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  1. Two shafts for sale both with TM M Series/SIM adapters. PayPal only and shipping will be USPS Priority Mail with tracking number. 1. Diamana D+ 70 stiff flex driver shaft. Played 45” in my M2 driver. Great Shape with fairly new GP Tour Velvet grip. SOLD 2. Diamana S+ 70 stiff flex 3 wood shaft. Played 43” in my M3 3 wood. Great shape with GPMC grey grip. $50 OBRO
  2. Unbelievable, does this and still no response! He linked this to his current BST listing.
  3. Just found out he sold an M5 to another member as well and stopped responding to messages from the other member last Friday and he sent the same exact pics to them that he sent me!!! WARNING DO NOT BUY FROM THIS MEMBER AS HE HAS SCAMMED SEVERAL MEMBERS IN THE PAST WEEK!!!
  4. I'm with you OP, I had a guy today msg me about a used M5 driver that he wanted $400 for when you can walk into any Golf Galaxy or Dick's and buy a new one for less and it's not like 2019 Taylormade drivers are hard to find.
  5. I’m betting he stole the pic from the listing and never actually had the head, just a big box of air!
  6. Further investigating I found this... Picture of M5 head he sent me in GolfWRX DM Picture of M5 head listed on eBay by seller ksouth9 with over 150k eBay transactions. Hmmmm?????
  7. Well turns out he sold and failed to ship items to two other members on this site and they filed refunds with Paypal, so I have just done the same. This member is KandJMasotti and he currently has an active BST listing, so I would strongly advise anyone not to purchase. His listing is pictured below. I sure hope the moderators suspend him from this site or at least suspend him from the BST and WTB so this does not happen to someone else. It has happened to two other members besides myself and one of them was within the last week and I hope they comment on their experience with this seller
  8. I will but I will give it until tomorrow. It should be noted that this seller has an active listing in the BST and apparently another buyer is having the same issue as me.
  9. Expressed to the seller that I was leaving Wednesday evening for a four day golf trip and wanted the head for the trip. Seller has told me twice he shipped the item 2 day shipping and shipped it on Saturday but has failed to send tracking info or even respond to messages asking for the tracking information.
  10. I just tried to email him from his email provided on the PayPal transaction and it came back as email not found or unable to receive email. Now I’m getting a little suspicious. I have had nothing but perfect transactions on GolfWRX so this is definitely a first for me.
  11. Actually I beg to differ if the seller said he shipped it and has failed to provide shipping/tracking information for 2 1/2 days. Thanks for your opinion though. If you would have read further in the thread you would have read that I ship and provide shipping information within 24hrs of sale. So if we never do business it’s for the best. Have a great night.
  12. I understand your points and I was not going to file with PayPal or out the seller. I was just merely commenting on it being longer than 72hrs and no shipping information has been sent, (ie) tracking number or carrier. The seller only stated he had it but has not sent it to me, which would have had to shipped on Saturday like the seller said. It is now more than day since he said he shipped it and had the info but nothing provided to me. I was just looking for some feedback on how long I should wait before doing something, thus the title of my post "How long after payment for shipping inf
  13. I posted in WTB looking for a driver or head only. I was contacted by a member that he had one he was willing to sell, head only. He send photos and a price of the driver, head only, and I agreed to purchase it. Payment was sent on 8/28/20 at 9:29am. Since then I have only received two messages, no of which had any shipping information or tracking number. The first message was right after payment stating that he would not have time to ship it out that day but would ship it Saturday, 8/29/20, USPS Priority 2 day as he did not want to use UPS because they are taking to long to de
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