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  1. I have the same problem.... taking a proper divot is violent and can even hurt my poor wrists
  2. The hardest to hit blades would make a bad azz practice set... like an unforgiving race car then come race time you want the race car with all the tech to keep your azz on the track
  3. Sounds bout right.... that stuff is part of the adventure How you react to it and manage it is also part of the adventure..... what happens when the next time you go and everything is fine? Was is worth being discouraged all day when lookin back?
  4. Yeah I hear ya my poor other leg (right luckily) is already killing calf and hip no bueno lol
  5. I'm not sure I will have to get back to you after my first appt. But Im guessing the Open kind lol. Cut you open sew it close it up... gonna have a nice scar on the back of the heel
  6. Been through same stuff... i switched to Jumbo CP2 and love them. Limit your practice dont just bang a million balls... use the opportunity to get better with softer wedge shots, putting and chipping etc
  7. So I snapped my Achilles last weekend riding skateboard and had surgery yesterday.... Anyone have Achilles surgery and how fast were you back to playin golf and to what degree? Thanks! I'm 49 go to the gym everyday and will have no prob following the PT protocols....
  8. I think it makes sense cause golf is a mental sport specially once your physical game is decent... There are so many mental blocks of intimidation in the game of golf and the industry is overly laden with how difficult the game is.... then one day you realize that par aint no big deal and that bogeys happen when something goes really wrong which it doesnt have to if you can adjust your mental game to help improve your game and not hurt it as is so common.... jus sayin
  9. Thanks buddy you always know what to say lol....
  10. Bingo Richard.....yet this is the most overlooked ironically I'm learning to play in tourneys as a par golfer. Got a tourney next week and I'm experimenting by playing around with my attitude towards it now and while I'm playing. I used to be a competitive athlete that loved and excelled under pressure but we all know tourney golf is another beast that must be learned but I'm trying to bring in some of my old baller attitude towards golf as I'm just curious if it will work... Charge like a confident boss while smiling with a soft touch lol
  11. Haha all good my friend good luck with you back!!
  12. Wow way to take a general good fix for most people as most people do not workout and make an extreme example that is ludicrous lol... must be Friday afternoon Yes if your arm is broken or even better yet if it was bitten off by a shark you wanna make sure to do bicep curls later that same day... best fix possible
  13. Who's this MAT guy? I had a really bad lower right back thru Corona even had to go Chiro and massage and that helped but as soon as gyms opened up in Cali and I could do my back routine with light deadlifts and roman chair the back cleared right up.... jus sayin folks... workout!
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