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  1. This may not be in the right forum but I saw a real life shot of the VPR Strike 3 wood that never came out and searched a little and found some images of the line that I hadn't seen before so thought I'd share.
  2. I like the RZN HS Tour balls a lot. Can't quite tell if the numbers are different than the RZN Tour Plat/Black, but at some point I will try to get on a monitor.
  3. That's a comparison of the RZN 3 piece and the which Nike ball?
  4. It is noticeably softer off the putter than the RZN Tour Black. I'm fairly confident this is the Platinum.
  5. Right, so the question remains are these the RZN Tour Black or RZN Tour Platinum. Off the putter these feel a little bit softer than the RZN Proto I'm comparing against , so I'm leaning towards Platinum , but not sure I can tell for sure off the putter face.
  6. Just got them in the mail I'm thinking the MS is the RZN Platinum that was a 3 piece and the HS is the RZN Tour Platinum
  7. The MS tour is a 3-piece ball and the HS-Tour is a four piece. Was the RZN Platinum a 3-piece ball this whole time ?
  8. Websites a little funky but seems like these are the exact same as the RZN Tour Black / Platinum only problem I don't know if it's Black or Platinum
  9. I got 12 dozen for $240 and free shipping. So $20 a box
  10. Update: they say right on the site that they were Nike's Golf ball manufacturer. Looks like the RZN ball lives on for the foreseeable future.
  11. Hey wrxers, I came across these RZN golf balls looking for the last generation of Nike RZN balls since I'm starting to run low. These look to be the exact same marketing as Nike and the same ball, micro dimples within the dimples and everything. Does anybody know anything about these , are these the same ball just minus a Nike sign? It looks like they have 4 Types which would be consistent with what Nike offered. They even say they have major wins on tour, so this must be the same ball right ? RZN HS Tour = Nike RZN Tour Platinum/ Black ? RZN Speed = Nike RZN Speed ?
  12. 5. Nike Vapor Speed Tour Issue (2 Dot) 3 and 5 Woods with 7x Tour AD DI and 8x Tour AD BB Shafts. These are a monster combination and have the two dot impressions in the cavity indicating that these are the smaller tour issue version. The 3 wood measures 42.5 inches and the 5 Wood is 41.5. The both have blue super stroke TX1 standard grips. In great condition with regular splash marks on the faces but not chips dings scratches or dents. $sold for the pair
  13. 3. TaylorMade M3 440 Tour Issue 9 Degree Driver Head Has been hit on the range maybe 10 balls, but there is no evidence of that. Looks Brand New and has the Tour Issue "+" on the hosel. Can include Project X Hzrdus Smoke Black 6.5 60 gram shaft if interested. $200 4. TaylorMade M3 460 8.5 Degree Diver Head I bought this used just for the shaft and never actually hit it. Still in great condition very little face ware and no scratches, dings or dents. $150
  14. 2. Nike Prototype Method Putter -35 Inches Pistol GTR Tour Grip I don't know too much about this putter other than I was told it was one of the prototype putters when Nike was first making the method inserts. It rolls really well it feels a little softer than the retail methods do. $sold
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