a heavy shaft in it, a Hzrdus Black 75/65g is a low launch spin killer. Probably also want to put the TP5x, or the AVX ball also if you want to bring spin down further you can drop a few hundred spin with that change as well.
  11. They have to have them slower for that because there has been one in the last few years that they cut the greens too fast and short and when the wind comes the balls dont stay in place on the greens. Plus traditionally bigger mounds and sloping on every green if they dont make it slow enough removes a ton of pin places unless they just want to punish players on every hole.
  12. Didnt Tiger just not show up for the play offs one year and had enough points to win it?
  13. DJ made 1.7 million dollars. https://thegolfnewsnet.com/golfnewsnetteam/2020/08/23/2020-the-northern-trust-money-purse-winners-share-prize-money-payout-120180/ Champions tour pays out 250k to 400k for a win, the total prize purse this week is 3 million, so likely above the 400k which is the payout for a 2.5million dollar purse tournament.
  14. you need to get on a launch monitor. At your swing speed and angle of attack you will have an optimal launch-spin window. Your toweringly high miss to the right has less to do with 1 degree of drivers loft and all to do with your delivered face angles and loft. Wishon: The practical facts about spin and shaft design So if you get on a launch monitor and youre 4 degrees up, but launching too low, adjust the loft up to get to the optimized launch conditions to max out your driver. The WRX article has trackman stats to optimize carry, total distance, and roll out, so if you want something low
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