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  1. I’ve been playing so inconsistently all year and was told by a golf instructor that I was swaying to the right off the ball so I thought I’d give S&T a try again. Tried it when i first came out.I have the original book on Kindle and watched Rob Cheney’s videos. Practiced it for a week and went out a week ago Saturday and shot 78 with a double on 18 and missing two 3 foot putts during round. Was having hard time breaking 85 all year before this. It was basically fairways and greens and to my surprise I was hitting the ball slightly further with S&T. During following week only got to practice Friday for 9 holes playing three balls off every tee and again struck the ball very well. That night however my lower back right side started acting up and goes without saying didn’t play well in pain Saturday. I’ve had this pain before a few years ago and chiropractor told me its a muscle pull. I’m quite sure that I over did something (moved the wrong way) in part of the swing. Has anyone had a similar problem using this method? I’d love to know what I did wrong so as not to repeat. I like the S&T but can’t have a back issue .
  2. Had a Great golf instructor 4 years go who helped me take my handicap from like a 16.6 to 8.3 in three months. He just had a knack for seeing what was wrong and how to help you. During that time I did exactly what he told me. I would see him about every 2 to 3 weeks for a lesson and they would only take 10 minutes because I practiced what he told me and went on to the next thing. Unfortunately he no longer teaches and now I’m afraid to try some one else. I guess if you find a teacher you click with listen to him or what’s the point? The funny part I find is that I see a lot of what Tyler Ferrell, Monte, and other online videos teach in what he showed me. But he knew what elements related to my swing. LOL
  3. Yeah too simple. It does seem however that a while ago teachers would tell you to keep a flat left wrist and roll release. Now teachers seem to want you to move your hands more like a door hinge with no roll.
  4. First off I’m no teaching pro. However, it seems to me that all the teachers I’ve watched are trying to get you to the same place. Wrist bent backwards. Monte with NTC, Malaska with his constant wrist bent back and little ulnar deviation, Clay Ballard the move, Milo Lines wrist bent back. Etc. I guess you call this hinged motion vs up c0ck or thumb up. In all their styles the impact is the same with no rolling over of the hands to square the hands like in traditional instruction. I think you could pick one and a long as you follow exactly what they show you you will come out in the same place. Or an I looking at this wrong? Don’t think you should mix instructors however. Just my opinion. Maybe to simple?
  5. To be fair I have been working out on a Total Gym and switched last week to the one blue stick with the superspeed protocols. I will of course go through Ballards 20 minute course, it takes 3 weeks, and I’m interested to see what happens. When he says 20 minutes its 20 minutes a day a few times a week.
  6. Used the 3 stick couple of times a week last season and pretty much stayed at 93 mph hitting balls up to November and end of year. Started again in early February an have leveled out again at 93 mph hitting balls. Today just for the heck of it went to range and did day one of Clay Ballards 20 minute distance fix. Didn’t expect much. It’s four parts each hitting 5 shots eachs (lifting heel, turning hips more, turning shoulders, getting hands further away and behind you) to see which one helps with your swing speed the most. Started with regular swing for base line and sure enough 93 mph. Part 1 increase to 95-96 part 2 and 3 about the same. Part 4 first swing speed jumped to 101 however and I figured fluke. Second swing 99 third 100 fourth and fifth 101 and fairly straight. What’s up with that? I haven’t hit 100 Mph since I got the monitor. not even close.
  7. Yes! I own them both. As well as use the bounce 2.0 and D for D .Well worth the price of admission. I’ve learned a lot and recommend these videos all the time. This timing thing with the wrist early,gradual,or late is probably a minor point but the Dean abides seems to answer a lot of questions about Monte’s videos so I thought I would ask. That’s a problem with golf. I’m always looking to improve but usually stay at about the same level around an 11 handicap. LOL
  8. The reason I’m saying this is because in Montes video the efficient swing when the club is parallel to the ground he says just let the weight of the club head get the club to parallel. Than when he gets to left arm parallel to the ground he has a 90* wrist set. Just seems like it’s more gradual than in four magic moves when right off the bat your wrist are set and you just go to the top. What am I missing? Not trying to be difficult just want to understand correctly and put this part of my swing to bed and not have to wonder about it.
  9. Wow! I used to do it that way. But Monte says to c0ck your wrists when arms are parallel to the ground in his video’s. I’m confused.
  10. That is funny. I think of that book every time someone mentions the motorcycle grip move. Not for the early wrist set though. Kind of feel that the quick wrist set advocated in that book is too early. Am I wrong?
  11. I ran out of MTB blacks last week and went to DSG to get a dozen balls. Figured I’d try a straight distance ball since My swing speed is like 93Mph. Picked up the Bridgestone E6 for low spin off driver. Used yesterday hitting every chip 15 ft past the hole. LOL Just ordered 2 dozen MTB Blacks. I don’t know what I was thinking.
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