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  1. PayPal ready to go! Looking for either of these two sets in standard L/L/L. Looking for PX LZ 5.5/6.0 flex or Pro Modus 105/120. Looking for a used set in really good condition or if you have a deal on a new set let me know.
  2. Fantastic set of Titleist T100 irons, 9 iron set. Standard L/L/L, all the same serial number custom set from Titleist. Project X LZ 5.5 shafts with MCC +4 standard grips. Pics show the condition. Conus shipping and PayPal payment only. Irons will ship UPS with tracking number. **ONLY trade interests would be JPX 921 Forged or Ping i210 4-P/G in same condition or better that are standard L/L/L. SOLD 3 iron face 4 & 5 iron face 6 & 7 iron face 8 & 9 iron face
  3. Mizuno JPX 850 & 900 Forged. Mizuno took it away on the 919 series.
  4. Jet Black SM8 wedges 54-10 S grind and 58-08 M grind. Both have stock DG wedge flex shaft. Stock grip on the 54 and MCC +4 align on the 58. Shaft bands have been removed. Fantastic shape as pics show the condition. SOLD 54 face 58 Face 915H 2 hybrid with Diamana S+ 70 stiff and headcover. Fantastic club in great shape. No skymarks. SOLD
  5. Are the T100 as forgiving as the previous versions of the AP2, even though they are as close to a blade as you can get from your description?
  6. Nice looking set and in fantastic shape! IMO best irons Nike ever made. GLWS!!!
  7. That is my fear with the 120s. I hit the ball plenty high but the PX LZ shafts get up to peak quickly but flatten out and just keep carrying. My experience with lighter weight DG like the old DGSL and the AMTs is that they go high and spin a ton causing loss of distance for me and are no good in the wind. I was hoping that the 120s would be different, more like the standard DG.
  8. I started with the 710s and moved to the 712s. The 712s stayed in the bag for a while as they were a great set of irons. I skipped over the 714s and went to the 716s. I liked them but never could find a shaft that worked in them for me so I went to a set up JPX 900 forged until the 718s came out. Played the 718s for a year and then went back to the JPX 900 forged. Just put the T100's in the bag this winter and have not had a chance to get them a test driver yet, but I am really liking the looks of them and how they set up to the ball. I think they could have really hit a home run on the
  9. Currently have a set of T100's in the bag 4-G w/PX LZ 5.5 shafts but I have a chance to get a demo set of Ping i210's that have only been hit indoors a few times, so basically new at a great price. I have always like the i210's but have never pulled the trigger in the past on them. I'm a true ho as I just put the T100's in the bag even though I have never played with them. Bought them based off or performance of the 718AP2s that I had previously. The set of i210's I can get have DGS120s in them. For those who have played both or have experience with both please feel
  10. IMO, the only thing you would be getting by waiting for the new release, whenever that may be, is a smaller bank account balance! Honestly, look at all of the iron brands over the last several years, and let me know if there was a huge breakthrough or a game changing design. Buy the i210s and be happy as the are solid irons that will work for you for years. You are not gaining anything by waiting for the next new iron release, and in some cases the new release sometimes is not a good as the previous model.
  11. Up for sake is a weight kit for the #9 model in the Odyssey Protype ix series. These are rare putters as only 500 of each model was released in the US. The models were #9, #4, and a #1. They were a Japanese release before that. The weights are specific to each model and are not interchangeable between the models. Just wanted to be clear. This was confirmed by a phone conversation with Odyssey about them. They fit this putter. They do not fit my #1 model, found out too late, so I’m passing them on for what I have in them. $30 shipped
  12. Looking for either one of these wedges only to complete my bag. DG wedge flex or TI S400 shaft. Used it fine if it is in good condition or a smoking deal on a new one.
  13. Absolutely love this putter. Amazing feel and balance. Insert feels amazing. Kicked my BB1 out of the bag! Only 3 models offered, #1, #4 high toe, and #9 high toe. Only 500 of each released in the US, as it was Japanese release first.
  14. Driver: SIM Max from 2016 M2 FW: TS3 from 915F Irons: T100 from JPX 900 forged Wedges: still looking for some SM8s Only clubs left in the bag are my 915H and my Odyssey protype ix #1. Almost a complete overhaul
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