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  1. Players distance iron, JPX 921 Forged, end of discussion!
  2. Odyssey Protype weight kit for #9 putter. Includes 10 and 20 gram weights as 15 gram weights come standard in the putter. Also two extra screws, and tool. $20 shipped to your door. This is the putter the weight kit is for but should fit metal X milled #9 as well.
  3. Two items for sale and shipping with tracking number is included in the price. PayPal payment and CONUS shipping only. 1. Project X HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX 6.0 flex and 60grams. This is the limited USA edition with PVD finish. Absolutely a gorgeous shaft and hard to find in 60 gram weight. Tip to grip it is 44 5/8”. Has a brand new blue/black NDMC grip and Taylormade tip. SOLD 2. Titleist Vokey SM6 60-08 M grind wedge in jet black finish. It is in fantastic shape with only wear of the black finish on the sole and face. Grooves are still deep, see close up photo. Stock DG wedge flex shaft and new GP Tour Velvet standard grip. SOLD
  4. Looking for this exact wedge in your chrome finish and standard DG wedge flex shaft. Used in good condition is fine, do not really need new unless it a smoking deal on it.
  5. HZRDUS Smoke Yellow 60gram 6.0 flex with TM tip. Driver length shaft that is 44.25” tip to grip uninstalled. GP Tour Velvet standard grip. $80 shipped to your door. Paypal and CONUS only.
  6. Two shafts and two headcovers for sale. Prices include shipping within CONUS. 1. Ventus Blue 6s with velocore TM tip and new Golf Pride NDMC white out grip. 44.25” tip to grip. $250 shipped to your door! 2. Diamana S+ 70 stiff hybrid shaft with Titleist tip. New Golf Pride tour velvet grip. 40” tip to grip. Came out of my 915h 2 hybrid. SOLD 3. New after market Taylormade driver headcover. SOLD 4. Slightly used Odyssey question mark blade putter cover with magnetic closure. SOLD
  7. FYI, I went from PX LZ in my JPX900s to my current JPX 921s with Pro Mod 120s and it took some time for me to adjust to the shaft and it has a completely different feel and loads completely different than PX LZ. IMO the Pro Mod is a ton smoother and easier to load.
  8. The 921 Forged are a smaller profile, less offset, and have a pre-ground leading edge like the 900s did, but Mizuno removed from the 919s. Additionally the 921s are forged Chromoly in the 4-7 iron and forged 1025 steel in the 8-GW. They are not boron steel like the 919s and 900s. IMO the 919s we too big of a profile and I hated the sole interaction with the tuff. Additionally they do not have near the feel of the 921 Forged. However as the first poster said, the wait times are long right now for custom orders. However the Pro Modus 120 is the stock shaft so you could always order them as a stock X and have a local fitter adjust them for you from standard loft and lie. However if you are not standard length, then that could pose and issue for lead times.
  9. Only used once and could easily be sold as new. Grey frames with blue polarized lenses. $200 new but will sell for $155 shipped to your door.
  10. I would say the Callaway Rogue or the Epic Flash (not the sub zero versions). I have tried just about every fairway wood out there over the past couple of years and nothing has kicked the Rogue out of the bag. It is long, forgiving, easy to launch off the deck and fantastic off the tee. It checks all the boxes for me, the only ones that have come close to it was the TS3 and 915F. However, I am intrigued by the Sim Max, but at this point it would take an act of congress for me to take the Rogue out of the bag.
  11. Stick with the JPX 921 Forged. I've had both and the Titleist T100's are not as forgiving and feel is no where near the JPX. The 921 forged are not Boron any more so they are Chromoly 4-7 and the 8-GW is grain flow forged 1025E carbon steel just like the MPs and the JPX 921 Tours. I am still getting used to them from my 900 Forged, but that is mainly due to a shaft change to the Pro Modus 120. I thought I would like the JPX 921 Tours better, but not the case. The 921 Forged are a fantastic set that are forgiving (subjective), and they offer distance and shot making. Hated the 919 Forged but the 921s are the real deal.
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