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  1. Take up modding cars. That'll make you appreciate how inexpensive golf is unless your golf fees are ultra elite country clubs.
  2. Holy crap they're $175 per shaft...
  3. The Players was played in March from its inception to 2007. The main reason it was moved was because the PGA Tour was getting tired of weak fields in many events from the Masters until the US Open in June. Now with the PGA Championship moving to May, it allows the Players to go back to March where it belongs. March is basically smack dab in the middle of peak season of golf in Florida....as evidenced by the Florida Swing on the PGA Tour each year. To think the course will be easier because of "over seeding" is ridiculous. TPC Sawgrass is like a lot of Florida courses - its dependent on the wind for its defense, because there is very little elevation changes. The only reason the scoring was so good this year is because the wind laid down literally all weekend. Typically, the winning score at The Players is somewhere between -12 and -15. The cut last year was +2. I honestly believe that over seeding 100% will make to tpc sawgrass easier. And would be willing to listen to why you would think otherwise. The greens are what gives this course it's teeth. And what introduces the risk/ reward relationship of tee shot to approach. You don't have to go long, but you definitely have to miss in the right area. You make it easier to hold greens and you take the teeth away. Which is what you get with overseeded greens. It will hands down make the course easier. If you look at the difference between the majors and the other tournaments, it is primarily the difficulty of the greens and the rough. You just cannot rely on wind in the US. I say we keep it in May, make the rough more penal, make the greens ridiculous and watch some players 5 putt. Sorry players, you can't have your cake and eat it too. If it was easy, everyone would be making 1.9 mil a tourney. the wind makes Florida courses hard, period. Wind and water...water everywhere.
  4. Can't say this are all very equal comparisons. For example I feel the same as the OP but I just don't the enough quit in me to stop. I don't play sports to get fresh air. I play to compete and win. If it turns out my talent doesn't allow me to be competitive with a chance of winning there is no point in playing. If I want fresh air I'll take a walk. If you're someone who just plays for fresh air and can enjoy yourself no matter how you hit the ball then that is awesome and I truly can't explain how happy I am for anyone who can feel that way. For me golf is a weekly exercise in self loathing that I delude myself into believing will improve.
  5. Knox does not need the $$$ :lol: Not to mention +3 isn't even good enough in the first place. Thank you. Someone with reality on here lol...Knox is a good player, yes, but he would have his a** handed to him on the Champions Tour What a frustrating position to be in. At least at scratch you know you have no chance at any tour but you're still very good. At +3 you're so close but so far.
  6. underachieved? do you really think so? i actually think hes done pretty much what was expected, i reckon hes done well to prove hes not just a show pony, he's contended in majors, he's won a players, and hes won some other tournaments. If he gets a major and maybe 4 or 5 more tournaments in his career hes done really well. Look at Couples...very similar to Rickie with his popularity yet he only won one major yet no one is saying he had a bad career compared to other players who maybe won more but likely made less money overall.
  7. If you're defining careers based solely on wins then it's Reed but a career is a lot more than that. As pointed out earlier the total value of Rickie's career is much higher than Reed's. Money comes in the form of marketing and Reed can win 3 more majors and still wont be as marketable as Rickie. So if I had to pick I'd take Rickie's career any day over Reed.
  8. I don't have a wife and kids but I'll tell you how my friend deals with this. He goes out and makes the money and provides a nice home, car and all the financials needed to raise a family. She raises the kids. If he wants to play golf on his day off he plays golf. If your wife works this is always going to be problematic. You either need to be fully the man of the house or not. If she likes all the nice things she's provided she'll understand that all that money you make requires some leisure time and her full time job is being a parent.
  9. Jackson Hole is a special kind of cold. Especially with that wind. I remember stepping out of my hotel warm to walk a few blocks to dinner only to feel my the cold penetrate into my bones within the first 100 feet.
  10. Because its the Corales Puntacana Resort and Club Championship? And probably a decent amount of the people tuning in want to hear about Romo and his round and not about Zach Zakback or Willy Pumarol. I'm watching Zach actually haha. He played on my ex GFs kickball league when he moved to FL when he was turning pro.
  11. I was hoping they would pair Romo with Bowditch and Kaufman just to see who would be low man of the group. As of right now it's Romo...
  12. My guess is he's going to have a lot of those. Way to take a spot away from an aspiring player and give it to a guy who probably won't even finish. He's been Mr. WD for a long time. The tour needs to step in on some of these sponsor exemptions. It seems more like a circus/reality TV show than a tour event. Give Romo a shot on Big Break and keep him off the tour. He has almost no chance at making the cut. The point of a sponsors exemption is so sponsors who pay money to fund the event can bring people in that they feel will increase interest in the event and create more exposure for their product. Not to give the #600 player in the world a shot at a tour card. Sponsors exemptions have no bearing on any of the earned spots in the field.
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