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  1. I'm finding myself drawn to that bag, if ultimately you want to sell it to a WRX member and not hassle with eBaY, send me a PM.
  2. I'll confirm that in hand it looks/sized more like iBlade, not at all like Blueprint. (EDIT: I handled a finished golf club with what is going to be the i59's stock shaft, a Project X LS)
  3. love your Chevrolet. for the first time last fall I got personally involved in a mild resto of a nice '68 Camaro (he bought for his wife). really enjoyed doing the job. the quality of all the Licensed GM resto kits he purchased was impressive. we did complete interior strip, from dash removal, door panels, carpet kit install, center console. and he got a friends upholstery shop to cover all seats with the GM wraps, then we bolted it all back in. he's a Master FoMoCo transmission tech, has a lift in his garage at the house, doing all the work on cars there is a dream!
  4. keep 2 extra vehicles around besides the daily drivers. original owner of 1993 XLT BRONCO. and a retired government car 2000 Crown Victoria.... I got an issue with big old Fords.
  5. yeah, I'd love to see the muni's there. I'm sure they are excellent. I do not belong to a club, I just enjoy sneaking out and playing other people's. TMade & Callaway have to be the be SoCal scene to me! I haven't made the trip to either of their San Diego facilities (or Titleist's either for that matter) but I might in the future.
  6. lol. well no,= "country club". I mean you got the #1 rated private course course in the U.S. and I picture A LOT of other hoity-toity private clubs in that state. I don't know why, I just do.
  7. oh bro, IMO Jersey has Titleist written all over it.
  8. delusional is all the weekend players I watch who hit/play a slice, yet aim towards the right side of every hole.
  9. I'd imagine whatever the "distance" differences are, the one thing seperating very good players and high double digits is consistency. my observation watching hacks hack it all day long, they never look like they're in the same spot too often.
  10. I'm in Phoenix. representing hometown PING and PXG is how we gotta roll!
  11. 1000% a Players Championship. Hell I'd want to win Tour Championship event, the whole Fed Ex Cup, or maybe even a few of the long time famous Tour stops like L.A. Open, Colonial, or Hilton Head over the IOC's event.
  12. "fitting" irons generally feel REALLY awful compared to their fully functioning counterparts. there's literally no upside to making a complete set of them.
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