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  1. 1000% a Players Championship. Hell I'd want to win Tour Championship event, the whole Fed Ex Cup, or maybe even a few of the long time famous Tour stops like L.A. Open, Colonial, or Hilton Head over the IOC's event.
  2. "fitting" irons generally feel REALLY awful compared to their fully functioning counterparts. there's literally no upside to making a complete set of them.
  3. ...G400 LST, Anser 4 metal, PXG 0317 hybrid, i500 4 iron, S55 5-PW, Glide gaps 50,54,58, and a Heppler Tomcat 14 that literally went in the bag today (had been Redwood ZB).
  4. KBS Tour is a mid-low option, coming in at 120 gram in Stiff. For what it is a VERY smooth loading/feeling shaft. A sense of being "too heavy" is never the case with this shaft. The PING 2.0 will be mid option (IMO mid/high), and in Stiff starts at 104 grams in the short irons, and dipping under 100 grams by the time you reach the longs. Everything about swinging this shaft is light and breezy feeling, and it signals "let's get the ball up in the air quickly". True Temper Dynamic Gold S300 is low option at 130 grams, these will be quite heavy in EVERY club. Compared dir
  5. Jones, always a great choice for your vintage bag.
  6. Since this is your first endeavor I'd recommend trying 44 3/4" at the most, and even consider downwards of 44 1/2". Remember, the club may measure X length, but if you grip it correctly, you're "playing it" at a length of another 1/4" shorter or so. Good luck in your search. (EDIT: Titleist 913 D2 was a factory length of 45")
  7. meh, sounds like he's still trying to transition a few things. I wouldn't conflate his tinkering with a complete assessment of i59. EDIT: I mean FWIW up to this point he's played an "unusual" combo in iBlade longs and i210 shorts.
  8. ya know it's an "interesting" concept, but can it deliver?? IMO this PING iron is pointed right at the biggest competition... irons like the Callaway Apex line, and the TaylorMade 7 series heads. you could squabble about EXACTLY which head among those this PING i59 is most like. but one thing is for certain, this i59 is a players head size, but high MOI, and a slight distance augmentation iron. (( I was always hoping for the next gen of S55, an iron that never truly happen **sorry, but iBlade was NOT an iron worthy of comparison to anything S series** an iron that on paper didn't h
  9. and don't forget bud, there's always Titleist, they've made a 16 degree"ish" head in just about each and every series.
  10. if you can just find a new one somewhere/somehow, and be willing to install a shaft later, the Tour Edge Exotics CBX 119 at 16.5* are delicious.
  11. it works just fine, exactly like the driver. if you're going to tee off with it often it's outstanding. if this is strictly a club for off the fairway the Max might have just as much benefit. or, continue look elsewhere.
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