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  1. I've been on DL since Oct when I snapped my achilles so been watching golf, first time Im watchin Moes videos and I agree with so much he does and says. I'm going to try and implement a few things when I return.... feet down for accuracy even if hurts distance which is cool cause got power, wider stance so more consistent, play into that front bent knee is a big one for me cause I'm a tennis player and I already think that way and do it on wedge shots.... sometimes I'll hit a beauty of a wedge shot and I'll tell my buddy that was a tennis shot staying down on it and thru on a bent front leg
  2. Dude try playin a hold off cut shot... also watch some Moe Norman videos stat! See how he is thinking no rotating even if he does a little... Stop your video 1 frame after contact at the 11 second mark.... look how extreme you've rotated that damn club face brother... Its why I play a strong grip and dont rotate cause timing that rotation is a futile endeavor
  3. Ya... it popped mid Oct 2020 started PT in Dec. Doing good can hit balls now with bad balance on left foot (right handed). the calf lost all its strength.
  4. That's why I love a strong grip.... less roll if any. Watch... backswing... no roll and down swooshhh and snap thru bammm.... see no roll
  5. Good luck hippy, once you get to scratch it's so much easier getting back there.... same in fitness as you know cause those muscles remember. I'm a par golfer that constantly gets injured and have to rebuild my swing too many times a year, latest one is I snapped my achilles skateboarding in October. I want to play par golf in tourney's but got to do it in practice first lol
  6. I had that same pain but on the inside of the middle finger knuckle... It was arthritis... got so bad I wore a splint on the finger when I played, great for long distance flipping off people across fairways. Usual applies: practice less, practice short game more chipping and pitching putting till better, jumbo grips, ice, cbd lotion... nothin new
  7. Like Moe Norman said the longer game is so much easier cause just full shots...
  8. Well ya computers belong in that world..... but not golf! Oh I can't hit a straight shot/fade/baby draw so let me plug in and have computers help me cheat my way through a wonderful experience of learning how to play golf like everyone has for 100 years... instant satisfaction has ruined the experience for many young players that are cutting corners and don't even know it. Mommy tie my shoe laces...
  9. If its not a big aerodynamic advantage, then weight must be the big influence over swing speed.
  10. Maybe golf is no big deal to him anymore.... it lost its luster. Unfortunately not like he can be honest about something like that with all those million $ golf sponsors
  11. He'll be fine by the end of summer... his back will be a bigger issue then his legs..... and I would bet on it if I could!
  12. Golf is stuck in the 1950s. So pleasant and fake. Why do you think shorts aren't allowed, oh my its not proper young laddy! It's just the old guard, when they die off or move along the newer younger commentators will change things. Oh but then people won't like that either, oh I miss how polite everyone was on TV...
  13. I notice it too. It promotes wrist snap, which Im also experimenting with. I hit my furthest shots when I snap them wrists...
  14. Of Course I'm serious! We were fine playing golf before the computer had to stick its nose into our beautiful game.
  15. The Launch Monitor revealed all the secrets.... how high, spin, roll out etc. Let the computer pick your clubs etc... Honestly wish they were never invented, they are so ungolf like. The spirit of the game is grass, ball and a stick, nature effecting play, gentlemen's rules.... not computers!
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