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  1. Just got back today from trip. I would drop Quintero and play Wickenburg Ranch. I played both we ko pa courses and Quintero and Wickenburg Ranch . I would only rate Saguaro course ahead of Wickenburg ranch.
  2. Scottsdale in early May. Wickenburg, we ko pa, ak chin dunes, verde River.
  3. So did my trip and was able to play talamore, mid pines, pine needles, pinehurst 8, long leaf, and Carolina trace creek course. Long leaf was the only course I would not go back and play, pretty bland course. I enjoyed no.8 but thought the greens were very hard to read. My favorite course was Mid Pines. We had 5 holes that were cart path only but the course was a delight to play. We were the first group off the day we played and finished in about 3:15. if I lived in Pinehurst I would want to be a member here. It's that good to me. 36 holes at mid pines and pine needles is a real treat. October
  4. Awesome,looking forward to making the trip
  5. Will I have to worry about courses doing in punching on their greens during this time? Looking at playing wekopa, wickenburg, greyhawk, ak chin dunes.
  6. I would say there is great golf in Wisconsin, Oregon, South Carolina, North Carolina, Utah, New Mexico
  7. So I'm headed to Pinehurst in October and Las Vegas in February. I am planning on playing #2,#8, pine needles and Shadow Creek. Also hoping to put a trip together for Wisconsin for next summer. I'm just curious what others have coming up?
  8. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Jon Rahm
  9. It's seems to me that the way to keep memberships cost low is by allowing outside play. The Scottish courses are a great example of that. Look at what Murfield does, play allowed on Tuesday and Thursday at set times and they basically charge whatever they want.
  10. Will the golf economy ever get to the point that the private clubs in the U.S. Allow outside play for a price. I would think that adopting some of the standards like tee times at certain times of the day or opening the courses to the public on Tuesday and Thursday would benefit these courses greatly. What are your opinions on this? Am I just a fool for thinking this way?
  11. Pine needles , mid pines, Pinehurst #2 and 8
  12. I am looking for a course to play on day of arrival. I have tried Raleigh Country Club but am not getting anywhere with them. FYI it was easier to get on at Dismal River and Sandhills. So now I just trying to figure out what makes the most sense now. I have though about little River, Carolina Trace, as I head towards Pinehurst. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  13. Does it matter what mgm resort you stay at? Thinking about going in January for my birthday
  14. I wrote a letter as well. Make sure to give multiple dates to play. Also provide your email and telephone number in your letter. I actually screwed up and didn't include Ballyneal in my trip which was a mistake. Sandhills and Dismal River courses are a trip to remember
  15. Curious to see if you all think Cabot is the better deal right now with the strong U.S. Dollar? I could see playing a few courses in Nova Scotia besides Cabot. So trip may be worth while to me at least
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