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  1. The White Ice series of putters were released in 2009 and a newer version in 2010. The original WHP was released in 2013 and so was the Protype ix in 3 models and only 500 of each model. This is the description provided by Odyssey on the face insert if the Protype ix… This is the review by plugged in golf… This leads me to believe is not a White Ice insert. But again Odyssey does not go into detail about the insert or if it is the same insert for one of their other putters. White Ice #1 Insert Protype ix Insert
  2. Nope, this one is never leaving home!
  3. Anyone else gaming one of these putters? From what limited information I found on them is that they were a Japanese release and then offered to the US, I believe back in 2013. They were only offered in four models and only 500 of each were offered for sale in the US. I’ve had mine in the bag for 3 years now and I haven’t found a better putter that can replace it. Often thought of having a copper insert put in it but not sure I want to risk messing it up. I have no idea what white hot insert is in this model but I have rolled any other Odyssey’s that feel the same.
  4. I am interested to read any responses to this thread as these are the two shafts I am looking at as well.
  5. Wanting to build up a little PayPal money so clearing out some extras. PayPal payment only and items will have tracking info provided when shipped. 1. Evenflow Blue fwy shaft with Titleist sure-fit tip. 6.0 flex and 75g weight. Used in my 915f and has stock GP tour velvet grip. There is epoxy just above the ferrule that was there when I got it. Appears as if the shaft may have splintered a bit and it was epoxied to repair it. I never had any issues with it, but price reflects this and it is pictured below. $35 shipped. 2. Evenflow Blue hybrid shaft with Titleist sure-fit tip. 6.0 flex and 85g weight. Played it in my 915h and it has a new NDMC grip. Shaft looks brand new. $60 shipped. **0r make me an offer for both!!!! 3. Sunfish black hybrid (X) headcover with white and red strips. Barely used and in perfect shape. $12 shipped. 4. Odyssey weight kit for #9 Odyssey putter. 2-10g and 2-20g weights, tool, and two extra screws. $15 shipped
  6. The TSi3 is the only thing I have found to match my 2016 M2 for feel, sound, look at address. I feel that the old M2 if hit in that one small special spot just fires a missile. However it is not as forgiving as the TSi3. The TSi3 also produces better and more consistent spin rates and launch angle for me.
  7. So I’m looking at the Hzrdus Blue RDX for my TSi3. Does anyone game this combo or tried it? I’m currently battling the D+ Limited and the Tensei AV Raw White, but no where to try this shaft.
  8. Whit1969

    TSi3 v SIM2

    I would think with the twist face and fully injected face the SiM2 would be more favorable on toe strikes
  9. +1 on the 16.5 fairway wood (HL 3 wood or 4 wood). Callaway makes some great easy to hit fairways. The original Rogue series was very easy, just not the sub zero version.
  10. Whit1969

    TSi3 v SIM2

    Following this thread as I am down to one of these two drivers. Recently coming from the SiM Max OG with a Hzrdus Smoke yellow 60. Distance was good with this SiM Max combo, but I could not turn it over right to left at all. Stock drive for me was straight or a slight cut. I’ve read several posts that the original SiM drivers were pretty much fade biased. I can turn over every other club in my bag from right to left. So looking for comments regarding the TSi3 and SiM 2 (not max) especially if the SiM 2 is fade bias.
  11. I have not had a chance to hit the 223s as no one around me has any in stock yet, but I love my 921F. I have them 1 degree weaker than standard lofts so they are the same as the 223s. Hard for me to imagine that the 223s are an improved design over the 921F. The 921F are very a very solid set. The smaller profile of the 223s does have my interest though.
  12. Went back to the 915F after experiments with the TS3, the CallawayRogue, and M3. I did not like the feel of the TS3 and the 915 was easier to work and longer for me. The Rogue was fantastic and very long but the ball flight was very high and I fought the lefts with it. The M3 was shorter off the tee and struggled with it off the fairway. So I decided I’m just going to stick with the 915 and quit experimenting. Had the same shaft in all of them for comparison as well. The 915 is just easy to hit off the tee and fairway and it feels like the ball just explodes off the face. I see several tour pros with it still in their bags as well.
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