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  1. Help my wife and my 8 month old move to our first house. PM me for PayPal info. 1) Taylormade Aeroburner 10.5* Driver Head - Love the distance with this club. Shows now noticeable scratches, dings or dents. Very minimal wear to the face. Condition = 9/10 - $90 shipped 2) Ping G10 4-PW with stock Stiff Shafts - Played the G30s and went back to these boys. Show surprisingly little wear to the grooves and very little bag chatter. Black dot, so standard length and loft. Condition = 8.5/10 - $OLD 3) Nike SQ 4 Wood and 7 Wood Heads - If you've played for a while you'll remember these were some
  2. The quality of these irons makes me ashamed of my bag...
  3. Based on the pic that musta be one heck of a range session. Looks like it's been through a battlefield lol
  4. No worries, it isn't your typical combination but it's great to see others who liked the combo too. I'm a big fan of this shaft. This one I bought unused this summer, but I've played this model in my fairway woods for a long time. For me it felt smooth and had a good mid launch. There's a reason why I keep coming back to this model...
  5. I'm a 20+ handicap, so I needed some good game improvement irons and these were the best IMO. Got fitted for the G30 at 2nd swing in Minnesota, and the LS was really bringing my spin rate down into the low 2000s/upper 1000s.
  6. These clubs have been everything I could have wanted. But with a school teacher's salary and my first born on the way, I sadly must send these "babies" on to someone else. Priorities. Sorry for any sideways images, but Golfwrx's uploader is screwy. All prices include shipping and insurance, unless you live north of Minnesota. Then add $20 to the driver/wedges or $35 to the irons. 1) G30 LS 10.5* w/ Stiff ProLaunch Platinum (includes headcover and wrench) I was struggling with big mishits off the tee until I got this baby. The forgiveness is amazing. This one's in excellent condition, n
  7. PM me with any questions or offers. For my neighbors north of Minnesota, add $20 bucks for international shipping. Matrix White Tie 6x3 Extra Stiff Great looking shaft and a great upgrade for your fairway wood or mini driver. It is 42" long and tipped a 1/2 inch more than the Matrix trimming guide, to play true to the X flex. Will end up being just over 43" installed in most clubs. The grip is a brand new Golf Pride MC Midsize to match the colors on the shaft. - $85 OBO shipped
  8. Won't find better deals for these clubs out there. Shoot my your best offer.
  9. [quote name='carrier street' timestamp='1439694672' post='12145968'][quote name='Pent08' timestamp='1439693532' post='12145892']It's amazing how defenseless a tight, 7600 yd course can become with a little rain and lax wind conditions. They destroyed this place today.[/quote] I think part of it is that the main purpose of that course is to be a resort/destination course. It has to play reasonable for all of the one timers, so it's pretty straight forward and the greens aren't real crazy. As someone else pointed out, it's essentially a standard Dye target golf course with a links shirt on. Th
  10. [quote name='Fade to Black' timestamp='1439691007' post='12145616'][quote name='ecblack21' timestamp='1439688211' post='12145280'] What percent chance do you give him tomorrow? It's gonna be tough to wrestle it away from Day, Spieth, and the dark horse...Kaymer [/quote] Lost it a bit at the back end of Round 3. He'll need to come out hot tomorrow to make up lost ground and pressure the later groups.[/quote] I think he needs to get to -3 through 6 to be in the mix. He can birdie 1, 2, 5 and maybe 6 if he keeps it in the fairway. Tony has a great combo: long off the tee and great inside 15 f
  11. What number does a guy like Finau or Kaymer need to post to have a shot tomorrow? 65-66?
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