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  1. I think the stars is just a feature of how often someone is posting - I had perfect feedback previously but haven't been using site much since the redux and I just noticed today when I posted to tell someone I wanted to buy a putter that under my name it looks like I am 2 stars, or 2/5 stars, which seems bad, but can't really figure out how the stars are calculated....
  2. PM sent on Ping - i'll give it a shot, looks cool
  3. I'm fairly certain I found it on here a few years ago, but now it seems lost. It's a video of random, bigger, guy in sweatpants in his basement filming his swing (now that I'm actually posting this, it does sound crazy, I know). He references this video from 10 years ago where Tom Lehman is using some sort of swing trainer and demonstrating the L hand through release: I've been playing better than ever with this, I think it's just helping me fully release the club through (think the throwing club down the range drill, monte feel / release by plane video etc) but I just wanted to find his
  4. pictures are all messed up from the new system, but I think they all are posted, just out of order. questions just ask. thanks.
  5. See pics / descriptions for condition; only positive feedback here. if you would like any more pictures just let me know happy to provide them. Would love to trade for an M4, or possible M3 with a stiff shaft; would consider M5 or M6 (plus $$ from my end if the club is right) also , in true club-ho form, I'm open to any trade offers, worst case I say no, but who knows? 1. Cobra F8+ 9.5 driver stock NV stiff shaft; in great condition; with stock headcover. have used for maybe 3 weeks or so; sticking with F7+ for now $185 obo 150 OBO 2. Titleist 917 D3 9.5 min
  6. thanks for that information zitlow! seems dangerous chopping with the hosel in terms of having a wide open face and /or the dreaded shank, but i guess you just trust the release and the face closes, correct?
  7. I’m trying to figure out the difference between this and Monte No turn / cast drills? Maybe similar concepts ? I always get sucked in to trying these....
  8. Bubba looked into Reed's bag to see which club he had. How is that not cheating? He then proceeded to hit a massive fade into the water. #Karma i noticed that too - and they even made a special replay of it on TV and talked about it. I am thinking it's not cheating by definition because he did not ask anything, just observed? still agree with your karma assessment.
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