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  1. [quote name='Quasimoto' timestamp='1435459154' post='11847548'] [quote name='triplebogeyblues' timestamp='1434943018' post='11806194'] Another reason he is so easy to root against. [/quote] Rooting against is the epitome of the unsportsmanlike conduct you decried. This DJ fellow blew away Chambers Bay tee to green and had a bad weekend putting. No one hit the shots he did from the tees, and he certainly planted great irons in there. We all struggle with various aspects of the game at different times. But we don't root against our fellow competitors. [/quote] Tell the truth, are you Dustin Johnson, Quisimoto?
  2. I always feel uncomfortable watching the losers stand there staring at the trophy they'll never get their hands on. Let them go home and fall asleep crying in the busoms off their ridiculously hot wives. Or knowing DJ, someone else's ridiculously hot wife.
  3. I think he should go back to shagging loads of hookers. It obviously worked for him. Without them, he's like Samson without his hair. Go forth and procreate Tiger.
  4. [quote name='Buzzkill' timestamp='1373131745' post='7398436'] Love my i95's. Make sure of the weight change from steel to graphite though - I could have went with i125 as a direct replace for my Ping shaft. [/quote] I'm curious as I have the KBS 125 Stiff shafts and am just about to switch to SteelFiber 95s because the place I'm getting them doesn't offer the 125s. Do you find the difference in weight ok?
  5. [quote name='somaplr' timestamp='1434403124' post='11757274'] People always try to figure out how many rounds they have to play a week to break even and it never really works out that way, unless you're retired. [/quote] Or you work in the entertainment industry
  6. Went back and gave all the above mentioned shafts a crack and decided on the SteelFibers. Loved the feel of a nice crisp shot with them. Also was getting more distance, higher club speed. Land angle and ball spin was significantly better too. Thanks for all the recommendations.
  7. Hi Stuart. Thank you for the response. Great insight. Cheers Darren
  8. I understand people will have varied opinions on the matter but would love a professionals insights. Currently have the KBS tour shaft but my land angle is about 40deg on a 6iron. I seem to have slightly better results on the Modus hitting the ball straighter and more bunched as well as slightly better land angle of 42 deg. Steel Fiber shafts a little better again at 43.8. My question is, being a 33year old male with a 85MPH swing and increasing monthly due to playing a lot, is there a disadvantage to having a graphite shaft ? I know Matt Kuchar hits with these but about 80% of tour players seem to use steel still. Why ? Are these shafts really worth the cash? Taking out the fact that I like the look and they feel great, what's the performance benefits or negatives from graphite and out of the two mentioned which way would you lean? Or am I being an idiot and should I just stick to the KBS shafts that came with the clubs ? Regards Darren
  9. [quote name='toddnt' timestamp='1433638759' post='11703192'] Jay birds.... Folks, the OP was asking for advice on headphone... Not your opinion if they should be banned or allowed... I'm pretty sure he could care less that you want them banned.. [/quote] Couldn't agree more man. It seems wherever you go these days YouTube, Facebook, Golf Forums, people are there just to b**** and bring people down. Such a strange part of humanity. You want to wear headphones, f****** wear them. Who am I, or any of us, to say otherwise.
  10. Thanks mate. So just to confirm, golf course at Lakeside more elite but banter and comradrie better at Wilshire ? Which two clubs are you a member of? Is there another you would recommend over either of these two ? Cheers
  11. Hi guys. I've recently moved to LA and I'm thinking about joining a country club for the first time. I've done the rounds and have whittled it down to Wilshire and Lakeside. Wilshire has a Diplomat program for people who don't know any members so no problem there but unfortunately Lakeside doesn't. You need to know a member. So my question comes in two parts. Anyone out there played both the clubs and would lean towards one for a permanent memberships ? I'm in the entertainment business and I understand the majority of us lunAtics join Lakeside. And two, are there any members of Lakeside here that would like to befriend a 33 year old Scotsman so he could come check out your club. I mean I think it's only fair seeing as it's my people that invented the game :) All the best Daz
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