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  1. Boring commentary is par for the course... Colt was a fun change Gimme Charles Barkley and Colt and we'd be good
  2. But didn't he just have that really dangerous disease... he must be exhausted
  3. I bought the cheapy one from Roger Dunn and love it. Its really thin and works great on a hard floor, easy to roll up. I bought a "nicer" one that is thicker and the roll was not nearly as pure and wobbled and threw it away. I've got 2 of the cheap ones and they roll pure....
  4. Rham's swing is a thing of beauty..... it looks original too. He's got that kind of swing that looks tight and compact and therefore dependable, meaning he will hit it where he aims and so should be a top 5 player for a long time. Post a video, 13 strokes is a lot a lot.... well played! 13 more strokes and you'll break 90 hahaha
  5. My unpopular opinion is I do not care how pretty you think your clubs are..... do they function well or not is all that matters I couldn't give a flying Fahrvergnügen if blades or any club looks cool or not Now I do understand if clubs "functionally look good" at address and inspire confidence..... that's totally different!!
  6. Oh no so Boring... Do you live in Irvine Ca and is your house medium light beige?
  7. Here's another variable that really Fs me big time!! I use jumbo grips.... actually just put Jumbomax xtrlight grip on my 8 iron to try I can't stand standard sized grips I try em all the time with my friends clubs and feels like a child's club, so there's no way I can judge clubs well! I would love to get fit, I'm a par golfer and love playin but always have to guess at clubs. Prob why I still have my 2015 OnOff Kuros. Luckily I just buy the new Cleveland wedges every year so that's cool but would love to get fit for a Driver one day lol
  8. Hmmmm golf and guitars and tennis..... am I dreaming, I need a buffet
  9. Play with it for Fun! Keep your regular play polished but mess around with it.... it's the only way to know if something works PLUS maybe you'll steal a small part of it and put that in your swing or use as a drill... I'm self taught and experiment all the time manage par golf and everyone and their mother will tell you that you can't do something.... lot of fear out there I'd say make it a dynamic move tho dont get all robotic prob hurt yourself...
  10. That's too funny !!!!! Damn bro you definitely lift lol!!!! I just turned 50.... now lookin to play some senior tourneys and drop some 300+ bombs on old guys that don't pump it up like we do hahahaha!!
  11. He's tall and got solid legs...... but I always crack up when pros athlete's biceps are dead flat coming off the elbow.... actually I notice it in men in general and wonder why they got zero biceps lol......gosh I have issues! Prob cause I'm in the gym everyday.... do you even lift bro
  12. Understand the concepts of shot shaping even if you can't do it yet !!!! Not taught early enough! If you understand why the ball does what it does you'll have a huge advantage of getting better as you can correct yourself and know what you did plus you can have a much deeper conversation with a teacher/better players who help you.... or you can stay at the kids table lol Other is get really good hitting different shots with your lob wedge.... low, lob, open face, all the different yards, buttery smooth, hard etc.... not only useful cause you're gonna miss a lot a lot of greens b
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