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  1. There are no kits available currently, there may be some coming soon for purchase on the site (maybe). The descriptions have changed on the site from "adjustable weighting", to "sole weighting". This was just changed in the last few days on their site, and was a smart move prior to pre-order's. If it said adjustable, you would expect a kit, sole weighting does not infer that. I saw that on the site just now, what a bummer just not sure why you'd put those weights in it and not make it adjustable? Still really intrigued wonder how they sound when they strike the ball? The choices of
  2. It says that the weights are removable, does it mean it comes with a weight kit?
  3. I have been following this thread closely since iI really wanted to buy from them since I heard good things about the Pro ball. But the response from them is pretty sad. This is going to hurt them and keep them from growing.
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