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  1. Stop using a line on the ball... that's just a band aid. You want to develop skill. Without gimmicks. Put something on the practice green or on home putting carpet like a small hardback book or shoe or whatever that has any mark on it or use a sharpie to make a mark and putt to it from 2 feet away, dead straight putts by the way lol. This will make your aim so good and then back up for further ones. The idea is when you put that alignment line on any object from 2 feet to 100+ feet its dead on. How can you aim from far if you cant hit short ones. When aim at different parts of the cup or green you'll know your dead on.
  2. Ever notice how its hard to find exercises that work hip rotation, they all seem to be for core rotation. Do you know one? I tried tightening a soft weight belt around my hips and attach to bands or cables but belt slips...
  3. Damm good Collin's not on WrX cause he'd be 2nd guessin everything when he learned his grip is wrong
  4. Reviews... Whats more important when analyzing clubs..... shaft or head? Exactly I dont know either..... they're both important Shiels/Crossfield and the like started off strong but then came along TXG that didnt insult us WRXers.... But TXG are fitters with the facility to put the same shaft in heads they were comparing.... so that turned Shiels/Crossfield into golf entertainment reviews Surprised other fitters didnt follow TXG model... Vlogs.... there's a definite gap for funny entertaining guys cause so many guys are stiff boring and so corporate
  5. Post a video of you swinging a 7 iron..... regular speed not slow mo either. Lots of good players on WRX that can give good advice cause you should be going for greens more then you do, even if ignoring the flags.
  6. Did you mean to make your name Kuuuuuch?
  7. For me its tougher to judge distance when the smaller muscles are not involved.... Its the fine motor skills that judge distance for me... the line is no issue
  8. You ask why you putt better going wristy.... cause you got good touch, good hands is all its not complicated why. I like to chip going wristy.... love it, makes for a great touch specially on distance But it takes balls to go against the grain and trust yourself and what feels good vs being a sheep
  9. Nothing wrong with it at all. I see this technique as an advanced technique. If you got good hands and a natural athlete why waste that good touch by putting with a stiff technique. I like to use this technique too sometimes..... But you gotta make it consistent and not hot one day and cold next day. This is how the old timers used to putt before there were colors and everything was black and white... Even if this doesnt become your main technique its definitely a skill you should keep sharp as its so good for your brain to help your feel and distance judging
  10. Does he know the courses? Cause as Southern Cali boy I know the stadium course.... cool to see how they play a course I play, like carrying the water on 5 is a shot lol
  11. Same thing at the Sony Open in Hawaii.... no bueno
  12. I'm a Mog, half man half dog. I'm my own best friend!
  13. Nothin makes sense in golf... so therefore it all makes sense
  14. Specially at the prices they're charging! So your upgrade grip price is $30, since your prices are so high that means the grip I'm not using has to be at least worth $20 so that means the upgrade price I'll pay is $10 bucks or Im walkin lol
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