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  1. I missed a 5 foot birdie putt yesterday.... hope I can still sleep in 30 years
  2. NO.... but I feel good when Im playin good lol
  3. I'll do them on the range sometimes when hittin the 60 shortest easiest club lol.... I think its natural from softball playin days when I was used to hittin the barrel Usually not focusing....
  4. Curving the ball.... how do pros or good players predominately do it? Is there a way that is generally considered easier then another? We know the 3 methods are: Face Path Face and Path Do pros do it different with irons and Driver?
  5. That's awesome to hear and great write up! Crazy you shot 81 with your first round... Once you get dialed in with them that 79 is lurking lol That's exactly what I thought they would be..... I gamed the 302s and they were so nice. You figure Epon has made so many great clubs for other companies that they get to learn from other companies ideas and add it to their knowledge. They are metal workers as well as designers and do not need to compromise. I know if I hit these next to any other clubs they would be at the top. Ian of TXG loved them and kept referring to the expensive price and so not for many. I think if you love em they are not expensive cause you could easily blow thousands $$ trying to search for your favorite clubs and still not be totally satisfied, If you got plenty of cash this doesn't apply to you but for the rest of us we wanna make sure, but I've learned through my hobbies that you'll try and cut corners but end up getting the good one in the long run and coulda saved all that money just getting the good one right away and enjoyed better performance.....specially if they are in the bag for years. just had this convo with my neighbor cause he just got the "good" bumper for his dune buggy and cost him like $7k lol.... makes golf seem cheap lol
  6. I really like this approach OP, pun lol! The game you're playin is..... Tap-in Par There is no such game as...... Tap-in Birdie. No one has ever hit into 3 feet on the regular.... you might get 1 a round lol.... but we play like we do and take the associated risk. Play Tap-in Par and make lots of Pars and take the Birds when they come..... specially when you're a good putter as you are. Then as the game tightens up play closer to flag when easy, favorite yardage, got a nice lie, shorter, feelin it etc...
  7. Which one lol? Heck I wanna try many brands now Might as well as do my own fittings on course with real balls.... buy the heads for a decent price and sell em and not lose too much if any I'm curious bout that Mizuno too ST-Z
  8. Bought some All Fit adapters from Billy Bobs.... Got G410 and Sim 2 Max.... now I'm forced to get a Titleist for a Battle Royale
  9. Just ordered 4 sleeves and 2 collars from Billy Bobs.... they're only an hour away so hopefully get them on soon and ballin by the end of the week! Gonna be so nice to get an apples to apples at my range and on course battle royale going between my G410 LST and SIM 2 max with the same exact shafts.... its actually the only way to do it properly. Not in some fitting bay or with different shafts I can go on course later in the day when its empty, when I'm hitting good, hit real balls and change the heads out and see very quickly whats what Can anyone tell me the specs? I like the club open... anyone know how much each lowered spot opens it. Trish at Billy Bobs did confirm they open the face like the OEMs
  10. Yes I would obviously want shafts with low torque ratings so the shaft twists less at contact.... I was surprised to see many of the LD shafts with torque over 3.0.... but again they are looking for distance and I'm lookin for the opposite. So when lookin at the LD shafts I had to remind myself what I heard Kyle Berkshire say on a video and that he switched to a soft shaft last couple years.... so the cliche of the LD stuff being the most stout isn't always true..... cant assume nothin
  11. Thanks Valtiel that's some good info there! Now I just need an OEM to make a non-tapered shaft that is thick all the way down and let the adapter be larger at one end and "step down" to fit the head. The profiles could be exactly what you design and bend exactly how you want and not deal with headaches of the taper getting in the way of design and manufacturing.... they could be stout or soft at any point and be cheaper prob too..... who do I call lol?
  12. All-fit adapters sounds sexy as hell.... cause I just bought a SIM 2 Max but game a G410. Infact I put a new Jumbomax ultralite grip on the SIM last night and it's in my trunk and still got the shrink wrap on the head ready for the range tonight
  13. Ya man I notice its extremely accurate and sensitive to very soft touches.... like when in the fringe lookin at a fast down hiller to the hole.... the right working alone can be waaaay more sensitive to the right amount of power when working alone. The technique is easy once practiced. Bruce Lee used to talk about using the more sophisticated side of your body more... so if your right handed let it be in charge. The brain and just the right hand have a great rapport lol.... imagine you're gonna throw it with your hand you wouldn't choose to use 2 hands lol
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