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  1. I just got a Hybrid G425 head.... had no idea what shaft and saw a Ventus Black 10tx come up with the ping adapter on WRX for sale and so tried.... Man I like it. I dont like many graphite shafts cause too soft and control aint there but really like the control for once in a graphite... Now I'm gonna buy the same shaft for a second hybrid
  2. ... and the latest in Golf News: take 30 yards for down hillers
  3. Breaking golf news: Take 15 yards off for down hillers
  4. That's my golf fantasy..... in real life I do my own work and hurt myself putting 2 grips on last night
  5. Oh for a TM Burner 2.0..... why didn't you say...... ya just use a 5 iron shaft
  6. That's why I cut my driver down to 42.5" lol Driver's lack of control wasn't makin sense till I realized everyone, including pros, fight the driver's control..... so I started a rebellion and cut her way down. Control is way better and distance is still there lol... so why not. Realized the soft graphite shaft is the issue. You know how you're supposed to add weight when shortening, I removed the adjustable weight. Only way to stiffen up the shaft enough. Also experimenting with a couple stout shafts, might need a Long Drive beast to finally make the grade..... but I digress from thread lol
  7. Driver..... Rogue Silver 70 tx cut down to 42" .... I like it stiff Hybrid.... Ventus Black 10 tx
  8. Do you tip waitresses 14%... Don't treat your golf clubs that way
  9. Hey Guys! So when I play an upright iron with the toe above ground at address the ball will curve with a draw Yet my driver that is also upright and toe up does not draw.... is it cause the loft is higher on irons? Theoretically should the driver draw if a perfect straight shot was hit? I know driver shafts bending more then iron shafts are part of the equation
  10. Lookin back I'm so glad I built my own swing. I've learned to let the technique reveal itself to me rather then the other way around. That way my swing feels natural. I have played all sports and got some hand eye coordination....... Non athletes would prob need plug and play... Infact I made a big change to my swing recently and I love it and no way I woulda found it if not for exploration beyond the stars
  11. So just had this idea.... I had Achilles surgery a year ago and used one of these on my foot to shower in.... So what if I put ice water in it and put my hand inside and I can relax and watch TV easily vs using a Big Gulp cup that can spill easliy and need arm at a difficult angle.... also if volume too big can always use strong rubber band to make volume smaller by crimping the end by fingers..... only $13 from the evil one and delivered tomorrow.... score lol
  12. I reach a point sometimes, when I'm hittin how I want and know there's no point in continuing..... I think the benefit is coming back soon within a day or two and gettin back there rather then havin a long practice... and if you can get back there after your warm up then things are starting to groove... Happens the most with putting for me... I'll be makin short ones and doing good on long ones and realize I'm good now and I would be totally happy if I was playin and puttin this good and can stop if I want
  13. My hands have pain in every joint.... Wish there were better "ice packs" specifically for hands. Tried several and they dont get in the nook and crannies. So gonna use a Big Gulp cup with ice water...
  14. Man that course is sweet..... I'd drop bombs at that French course then get some champagne and crepes at the turn
  15. Oh man recorded myself for first time yesterday..... got a tripod from evil Amazon. I stopped and started on each club change... in fact Im going to the range now and video again Man I look amazing.... I should start a golf YouTube channel get millions of subscribers.... move to a beach house near a golf course.... But not like Jim Nantz that beach looks freezing
  16. Face your fears and they'll no longer fear ya.... or whatever you know what I mean Hit a slice on purpose... practice it. It's not hard. Then you'll know what not to do. You'll be more in control of the situation cause you'll know exactly what a slice feels like so you'll not do that action unless you want to You can even play draws. I'll play both. Then you'll be able to hit straight cause you'll internally know what a slice and draw putt feels like... no different then your full swing Golf makes you think
  17. Too bad I love mine... Maybe you just dont like the older M1 there are many other 3 or 4 woods just cause you dont like yours lol.... do a fitting and try a bunch What are your other options cause that's a long shot? Maybe a turned down hybrid or that new Callaway Super hybrid
  18. I also play with 13 clubs.... 2 wedges Only thing I can see for you might be a 4 iron No need to force a 14th club
  19. Softest is the Center of the Face of any iron
  20. Usually its the opposite approach used..... Folks go from shorter hitting clubs to longer hitting clubs in combos sets. So you could see two 6 irons vs a shorter hitting 6 iron to a long hitting 4 iron.
  21. Send em back.... just for spite
  22. Dont know much about the French I took.... but I know a DUMBA55 article link when I see one
  23. Thats why I play a M2 3 wood HL @ 16.5* Lands softly and lovely
  24. Oh I hate those kind of training aids.... I hit em all the time too and I putt like a champ
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